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5 Best Office Chairs With Flip-Up Arms

5 Best Office Chairs With Flip-Up Arms

Everyone is talking about the importance of lumbar support and how the backrest is one of the most important features of an office chair. But has anyone talked about how flip-up arm features make your sitting experience a lot better?

You may not notice it, but being able to flip the arms of your chair can add to a more comfortable working position. Plus, it’s ideal for people with small spaces!

So if you’re still reading this and flip-up arms are now a feature you’re looking for, let’s take a look at this list of the 5 best office chairs.

This way, you already have a shortlist of the most sought-after chairs that have great flip-up arms quality!


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Office Chairs with Flip-Up Arms Reviews

1. NOUHAUS Office Chair (ErgoFlip)

One of the best ergonomic swivel chairs is the NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Office Chair. This is a mesh chair with a headrest and adjustable armrests.

If you’ve always wanted an Aeron chair but couldn’t afford one, this chair is a more affordable alternative. Not only is the design a lot similar to the Aeron, but its adjustable features and mesh design are almost the same.

Speaking of adjustability features, the NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Office Chair has a reclining backrest with adjustable tension. To add to that, you can also bring the armrests up and down.

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-up arms

But despite the fancy design and features, this office chair can also be uncomfortable to sit on.

The plastic underneath the seat is too thick and pronounced, and because of that, you’ll feel it against your thighs after a while.

What we like

  • Reasonably priced but looks high-quality
  • There are cushions on the armrests for additional comfort
  • Comes with rollerblade casters making it glide smoothly on hardwood floors and carpets

What we don’t like

  • The plastic lining of the seat is too thick making it uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting
NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair - Black Rolling Desk Chair with Retractable review

2. Hbada Office Chair

The Hbada Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms is a mid-back swivel chair that is both affordable and ergonomic. It uses a mesh backrest that perfectly fits your lumbar area.

If you’re looking for an affordable swivel chair that is both space-saving and lightweight, this mesh chair is the best for you. For a reasonable price, you can already get a 360-degree swivel chair that has an adjustable backrest and flip-up arms.

Although the arms can’t be adjusted to go closer or farther away from you, the lifting feature on the arms makes this incapability forgivable. Besides, this is an affordable chair, so it’s not meant to have all adjustability features.

Nonetheless, the Hbada Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms is a great starter choice. It’s also better suited for people who are short since the seat isn’t too long.

Hbada Modern Desk Comfort Swivel Home Office Task Chair with Flip-up Arms

If there’s something the chair could have in its future models, it would be the ability to lock the backrest and armrest angles. This way, you don’t have to adjust it all the time.

What we like

  • Affordable and durable for its price
  • Flip-up arms allow it to be pushed inside the desk
  • Small built makes it ideal for small spaces

What we don’t like

  • Lacks other adjustability and locking features for the backrest, lumbar support, and armrest
Hbada Task Chair Review (Worth Buying? Folding Arms Good?)

3. KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

The KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is a swivel mesh chair that has flip-up arms and adjustable lumbar support.

This office chair is an affordable option that feels like it’s made of high-quality products. The padding is thick and doesn’t easily deform while the mesh is water-resistant and durable.

There are complaints that the chair feels small, but if you’re an average-sized person, the size and weight capacity (it can carry up to 250 lbs) is just right. If you feel that it’s too tight, you can always push the arms out of the way.

Other than that, the KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Chair is a pretty decent option for those who need a new office chair that’s breathable and adjustable. You can adjust the lumbar support, height, and the tilt of the backrest.

KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair Ergonomic Swivel with Flip Up Arms

What we like

  • Affordable despite using high-quality materials
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • You can fully raise the flip-up arms so it’s aligned to the backrest

What we don’t like

  • Seat cushion is a little too hard
  • Size of the seat can be too narrow for some people

4. AmazonCommercial Ergonomic Executive Chair with Flip-Up Arms

The AmazonCommercial Ergonomic Executive Chair with Flip-Up Arms is a cushioned high-back chair that uses faux leather for extra softness and style. It has flip-up arms that can be pushed back so it’s aligned to the backrest.

If you’re looking for an affordable executive chair, this is a good option. The reason for it being affordable is because it uses faux leather than genuine leather. This alone makes the cost much smaller.

