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Should My Feet Touch The Ground When Sitting In An Office Chair?

Should My Feet Touch The Ground When Sitting In An Office Chair?

We sit on our office chairs for too long to not care about our posture and how our feet are rested. If you sit on your chair for hours at a stretch, it is crucial that your arms and legs be correctly aligned and comfortably placed.

Sitting correctly on a chair not only helps keep your back straight but also helps you work under optimum conditions. Your feet, for example, should be placed flat on the ground and not left dangling in the air. If not, you will find yourself constantly leaning forward or slumping, which will only cause your posture to suffer.

Keep reading to learn more about the ideal way to sit on a chair, the effects of sitting in the wrong position, and how to place your feet while sitting.

Should Your Feet Be Flat When Sitting?

Ideally, when you’re sitting on a chair, you should be aware of your posture and avoid slumping and slouching as much as possible. This includes keeping your feet flat on the ground while your back is straight. Your feet need to properly rest on the ground so that you can attain the proper posture as it helps align your back.

A good posture can provide numerous benefits to your body. When your spine is erect, shoulders pulled back, neck straight, and feet firm on the ground, it helps reduce any excess strain you may have been putting on any one part of the body.

Sitting in a position with your legs placed comfortably on the ground, your back straight, and your workspace at an eye-level in front of you can help reduce the risk of muscle strain. This posture allows for every part of your body to be supported, and you see a significant improvement in muscle tension.

Apart from all the benefits a good posture can offer to your physical health, it has the potential to affect your mental health. When you sit in an ideal position, it positively affects your brain’s ability to function. You feel confident, stress-free, and will be able to observe a noticeable improvement in your mood too.

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So, if you have a job where you are required to sit on a chair throughout the day, it is more than necessary to lay your feet flat on the floor and sit straight.

How To Sit In An Office Chair Properly?

While we may have no choice but to sit and work, we can still choose to sit in a manner that does not affect our health, both mentally and physically.

Man sitting on an Ergonomic Desk Chair with Flip Up Armrest

To make sure you are sitting correctly, investing in a good quality ergonomic office chair that supports your back is always a good idea. Look for a chair with an adjustable back and height so that it offers the most comfortable seating arrangement for you.

There is a direct link between productivity and efficiency and how you are seated on a chair. If you are sitting in a laid-back, reclined position, more often than not, you will end up feeling lazy, lethargic, and will lack the will to work.

So, if you want to be your most productive self, here are the steps you can follow to check whether you are sitting correctly:

  • Make sure your feet are comfortably touching the ground and are not left hanging midway. If they are not placed flat on the ground, you will end up putting undue pressure on your spine and be left with a stiff back and neck.
  • Avoid crossing your feet when you’re sitting on a chair as it will directly affect your pelvic balance.
  • Make sure you have a slight arch in your lower back. If your chair comes with lumbar support, it will help in maintaining your back’s arched position.
  • The most crucial step is to sit with your back straight. Your shoulders should be straight and pushed back while your spine should be erect in an upright position.
  • The chair should have proper arm support so that you can rest your arms parallel to your thighs. Your elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle when you work on your keyboard.
  • The chair’s height should be adjusted to allow your eyes to be aligned with the monitor you work on. Avoid tilting your head up or down too much as it can directly affect your neck and cause significant pain.

Woman takes break during working time

Apart from following these tips, make sure to get up and stretch your body at regular intervals and avoid staying in any one position for too long. Ideally, you should be getting up and moving around every hour for about 10 minutes.

Implications Of Sitting Incorrectly

woman in slouching posture while working with laptop

Improper sitting habits can do a lot of harm to your body. Slouching, tilting your head at odd angles, crossing your legs, etc. can cause significant damage to your posture and even lead to severe muscle and joint issues in the long run.


If your posture is incorrect, such as sitting in a slouched position, it can alter the natural curve of your spine and put your body at serious risk of future injuries.

Back Pain

Another prevalent problem associated with a bad posture, which most of us can relate to, is back pain. Every second person you encounter is likely to suffer from back problems that hinder their ability to carry out everyday tasks.

The primary cause of persistent back pain is poor posture. If you are not sitting straight on the chair, you can expect to face its consequences in the form of back pain.

Headaches And Neck Pain

Man suffered from neck and shoulder pain

Apart from back pain, poor posture can also lead to neck pain and constant headaches. Persistent pain in the body will deter you from performing even the simplest tasks and can severely affect your quality of life. It can cause a lack of motivation and ultimately affect your work.

Final Words

There’s a reason why experts are calling sitting the new smoking. A sedentary lifestyle is known to cause various health issues. However, for someone who has no option but to sit in a chair and work, there are ways in which you can still take care of your health.

Make sure you sit correctly so you don’t end up putting excessive pressure on your spine. Keep your feet, your arms, neck, and back properly aligned to get the utmost comfort while you focus on your work. And while you work on improving your posture, make sure you have the best chair to help you out.