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How To Work From Home Without an Office Chair/a Desk?

How To Work From Home Without an Office Chair/a Desk?

Working from home seems like it’s here to stay, but we can’t blame ourselves for hesitating to invest in creating your own office space at home.

Office chairs and desks are some of the more expensive equipment you’ll need and buying these two can hurt your bank account. But thankfully, there are many ways to still work from home without these two items.

You can use your dining room chairs, sofa, or bed as your alternative to office chairs, but you can also use a standing desk too! If you’re not keen on buying a desk, some alternatives would be any flat surface that is at level with your upper torso and can fit your laptop.

There are more ways to work from home without an office chair and a desk. So let’s take a look at those ideas.

How to work from home without an office chair?

Working from home without an office chair might be a problem, but there are so many alternatives to an office chair that you can find at home.

Work on the sofa

The simplest solution would be to work in the dining area. Since you’re most likely to have chairs and a desk here, this already works as an alternative to a working space.

You can also work on your sofa, your bed, or on the floor!

The key here is to find a seating area where you’re able to move and sit comfortably. Of course, the downside of not having an office chair is the poor posture and the back or knee pains that you might have.

What are alternatives to an office chair?

There are several alternatives to your traditional office chair. Some of these might even be in your home already.

Office Chairs And Alternative Seating | Physical Therapists Rates Best Desk Chairs

The first one is a yoga ball. A yoga ball is a good alternative to an office chair because it is just about the right height for standard desks.

Since a yoga ball rolls around, you’re going to have to put a little effort into making sure that it stays in place. To do this, you have to constantly engage your core and keep your feet flat on the ground.

While a yoga ball can be a great workout while you work, it’s not the most comfortable. And after 8 hours of working, it can be tiring to sit on.

The second alternative is a stool. If you have a kitchen counter, you’re most likely to have a stool that complements it.

Amazon Basics Kitchen Counter-Height Stool

You can choose to work at the kitchen counter, but if you don’t want to, you can simply use the stool. Keep in mind that the stool should provide the right height so that your arms can rest properly on the table.

Another alternative to office chairs is a knee chair. A knee chair supports your knees because it has a rest for them.

It’s a great seat if you want to maintain a good posture while working and if you want to reduce the pain on your knees.

How to work from home without a desk?

If we’re only talking about a flat space that fits your laptop, then working from without a desk is going to be very doable for you.

What you should remember is that any flat surface will do as long as it’s able to hold the weight of your laptop and the weight of your arms (for when you’re typing).

Desk for working from home

You should also note that the desk you’ll be working on should be at a proper height. The ideal height is by the middle of your torso or where your elbows can maintain a right angle.

But of course, if you’re not planning to sit on a chair, you can find alternatives that can be placed over the bed, couch, or floor. Just keep in mind that working from these areas isn’t the best place to care for your back and neck.

What are alternatives to a desk?

There are several desk alternatives you can find in your home. You can also purchase other types of desks in furniture stores.

One popular desk alternative is a breakfast tray. If you plan on working from your bed, then this is a great choice.

Breakfast Tray for Bed

The problem with breakfast trays is that they will encourage you to stay on your bed all day. And we all know that this isn’t the best place to work, not to mention that it’s not good for your back.

Another alternative is a table counter or the dining table itself. These tables are probably one of the best options since they always come with a seat.

But if you prefer to work where you have your own space, then a good option is a hanging shelf or a ladder desk. These can be placed in the living room or a spare room that you have.

You can also opt for an ironing board. I know this is strange, but the ironing board is a great desk alternative since they’re the perfect height for you to be able to work comfortably.

Ironing Board

You can customize the ironing board so that it looks more professional. You can put thin plywood over it or you can drape it with a cloth so that it doesn’t look too shabby.

The important thing with desks is that they’re of the same height and they’re flat. If they’re not flat, you’ll struggle to work properly and your laptop might experience overheating issues due to uneven surfaces.


Even without an office chair and a desk, there are many alternatives you can use so that you can still work from home. Some of these alternatives could already be in your home too!

Space for working at home

But despite having alternatives, know that there’s a reason why an office chair and a desk are ideal for a work-from-home space. Aside from the comfort and ergonomic functions, they increase productivity.

Nonetheless, if you’re hesitant to invest in these items, use these alternatives to help set up your temporary working space.