However, despite being named ‘ergonomic’, there are a few ergonomic functions that are missing. For example, the lumbar support is not adjustable as a mesh chair would normally have.

This isn’t a swivel chair either, so you can’t really lean as far back as you normally would.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that the flip-up arms can be pushed back giving you more room to move in the chair.

Amazon Basics Ergonomic Active Lumbar Office Chair

What we like

  • All the parts were labeled making it easy to assemble
  • Seat cushion is soft but the base is hard making it more durable
  • Affordable executive chair due to the use of faux leather

What we don’t like

  • Does not have any rocking function like a swivel chair
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable

5. ANACCI High-Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-Up Arms

The ANNACI High-Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-Up Arms is a durable and adjustable mesh chair perfect for any height. Its adjustable features can accommodate any angle preference, especially for those who don’t want armrests to get in the way.

What sets this mesh chair apart from its competitors is the high-back design. Because of the tall support, you don’t need to have a neckrest or headrest.

The only issue with this mesh chair is the hard plastic used to frame the backrest. So if you’re resting your neck, the hard plastic might be uncomfortable.

Moreover, if you’re not a fan of armrests, you can raise the armrests up to 90 degrees. This also helps bring the seat closer to the desk.

ANNACI High-Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-Up Arms

What we like

  • 5-cm adjustable lumbar support applicable to any height
  • Backrest follows the natural curve of the back
  • Flip-up arms go up to 90 degrees

What we don’t like

  • Support of the seat is made of hard plastic making it uncomfortable
  • There are issues with receiving the free lumbar pillow included in the package

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when buying office chairs with flip-up arms. Below is your complete guide.

Ergonomic Design

Black ergonomic office chairs in working space

The first thing we always recommend is considering chairs with an ergonomic design. After all, the ergonomics of your office chair will help prevent your back and neck from aching after long periods of sitting.

The ideal ergonomic office chair will have lumbar support, tiltable backrests, and adjustable seat height.

Flip-Up Arms Adjustability

The ideal office chair with flip-up arms should do more than just folding. Because if it only does that, then it’s missing out on giving a much better comfort level for you.

Take, for example, height adjustments.

Height adjustments allow you to bring the armrests up or down in order to match your desk’s height.

Because you don’t want your armrests to be too high that your shoulders end up being raised. This leads to having a lot of tension in the shoulder and upper back area.

To add to that, height adjustments can also let you find the right height that will let your elbows rest comfortably while maintaining the proper working position.

a white office chair with flip-up armrest with padding

Another feature that is a ‘good to have’ capability of your flip-up arms is angle adjustments.

Angle adjustments let you bring the armrests closer to you or farther away, depending on your preference.

If you’re the type of person who wants additional support on your forearm, then you might prefer having your armrests slightly moved inward towards your belly. This way, there’s enough support from your elbow to your wrists.

On the other hand, if you plan on just resting your arms to the side during break times, you can easily slide the armrests outward. This gives you more space to relax and sit back.

And here’s another feature you should look for – padding.

Unfortunately, not all armrests have padding. Some are made of plain hard plastic material that is also used as the frame of your chair.

If you want a comfortable resting place for your arms, I recommend looking for flip-up arms with padding.


Durability is an important factor in office chairs. A durable chair lasts at least 3 years.

The importance of checking for durability is the longevity of the chair. You don’t want to invest in a chair only for it to break a few months later.


Black office chairs with adjustable ergonomic features

Another thing to consider is adjustability. Adjustable features make an office chair more comfortable and fit for your size and height.

For example, an office chair with an adjustable backrest height will help you position the lumbar support right where your lower back is. You can’t do that if your backrest is fixed to its height.


And finally, let’s not forget that the office chair should offer great value for your money. However, that doesn’t mean that you should buy the most affordable one.

We advise you to buy a medium-priced office chair because cheaper options can lack the durability and stability of other higher-priced chairs. On the other hand, very expensive office chairs might be a waste of money if it’s something you’ll end up disliking.


Flip-up arms are a great addition to an office chair’s comfortability.

Not all office chairs have this feature, so if you’re looking for a chair that has them, these top five flip-up chairs are a good place to start.

Among these five, the  offers the best value, has great adjustability features, and has an ergonomic design.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the is a great steal.

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