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How To Measure A Chair’s Gas Cylinder For Replacement?

A Chair’s Gas Cylinder

A gas cylinder is one of an office chair’s most critical and essential components.

Do you know what mechanism allows the smooth adjustment of the chair’s height upwards and downwards? It’s the gas cylinders making the work easy for you.

DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder

It can be frustrating when your gas cylinder wears out and you’re unable to adjust your chair properly.

You wonder if you need to call in a handyman or the manufacturer to fix it. Don’t fret. It is possible to fix this by yourself in a few easy steps.

Most office chair manufacturers use a standard gas cylinder that is universal to all chairs. However, if your chair uses an exclusively-sized cylinder and you want to measure it for a replacement, you have to disassemble a few parts of the chair to take the cylinder out, measure it, and then replace it with a new one.

Fortunately, although the replacement process sounds tedious, it is reasonably straightforward.

In this article, we will tell you how to fix the problem yourself the next time the adjustment feature of your chair starts acting up.

How Do I Choose The Correct Replacement Gas Cylinder For My Office Chair?

You can choose the correct replacement gas cylinder for your office chair by ensuring that it has the right measurements, fits perfectly in the chair, and enhances the comfort and ergonomic value of the chair.

Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

Gas cylinders are known by many other names like pneumatic lifts, plunger pistons, and hydraulic shafts. A cylinder being the most commonly used.

The first step to replacing the old, worn-out gas cylinder with a new one is knowing the right attributes that one should look for.

Here are a few properties to look for in a gas cylinder:

Right Measurements

Make sure you take the correct measurements of the old cylinder that needs to be replaced (steps mentioned later in this article).

It Fits Perfectly In The Chair

The cylinder should be able to glide effortlessly between the seat and the base of the chair.

Once it fits perfectly, it will allow the user to adjust the height of the seat according to their size so that they can place their feet firmly and flat on the ground.

Enhances Comfort and Ergonomic Value Of The Chair

Office Chair Cylinder Replacement, Class 4

The gas cylinder should improve the ergonomics and comfort factor of the chair. Different gas cylinders are labeled differently as per their ability to withstand weight and load.

The three different classes are Class-2, Class-3, and Class-4. Of these, Class-4 can hold the most weight, up to 550 lbs, and lasts the longest. Class-3 is the most suitable option for office chairs as they can bear a weight of up to 330 lbs.

How To Measure A Chair’s Gas Cylinder For Replacement?

To measure a chair’s gas cylinder for replacement, remove the base of the chair, remove the bearing and any plastic covering, and use a measuring tape to measure the body of the cylinder.

The first and foremost consideration to buying a new replacement gas cylinder is ensuring that it is appropriately measured and correctly sized.

A gas cylinder consists of three main components—the gas cylinder column, the bearing kit, and a gas cylinder.

DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder

You can either call for professional help or take on the process of measuring the cylinder yourself.

Here are a few simple steps to follow in case you decide to do it on your own.

Step 1: Remove The Base Of The Chair

Pro Adjustable 28" Heavy Duty Replacement Office Chair Base
  • You’ll need to tip the chair on its front edge and rest it on a table. Cover the table with a sheet of paper, this will ensure your table remains free from any scratches or grease spots that the chair may transfer.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and insert it into the fold of the clip that is present on the base of the chair.
  • Using your thumb and the screwdriver, push the clip upwards to make it pop out.
  • Once the clip is off, pull the base gently off the chair.

Step 2: Take A Few Components Off

  • Once the base is off, you will see the bearing kit of the cylinder (which may be completely worn out).
  • Place the bearing aside, and then remove any plastic cover that may be on the cylinder.

Step 3: Measure The Cylinder

It is now time to measure the body of the gas cylinder.

  • Take a measuring tape and put its end down on the lower mechanism of the chair, which holds the gas cylinder.
  • Note the measurements of the cylinder, and keep in mind that the mechanism holds 1 inch of the cylinder as well.

For example, if the body of the cylinder measures 9 inches, the mechanism would hold 1 inch, so you would require a new cylinder of about 10 inches.

  • Do not measure the thin pistol rod that is attached to the cylinder.
How to Measure a chair Gas Cylinder for replacement install/remove

How To Install A Gas Cylinder on My Office Chair?

Now that you are aware of how to measure your cylinder, it is time you learn how to install the new cylinder and make your chair as good as new.

  • Once you remove the base and the cylinder bearing from the chair, you should be able to gently pull off the actual cylinder from the chair.
  • Do not remove the white plastic part that remains.
  • Take the new cylinder and put it gently into the pipe, with the pistol end facing upwards.
  • The lock ring washer will be the first bearing that will go down the cylinder.
  • The next step will be to insert two lock rings, one at a time.
  • Place the first ring over the cylinder. Now set a 5/8 inch socket over the ring, and pound the socket down till the ring is locked in its place.
  • Place the second lock ring and secure it using the deep well socket.
  • If you do not have a socket, you can use a half-inch pipe (as an alternative) to set the rings.
  • By now, the cylinder should be able to ascend when you press the seat adjustment lever on the chair.
  • The next step is to put the bearing kit on the cylinder. Insert the rubber bumper first, then the washer, followed by the bearing, and lastly, one more washer.
  • In the end, simply put the base back onto the chair.
Replacing the Gas Cylinder on a Steelcase Criterion Chair


If your chair is struggling to go up and down, chances are the gas cylinder needs to be replaced with a new one. New chairs with improved mechanisms have made this process relatively straightforward, with the step of measuring the gas cylinder being the most important one.

We hope that after reading this article, you are able to salvage your office chair. With these quick and easy steps, we hope you never have an unproductive, uncomfortable day at work because your chair refuses to be at your preferred height.