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Can an Ergonomic Keyboard Be Used by Everyone?

Can an Ergonomic Keyboard Be Used by Everyone?

With our eyes glued to our laptops and computer screens for most of our day, we are all looking for ergonomic alternatives that make our life a little easier.

The physical strain and stress from using a standard keyboard all day long can certainly be hard to deal with.

We guarantee you there is a solution: an ergonomic keyboard is a life-saver.

Ergonomic keyboards perfectly support your hands and wrists. They facilitate more natural, relaxed movements, rather than causing you to overextend your fingers, twist or bend your wrist.

Ergonomic keyboards have their letter keys split into two halves, rotating the keys towards the lower corners.

Users can customize the rotation by placing the two halves of the keyboard as far apart as they find comfortable. Ergonomic keyboards contribute to a healthy working environment and help keep musculoskeletal injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome at bay.

You can now place your hands and wrist in a comfortable position while you focus on work, and get back home without the pain and strain.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about an ergonomic keyboard.

We’ll share its benefits and drawbacks, who can use it, how it differs from a standard keyboard, and if everyone can use an ergonomic keyboard.

What Is an Ergonomic Keyboard?

An Ergonomic Keyboard on a white table

When a product or item is made or engineered to contribute to the efficiency, comfort, and practicality of a user, they are known as having ergonomic features.

A keyboard that is made with these considerations is called an ergonomic keyboard.

An ergonomic keyboard contributes to a healthy workplace. It is designed to prioritize your comfort, keeping musculoskeletal injuries at bay, while improving your performance.

When you use a standard keyboard for long hours, you are at the risk of turning your wrists inward and injuring yourself. You may also eventually suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Ergonomic keyboards were developed to prevent such injuries from happening and allow your hands to remain in a natural position while at work.

Depending on their shape, you may come across four different types of ergonomic keyboards:

  • Split Keyboards
  • Contoured Keyboards
  • Angle Split Keyboards, and
  • Handheld Keyboards

Can Ergonomic Keyboards Be Used by Everyone

Woman hands typing on ergonomic keyboard

Yes, anyone can use an ergonomic keyboard. However, it is most recommended for people who spend most of their day using a keyboard.

Switching to an ergonomic keyboard at the earliest will help them prevent hand injuries and pain.

No matter what your age or size is, you can reap the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard. Many companies switched to ergonomic keyboards at their workspace stations to ensure that their employees are happy and satisfied at work.

Even if you are not suffering from an injury or strain and only want to use an ergonomic keyboard because of the comfort and efficiency it provides, go for it.

Is It Difficult to Get Used to an Ergonomic Keyboard?

Close-up of a Black Ergonomic keyboard

One of the primary reasons people shy away from purchasing an ergonomic keyboard is that it takes time to get used to its unique design and layout.

If you have a set typing style on your existing keyboard, you would probably take time to adapt to the keys and functions of an ergonomic keyboard.

Initially, you may face some difficulty, and it may slow down your work and affect your working hours. However, it only takes up to a few days to get accustomed to the keyboard.

Once you are comfortable with it, things get even easier and smoother than they used to be with your standard keyboard.

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to an Ergonomic Keyboard?

A person typing on black ergonomic keyboard

Considering four different types of ergonomic keyboards are available, the time you will need to get used to each keyboard will differ.

You can get accustomed to smaller keyboards like handheld keyboards after the first few hours. Contoured keyboards may take up to a few days to get used to.

If the letter layout on your keyboard is different from the conventional “QWERTY” layout, which is the case in a few keyboard models, you may need a few extra days to adjust to the arrangement.

Altogether, the time you take getting used to an ergonomic keyboard depends on the laptop itself and how quickly you learn or adapt to such changes.

What Is the Difference Between a Standard Keyboard and an Ergonomic Keyboard?

A person using ergonomic keyboard for working

Still skeptical about switching from your standard keyboard to an ergonomic keyboard?

These pros and cons will help you decide:

Pros and Cons of an Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards do not disappoint in terms of benefits. However, they have their share of drawbacks, too.

Let us take a look at some of the most important pros and cons of an ergonomic keyboard:


  • An ergonomic keyboard allows you to position your wrists and arms in a relaxed, natural state. Its curves facilitate hassle-free and comfortable wrist movement. This facilitates the natural flow of blood in your arms, and you do not end up putting pressure on your wrists and arms.
  • Handheld keyboards are incredibly portable, and you can use them even when you are comfortably laid back on your chair. They are also easy to travel with and do not take up a lot of space in your luggage.
  • Your hands have ample resting space when you use an ergonomic keyboard. So, you can seamlessly type without exerting a lot of pressure or effort.
  • Prolonged typing can result in pain in your arms and shoulders. Ergonomic keyboards prevent this, as they are easy to use and can conform according to your body’s shape and movements.
  • With your wrists and arms are placed comfortably, your typing speed increases, and you are able to focus better.


  • Ergonomic keyboards are more expensive compared to traditional keyboards.
  • If you are a first-time user, you might take time getting used to the keyboard’s functions.
  • Some keyboards like the split keyboard are bulkier than standard keyboards and may occupy extra desk space. So, they may not be ideal for compact office spaces.

Who Needs an Ergonomic Keyboard?

A woman using ergonomic keyboard in work

If you use a computer for a considerable time every day, you need an ergonomic keyboard.

Anyone who is considering switching to a healthy lifestyle or looking to achieve optimum productivity levels at their workplace can benefit from an ergonomic keyboard.

If you want to prevent the likeliness of an injury, bruise, or persistent discomfort while you are working on your computer, you need an ergonomic keyboard.

If you are concerned about your poor posture, which also leads to other health concerns, you should switch to an ergonomic keyboard.

Why Do We Need an Ergonomic Keyboard?

A person using keyboard in the dark

At a time when all of us are sitting at the computer for most of our work, an ergonomic keyboard is a must-have.

Repetitive stress injury is one of the most common problems that arise from poorly placed hands during typing. It impacts your nerves and muscles and exerts excessive pressure on other parts of your body.

Working with an ergonomic keyboard could be the best way to fight off the injury, and prevent its occurrence in the first place.

Ergonomic keyboards act as a preventive measure against all the injuries, muscle strain, numb hands, tingling sensation, and other pain in your hands owing to incorrect positioning.

People who need to use the keyboard are often at the risk of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. An ergonomic keyboard can help prevent this condition.

No matter how expensive your office furniture is, you won’t have a safe and healthy working environment unless you have an ergonomic and practical device like a keyboard to work with.

Final Words

Black Ergonomic Keyboard

You will only be able to figure out and appreciate the convenience of an ergonomic keyboard once you start using it yourself. Ergonomic keyboards take a little bit of getting used to, but there is no looking back once you are accustomed to them.

Whether you are having trouble focusing on your work because of consistent hand and wrist pain or your productivity levels are compromised due to the discomfort, an ergonomic keyboard can come to your rescue.

We hope that this article helped you understand ergonomic keyboards better and answered the question, “Can an ergonomic keyboard be used by everyone?”