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Can You Add Lumbar Support to an Aeron Chair?

Can You Add Lumbar Support to an Aeron Chair?

The  is Herman Miller’s most iconic office chair, thanks to its next-level ergonomics and innovative suspension membrane. It has become a staple in many offices because of its highly adjustable mechanisms.

Since sitting for long periods is physically demanding, your lower back and lumbar spine will compensate to achieve the proper curvature and alignment of the spine.

You can add adjustable lumbar support to your Aeron Chair, for improved ergonomics. The Aeron lumbar pad is vertically adjustable with a four-and-a-half-inch height range to cater to a wide range of users. You can also install the PostureFit Support Kit for additional sacral stabilization and lumbar support.

Adding lumbar back support to an office chair promotes good posture by keeping the spine’s natural curve. This also prevents the tendency to slouch and lean forward.

In this article, learn about the importance of lumbar support in office chairs and how to make the most of the Aeron Chair lumbar support feature.

What Is Lumbar Support in Office Chairs?

The lower part of the back above the buttocks is called the lumbar region, which curves naturally inward. Lumbar support can help in promoting a good posture. It fills the gap between the lumbar spine and seat.

Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

What Are the Types of Lumbar Support?

The best tools for lumbar support are specifically designed to achieve optimal ergonomics.

Affordable ergonomic office chairs will often have built-in curvature support for the spine.

Lumbar Support Pad on Aeron Chair

Others offer the ability to adjust lumbar support for a better fit. The Aeron chair can be added with  for optimal ergonomics.

Back Lumbar Support Cushion

Portable lumbar support is ideal for users who switch between multiple workstations within the day. These cushions can usually be tied to the back of the office chair.  comes with upper back support.

Why Is Lumbar Support Important?

Most office chairs claim to be ergonomic, but fail to support the lumbar region or the lower back.

Woman has bad posture back pain while sitting

Without lumbar support, people will tend to slouch forward in their office chairs, straining their back, neck, and shoulders. This can cause wear and eventual injury to the muscles and joints.

With good lumbar support, less strain is put on your muscles to keep the proper alignment and curvature of the spine.

Can You Add Lumbar Support to Aeron?

The Classic Aeron Chair comes with two adjustments for lumbar support: Lumbar pad and PostureFit.

Lumbar Pad


Aeron Chair Lumbar Pad

The lumbar pad is the Aeron Chair’s main lumbar support mechanism. It is compatible with any Aeron Classic chair, including older models.

The Herman Miller Aeron lumbar pad can be added to your Aeron chair for lumbar support.  It comes in three sizes (A, B, C) for small to large frames. It is also available in colors: Black or Titanium.

You can buy the lumbar support pad from the official Herman Miller website or on .

Users are given the option to assemble it by an expert for an additional fee.

The Aeron chair lumbar pad supports these adjustments:

  • Height or Vertical adjustment: 4.5-inch range
  • Depth adjustment: ¾-inch or 1 and ¼-inch

How Do You Use the Aeron Lumbar Pad?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Lumbar Support Adjustment

The lumbar pad offers versatile adjustments of lumbar height and lumbar depth.

Lumbar pad height ensures that the pad height supports the natural curve of your spine.

  1. Apply pressure on both ends of the lumbar pad.
  2. Raise or lower the pad to your desired position.

Lumbar pad depth allows users to switch between the thin and thick sides of the lumbar pad to rest comfortably on the curve of the spine.

  1. Apply pressure on both ends of the lumbar pad.
  2. Lift the pad out from the track in the back of the chair.
  3. Flip the pad over and replace it in the track.

Lumbar Pad Pros

  • Can be adjusted according to the contours of your body (height and depth adjustment)
  • Ideal for sitting for long hours at a time
  • Cheaper than the PostureFit

Lumbar Pad Cons

  • Need for adjustment can be a hassle for some users


Aeron Chair users can install the  to encourage the S-shaped curve of the spine. The PostureFit improves posture by supporting the sacrum by stabilizing the lumbar spine and pelvis with added pressure.

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit Support Kit

Just like the lumbar support pad, the PostureFit supports the base of the spine to prevent lower back fatigue.

The PostureFit is compatible with the Classic Aeron Chair, while the PostureFit SL is the latest advancement in PostureFit technology for the remastered Aeron.

PostureFit SL has individual pads that provide stability to the sacrum while supporting the lumbar region for full spinal stabilization starting from the sacral base to the upper thoracic region. Both the sacral and lumbar pads don’t need height adjustment because the PostureFit accommodates a wide anthropometric range.

Thanks to the interdependent sacral and lumbar pads, the PostureFit SL can accommodate a wide range of movements and body contours.

How Do You Use Aeron PostureFit Adjustment?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Posture Fit Adjustment

PostureFit can be engaged or disengaged to achieve the best fit for you. Adjust the PostureFit so that it presses comfortably against your back while supporting the natural alignment of your spine.

  1. Rest your back in the pocket of the chair back.
  2. While seated: To engage PostureFit, turn the knob clockwise until it supports your lower back. To disengage, turn the knob counterclockwise.

PostureFit Pros

  • Simultaneously stabilizes the sacrum and supports the lumbar region.
  • Minimal adjustments are needed.

PostureFit Cons

  • Doesn’t have height adjustment.
  • More subtle effect compared to the lumbar pad.


There are two lumbar support add-ons for the Aeron Chair: lumbar pads or the PostureFit. Lumbar pads are ideal for users looking to better fit with height and depth adjustment.

PostureFit is a good investment if you prefer minimal adjustments for your office chair while providing enough sacral and lumbar support.

The versatility of ergonomic adjustments for the Herman Miller Aeron chairs makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone working a desk job.