Black office chair with armrests

Are Armrests Good for Ergonomics?

Did you walk in on a heated debate between co-workers about the ergonomics of armrests? Maybe you’re the one having to defend your stance as a “pro-armrester”. Or perhaps you stumbled upon this article because … Read more

A close-up shot of PS4 and controller

Is The PS4 Controller Ergonomic?

Having an ergonomic controller can make all the difference to your gaming experience. The more comfortable and congenial the mechanics of the controller is in your hands, the better you can focus on your game … Read more

Secretlab ergonomic gaming chairs

Is SecretLab Chair Ergonomic?

Whether you’re a 9 to 5 office worker or a committed gamer, an ergonomic office chair will keep you comfortable after hours of sitting. Ergonomic office chairs will prevent aches and pains due to contact … Read more

Are Ergonomic Mouse Pads Good?

Are Ergonomic Mouse Pads Good?

Typing for long hours at the computer can get uncomfortable. Thank goodness there’s such thing as ergonomic mouse pads. But are ergonomic mouse pads good? Put simply, Ergonomic mouse pads are good and they prevent … Read more

Black Ergonomic Keyboard

How Does Ergonomics Affect the Design of a Product?

Ergonomic design ensures that products complement user characteristics by maximizing their strengths and capabilities and reducing their limitations. It is all about fitting workplaces and systems to the user’s needs. It focuses on reducing discomfort … Read more

Are Mechanical Keyboards Ergonomic?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Ergonomic?

If you have a desk job that requires you to type for long hours, you may have experienced some discomfort on your wrists or your shoulders, or both. This is caused by repetitive straining of … Read more

Black Ergonomic Keyboard

What Are Ergonomic Keyboards?

So you have been complaining about stiff fingers, sore wrists, and painful shoulders for a while now, and your friend suddenly suggested that you try out an ergonomic keyboard. You’ve never heard about this product, … Read more

Are Apple Keyboards Ergonomic?

It can be very uncomfortable typing the whole day on a keyboard, especially a conventional and straight one. Most manufacturers have aimed at designing ergonomic keyboards in order to bring a more comfortable typing experience. … Read more

How Does an Ergonomic Mouse Work?

How Does an Ergonomic Mouse Work?

Normally when we think of ergonomics we tend to picture fancy office chairs with plenty of lumbar support and cushions. But ergonomics extends far past your post and what you sit on. It’s about increasing … Read more

Steelcase chair is worth its price

Are Steelcase chairs Worth it?

If you’re shopping around for a great office chair, you’ll undoubtedly come across a few Steelcase chairs during your hunt. The first thing you’ll notice about Steelcase chairs is how sleek they are. They look … Read more

Ergonomic Chair compare

Ergonomic Chair vs. Normal Chair

Most office workers sit for long periods exerting more pressure on the spine. If not taken care of, this can cause serious health problems. If you own a company, you should consider replacing your old … Read more

ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

What Is An Ergonomic Chair? 

Have you been shopping around for that perfect chair? One that can support your lumbar area and make hours of sitting more bearable? Then you’ve probably seen the term “ergonomic” in every chair advertisement. But … Read more