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What is Herman Miller PostureFit?

Herman Miller PostureFit

Comfort is key for office chairs, and Herman Miller has mastered the ergonomics of a good office chair with their Herman Miller PostureFit. This support kit is not included with the original chair but is attached to any Aeron chair or Aeron stool.

The Herman Miller PostureFit is a popular ergonomic attachment, although its reputation sometimes precedes it.

So what makes PostureFit so amazing? And is it worth spending an additional sum of money to add to an already expensive chair? Keep reading to find out!

What Does PostureFit Do?

If you buy a PostureFit kit, you might be underwhelmed at first looking at the unassembled pieces. The large piece of plastic with two strips sticking out of it looks unimpressive, but it is anything but that.

The PostureFit piece is attached to the bottom back of the Aeron chair and acts as a second lumbar support system to give your back and hips exactly what they need to sit for long periods.

The add-on supports your pelvis tilting forward which ensures that your back remains aligned with the rest of your body. It also supports the back of your spine or sacral region between the tailbone and lumbar spine. The sacrum is incredibly important and any harm to it will cause discomfort and pain.

Herman Miller recognizes how important good posture is — it can help with digestion, proper breathing, confidence, chronic injury, etc, and PostureFit is their solution.

Who is PostureFit For? 

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit Support Kit Add-On

PostureFit is not for everyone. Although we could all benefit from a straighter spine and better posture, the support add-on has some limitations. We don’t think it should automatically be bought alongside any Aeron chair.

If you like sitting up straight in your chair and feeling tall and incredibly supported, PostureFit is for you. The plastic backing on the PostureFit makes slumping nearly impossible. Think of it as a less intense version of a back-brace that holds you up and in.

While Aeron chairs come in different sizes and can be adjusted according to individuals’ height and needs, the PostureFit cannot be adjusted. Some may find that the PostureFit sits quite low on the chair and doesn’t give them the lumbar support they need. After all, the add-on focuses on supporting the lower back and not the entire back.

It can also limit movement, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to go about using your Aeron chair.

People who like to turn around a lot or do different tasks while seated may find this add-on restrictive. You also can’t slump down without it feeling quite uncomfortable.

We recommend that you think about how you move and use your office chair — not just how you want to use it. While getting an expensive posture-supporting addition in the hopes of improving or changing your seating habits may sound like a good idea, you also need to be realistic about your current lifestyle.

What Do People Think?

How to Install a Posturefit onto a Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Generally, customers were happy with their PostureFit kits. The consensus is that although the kit helps make the chair even more supportive and comfortable, it’s not exactly what Herman Miller advertises.

The support is more sacral than lumbar since it sits lower on the back. However, several customers weren’t disappointed with this. The kit offers posture support for the entire back and several reviews acknowledge your individual body shape will determine the kind of support and comfort you receive from the kit.

One customer has an innovative ‘hack’ for those who find PostureFit too low. They put the original lumbar pad on top of the ‘Y’ shaped part of the PostureFit piece and this seemed to work well for them. However, they did acknowledge this may be too much support for some people.

We were surprised by the range in positive and negative reviews. It’s a testament to how personal everyone’s ergonomic journey is.

Many people purchased the PostureFit kit after the original lumbar support broke on their Aeron chairs, and this seemed to be a good replacement for the broken piece.

Is Herman Miller PostureFit worth it? 

PostureFit is not cheap, especially if you’ve recently purchased an Aeron chair. If your Aeron chair isn’t broken and has its original lumbar support, you may find the addition of PostureFit unnecessary.

It’s also important to recognize that more support isn’t always better. Aeron chairs are top-of-the-line ergonomic office chairs that have already been designed to support the back and make sitting healthier.

Having the PostureFit installed will make things a little more comfortable, but your personal budget and body will determine how much it might be able to help you. With that being said, the original lumbar support in the chair is incredible and does a lot of the heavy lifting on its own.

It can also be difficult to install, although there are several videos online that break down the assembly steps.

Here’s What We Recommend

Get A Herman Miller Aeron for CHEAP + Buying Guide!!!

The great thing about Herman Miller is that it’s wildly popular. If you’re desperate to try PostureFit, see if you can track a secondhand one down online. Several companies specialise in selling refurbished Herman Miller pieces and you’ll be able to try out the extra support without spending too much money.

If the original lumbar support has broken off on your Aeron chair, we recommend just replacing the pad and not trying to supplement it with PostureFit. Some customers found this substitution not worth it. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

The bottom line is that PostureFit has helped many people and will ensure you sit up straight. If you have particular lumbar support needs, it may not satisfy you — especially if you spent a lot of money on it with the expectation that it would completely change your sitting experiences.

Do you have the PostureFit attachment? What do you think? Is it better than the original lumbar support on the Aeron chair? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!