office chair with 5 wheels

What Metal is Used in Office Chairs?

When you’re looking to buy an office chair, ergonomics would typically be the first factor you consider. But another major factor that is also important to consider is the material used to make the chair. … Read more

Woman suffered from neck pain

Can a Bad Office Chair Cause Neck Pain?

People often complain about lower back pain after sitting at work all day. But another discomfort that results from prolonged sitting is neck pain. Neck pain usually arises from the soft tissues, particularly the joints, … Read more

Are Serta Office Chairs Comfortable?

Are Serta Office Chairs Comfortable?

Are you looking for a new office chair that is: Comfortable? Chic? Has ergonomic features? Doesn’t cost an arm or a leg? Then you’re in the right place! You’ve probably done some research yourself and … Read more

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Do I Need an Expensive Office Chair?

If you’re spending nearly eight to nine hours working at your desk every single day, buying yourself an office chair is no longer a simple or trivial shopping decision. On the contrary, investing in that … Read more

Bad office chair

10 Signs of a Bad Office Chair

Do a 360 around your office. A few items that reduce workplace efficiency will catch your eye. Is it your laggy computer or the printer that always gets jammed? When office equipment or furniture affects … Read more

choosing an appropriate office chair fitted your size

What Size Office Chair do I Need?

Office chairs come in a variety of designs and sizes. Each one is specifically made to meet the needs of a certain type of buyer. If you’re currently asking yourself what size office chair do … Read more

office chairs are good for studying

Are Office Chairs Good for Studying?

Studying religiously is a good habit until you have to sit down for several hours or pull an all-nighter. Prolonged sitting can cause several health problems such as neck, shoulder, and back pains and other … Read more

office chair vs. stool

Comparing Office Chair vs. Stool

If you’ve heard about an ergonomic office chair, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are ergonomic stools as well. While some people prefer to use an office chair while working, others lean towards using a … Read more

to regas an office chair

Can you Regas an Office Chair?

One of the defining features of an ergonomic chair is its adjustable parts. People pay good money — sometimes more than a thousand dollars — for a seat they can maneuver into something that fits … Read more

Good office chair brands

What are Good Office Chair Brands?

If there’s one issue that all buyers face when they first set out to purchase a new office chair, it’s finding an office chair brand that provides high-quality products at sensible prices. Many manufacturers are … Read more

Office chair fabric

Which Fabric is Best for Office Chairs?

Ergonomics isn’t the only factor that keeps you comfortable and productive in your office chair. Since you’ll spend 40 hours a week in an office chair, you need to consider all its materials, including upholstery. … Read more

Try on office chair

Where Can I Try an Office Chair?

Online shopping has indeed made life easier for us. Instead of going to physical stores and making purchases, you can just quickly add items to your cart and have them delivered to you. But despite … Read more

Parts of an Office Chair

What are the Parts of an Office Chair?

Buying an office chair provides an opportunity to increase workplace comfort and achieve next-level workplace productivity and efficiency. Thanks to innovations in ergonomics, finding the best office chair that provides support and encourages healthy posture … Read more

Office chair bases

Are Office Chair Bases Universal?

So you’ve researched a lot about the best office chair and the factors to consider when buying one. But have you thought about the chair base? My guess is that you most probably haven’t even … Read more

Office chair cover

5 Ideas to Cover an Office Chair

If you often find yourself using the same damaged and worn down office chair every time you get to work, I presume things aren’t very fun. Fortunately, there’s a way to make your office chair … Read more

office chair caster types

5 Office Chair Caster Types

Knowing the different types of office chair casters is going to be helpful in your search for the most comfortable office chair. There are many types of casters and they vary in size, type, attachment … Read more

Office chairs on carpets

5 Best Office Chairs on Carpets for 2022

Carpets definitely make a home office look better and much more comfortable. However, not all office chairs work well on carpeted floors. Instead of compromising your home office’s flooring, why don’t we just look for … Read more

Office Chair Cylinders

Are Office Chair Cylinders Universal?

You may not realize it, but your office chair plays a huge role in making your work environment more productive! A good office chair provides excellent pelvic and lumbar support for better posture. This results … Read more

Will an Office Chair Ruin the Carpet?

You’ve revamped your office with new furniture and carpeting. Now you’re concerned that wheeled chairs will damage your substantial wall-to-wall investment. But will an office chair ruin a carpet? Let’s dive into a few specifics, … Read more

ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

What Is An Ergonomic Chair? 

Have you been shopping around for that perfect chair? One that can support your lumbar area and make hours of sitting more bearable? Then you’ve probably seen the term “ergonomic” in every chair advertisement. But … Read more

office chair armrests

How Does An Office Chair Work?

Office chairs can be found in almost all business offices and in a lot of home offices. They are durable, comfortable and the significant thing about them is that they are adjustable. This is an … Read more