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Why Is My Standing Desk Not Going Up?

Why Is My Standing Desk Not Going Up?

In recent years, standing desks have gained immense popularity. Given their numerous health benefits, convenience, and impact on productivity, is it really a surprise?

Standing desks are comfortable, sturdy, durable, easy to install, and promise a range of ergonomic benefits when you have to stand and work.

However, if you have invested in an electric standing desk, chances are you will face issues with the desk’s mechanics and maneuverability. In such a case, you typically will have to reset the settings of your desk.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on standing desks, the possible reasons your desk is not going up, and how to fix the issue.

Why Won’t My Standing Desk Go Up?

The one reason you would want a standing desk is that it allows you to work at your desk while standing up, thus granting you health benefits from not having to sit all the time. So, when you find your standing desk isn’t going up anymore, well, the desk stops serving its purpose.

Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk at home

You would suspect that the desk is damaged and would assume that you may have to replace the expensive standing desk. But, this might not always be the case. Standing desks, especially the electric ones, are bound to experience a few glitches here and there because of regular wear and tear. And there are always quick and effective ways to repair them.

Before discussing different ways to fix your desk, let us understand the various factors that may have led to your desk not going up.

1. Power Loss

Unplugged in socket no electric power

One of the most common factors that would cause an electric desk to get stuck and not go up is that it may lose power due to one of the following reasons:

  • The power cable was temporarily unplugged or left out of the socket.
  • There was no power in the outlet.

If the standing desk loses power, it automatically enters the reset mode, in which case, it can only go downwards and not upwards. If this happens, the desk has to be manually reset (the steps for this will be covered in the later parts of this article) to fix the problem of power loss.

2. Uneven Leg Size

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Home Office

If your standing desk comes with one or two electric motors, there is a high possibility of the desk’s legs becoming uneven after some time.

Every standing desk comes with a control box that acts as the brain of the desk. If it recognizes that the desk’s legs are uneven, it will stop the desk from moving upwards to prevent any further damage to the desk.

On the other hand, if the control box fails to recognize this issue, the desk will continue to move upwards and downwards until it eventually gets stuck and stops moving.

3. Obstruction

Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If there is an obstruction, such as an object stuck in the path of the desk going up, it will prevent your standing desk from moving up smoothly. Usually, a cabinet, a book, a piece of art placed on the desk, a decorative item, or shelves can come in the way of the desk and obstruct it from moving up.

Most high-quality standing desks come with a “collision-detection” feature that protects the desk when it hits another object. When an object is detected, the desk will stop itself from moving upwards and move in the opposite direction until you have removed the object coming in its way.

4. Extra Weight On The Desk

Super heavy danger sign

Most electric standing desks have a standard weight capacity. If you keep too much weight on the desk or try to make the desk go up with weight on it that is more than its capacity, it will hinder the movement of your desk.

This will also lead to your desk reaching the stage of “overload.” When this stage is hit, the desk will shut itself off in order to protect its external and internal components from further impairments.

5. Loose Cables

Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

An electric standing desk will inevitably be built with a motor and other electric mechanisms that are composed of cables and wires. There are instances when the wires aren’t properly organized or managed and cause one or more wires to come loose. This will obstruct the flow of power throughout the desk.

If the cables are not securely inserted inside their components, you will struggle to make your standing desk move upwards.

6. Cycling Out Of The Control Box

Molblly 48 x 24 Inches Electric Standing Desk Stand Up Desk for Home Office,Adjustable Desk with Black Frame & Black Top,Quick Assembly Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk Adjustable Height

If the control box of the standing desk has cycled out, the desk will get stuck and not move up. The control box directs the desk to either move up or down, but only for a certain number of times before the desk has to be reset. This is known as the duty cycle, which decides how long a desk remains active or inactive.

When the desk hits the inactive stage, it enters the resting period. This helps prevent the desk from overheating and thus remains in a static state for a specific period.

7. Stoppage Of The Upper Container

The upper container stop helps set the maximum height of the desk. If this container stops or is programmed to a limited size, the desk will not move anywhere beyond that point.

How Do You Fix A Standing Desk That Won’t Go Up?

Man setting up an Electric Standing Desk

Now that we know of the many possible reasons that may be causing your desk  not to go up, let us take a look at some easy ways that you can apply to get your desk working as good as new:

  • Make sure to carry out the manual reset procedure frequently to ensure that the chair moves upwards after it automatically hits the reset mode. This will also help align the desk’s legs when they are out of sync and uneven.
  • Ensure that there is power coming from the outlet and that the cable is properly connected.
  • If you observe any object that may be in the desk’s way, maybe a chair that is kept nearby, remove it so that the desk can seamlessly resume its motion.
  • Check the lifting capacity of your standing desk and ensure that whatever you place on the desk does not exceed that limit.
  • When the control box cycles out, let your standing desk rest for about 18 minutes and give it a much-needed break. Often, if the table has had its fair share of rest, it will turn back on before 18 minutes.
  • Make sure all the loose cables and wires are secured and connected to their respective positions. Once all the cables are in their place, a manual reset is recommended.
  • Change the upper container or modify its settings so that the chair can move above a certain height.

How Do I Reset My Standing Desk?

Being a relatively new technology, a standing desk is expected to have its fair share of issues. However, with careful inspection of the manufacturer’s procedures and proper troubleshooting, you can efficiently resolve any problem.

Red reset button

In this article, we have stated multiple times that manually resetting a desk when it has lost its ability to move upwards is the most effective way to encourage its proper movement.

But how exactly do you do it?

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide you can follow to have your standing desk running as usual in no time.

  1. If anything is lying below the table that may hinder the movement of the desk, remove it.
  2. Carefully unplug the desk and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Tightly secure all the other cables and cords that are a part of the desk’s mechanism.
  4. Secure the plug back into the socket.
  5. To make the desk reach its lowest position, press and hold the “down” arrow for a few seconds before you release it.
  6. Press the same button again for 10 more seconds and release.
  7. This will make the desk dip down and then slowly move upwards until it finally stops moving altogether.
  8. The static position of the desk, where it doesn’t move either upwards or downwards, is an indication that you were successfully able to reset the desk.

What Is The Correct Height For A Standing Desk?

Demonstration of correct height for Electric Standing Desk

To make sure that you use the standing desk to the best of its abilities to ensure that it helps reduce your chance of injury and to align your desk to maximize your comfort, it is vital to choose the correct height of the desk.

You should set the height of the desk at about your elbow’s height. To ensure that, position your elbow at a 90 -degree angle, parallel to the floor.

When you place a monitor on top of the desk, the screen should be at the level of your eye and you should be able to comfortably place your forearms straight to use the keyboard.

Final Words

An electric standing desk can be a worthy purchase for your office space. Unlike a standard office chair, standing desks ensure that you have the liberty to move around and stretch freely while you work. It helps you reduce your sitting time as well as improve your posture and your overall well-being.

While such desks are not as inexpensive as other contemporary office desks, they offer far more benefits and are worth every penny you spend.

Make sure to identify the problem your desk is facing and refer to this guide to fix any potential issues. And, if you find fixing your standing desk complicated and overwhelming, don’t shy away from seeking help.