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Are Ergonomic Mouse Pads Good?

Are Ergonomic Mouse Pads Good?

Typing for long hours at the computer can get uncomfortable. Thank goodness there’s such thing as ergonomic mouse pads. But are ergonomic mouse pads good?

Put simply, Ergonomic mouse pads are good and they prevent wrist-related injuries while working on a computer. They can also do a lot more for you!

Mouse pads can be as soft or as hard as you like. Some are filled with memory foam, while others are made of gel. Either way, as soon as you try one you won’t want to return to your vintage flat mouse pad.

What is an Ergonomic Mouse Pad?

Ergonomic mouse pads are similar to regular mouse pads except that these mouse pads have memory foam or gel wrist supports. Their design helps keep your wrist in a neutral position to prevent strain on the ligaments and nerves in your wrist and hand.

Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pads

Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support

 use body heat to conform to your wrist. They are lightweight, wrapped in nylon or polyester-type material, and often come with a non-skid rubber base.

There are two sub-categories of memory foam ergonomic mouse pads: traditional or gel-infused.

The traditional memory foam type is the mouse pad that retains heat and conforms to the user’s wrist. Gel-infused memory foam type is the mouse pad filled with liquid gel or gel beads that absorbs body heat.

Cooling Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest Support

One drawback to memory foam ergonomic mouse pads is that they can absorb sweat and odors and need routine cleaning. If your wrists tend to sweat, we suggest you choose a gel-infused memory foam ergonomic mouse pad or the gel ergonomic mouse pads we’ll discuss below.

Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pads

 have a bouncier cushion. It doesn’t hold onto heat as memory foam mouse pads do.

These types of ergonomic mouse pads are made with a soft gel interior. They are wrapped in either a silicone-like plastic or leatherette exterior.

Ergonomic Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Because gel ergonomic mouse pads have a non-porous exterior, they are a lot easier to clean. They also won’t retain bad odors as some memory foam mouse pads will.

The downside to gel ergonomic mouse pads is their plastic coating. It can feel uncomfortable to some people because it doesn’t have a soft fabric material as memory foam mouse pads do.

Another concern about gel ergonomic mouse pads is their durability. If a gel mouse pad is punctured, it might leak. The possibility of this is unlikely, especially if you buy a nicer and more expensive gel mouse pad.

The best ergonomic mouse pad for you depends on what you feel is more comfortable. Whichever option you choose, make sure your forearms and wrists stay parallel to the floor.

Do Ergonomic Mouse Pads Make a Difference?

Yes, ergonomic mouse pads make a huge difference in comfort and long-term wrist health. These mousepads prevent you from resting your wrist on the hard surface of your desk, allowing greater blood flow to the tips of your fingers.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

These specially designed mouse pads are more comfortable than the classical flat mouse pad and allow you to work longer hours more comfortably at your computer. They ensure max comfort and efficiency without diminishing your hand and wrist’s movement capabilities.

Ergonomic mouse pads with a wrist rest can help to prevent tendonitis and muscle fatigue; however, they do not reduce carpal tunnel pressure. Knowing this, you need to continue to alternate between resting your wrist on a mouse pad and lifting your wrist.

Are Flat Mouse Pads Better?

Sometimes a flat mouse pad can be better than a mouse pad with a wrist rest. If a mouse pad with wrist support is too stiff, it can cause more damage to your wrist than a flat mouse pad.

Metal Aluminum Flat Mouse Pad

If you have a standard mouse that requires you to move it around the pad for it to work, then a flat mouse pad can be more beneficial to you than one with wrist support.

Otherwise, if you rest your wrists on a hard pad and try to move a mouse around it can cause inflamed tendons and nerve entrapment.

Is a Mouse Pad with a Wrist Rest Better?

A mouse pad with a wrist rest is better than a flat mouse pad, In most cases. As long as your wrist support isn’t too hard and you don’t rest your wrists on the pads constantly, then a mouse pad with wrist support is better.

Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support

There are ergonomic mouses that don’t require you to move the whole mouse to make it work.  can be extremely beneficial when paired with an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest because your wrist stays in a neutral position the entire time you’re using them.


Overall, ergonomic mouse pads are good for you because they are designed with memory foam or gel pad wrist supports. These comfortable wrist rests keep your wrists aligned and parallel to the floor in a neutral position.

An ergonomic mouse pad allows for better wrist comfort, increases your productivity while working at your desk. Buy an ergonomic mouse pad and improve the health of your wrists.