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How Do Magicians Sit Without a Chair?

How Do Magicians Sit Without a Chair?

Magicians and the magic they do are incredible. They leave you standing in awe, wondering how they did seemingly impossible things.

When it comes to magic tricks, one of the most shocking – but also one of the most awing – types is that of levitation.

And when it comes to levitation magic tricks, the most popular one is the Invisible Chair Trick, which is a magician seemingly sits on, well, nothing!

But how do magicians sit without a chair? Is it truly magic, do they use props, or is it all just an illusion?

We have found that magicians can sit without a chair with a metal frame or a wearable chair.

Keep on reading to learn more about this.

What is the Invisible Chair Trick?

Floating and Levitating Man. Turin, Italy. Street Performer

The Invisible Chair Trick is an old magic trick that has continued to amaze people for decades.

In effect, the Invisible Chair Trick is simple: a magician will appear to sit on air or an “invisible chair”, thus giving the trick its name.

Traditionally, the trick consists of 3 main parts: a rug on the floor, an upright staff, and the magician who holds onto the staff and sits in the air.

Using this setup, a magician can channel an ancient, mysterious shaman image that fascinates people.



However, over the past few years, a new way of doing the Invisible Chair Trick has been developed.

Instead of being limited to one single spot, the modern version of the Invisible Chair Trick has the magician walk around freely, then suddenly sit down with nothing under them!

Alternatively, the magician may first sit on a chair, then have a partner pull the chair out from under them, adding to the shock of the trick.

How Do Magicians Sit Without a Chair?

So how do magicians do the Invisible Chair Trick and make it look like they’re sitting without any kind of chair?

As mentioned above, there are two main ways to do the Invisible Chair Trick – the traditional way and the modern way – so let’s break this down for each method.

How do magicians do the traditional Invisible Chair Trick?

Levitating Man Trick Revealed

For the Traditional Invisible Chair Trick, the magician requires a rather complicated setup consisting of a metal frame, rugs, and loose clothes.

This may not sound that complicated, but what makes this setup tricky is that it needs to be prepared with no witnesses.

The metal frame of the Invisible Chair typically has 2 parts: a base, which keeps it sturdy, and the seat, which is typically screwed onto the base.

Because of this, the trick will be revealed to anyone who is around to watch you set it up.

If you want to do the Invisible Chair Trick the traditional way, you can follow these steps:

  • Buy a sturdy Invisible Chair metal frame.
  • Place the base where you want to do the trick.
  • Cover the base of the frame with a rug or blanket that can hide it well. The messier the better, so that it doesn’t look obvious.
  • Take the seat of the frame and thread the arm of a loose robe onto it so you can easily hold onto the frame while covering it.
  • Sit on the frame and put on the robe.
  • Make sure to keep the robe over your legs so that no one can see the seat of the frame.

How do magicians do the modern Invisible Chair Trick?

Invisible Chair Trick Revealed | Magic | dArtofScience

For the Modern Invisible Chair Trick, the magician requires only a wearable chair and baggy clothing that can cover it up.

A wearable chair works like an exoskeleton and is strapped to your legs. Although the mechanisms vary from chair to chair, all wearable chairs allow you to sit without something under you, using its joints and integrity to support you instead.

Because the wearable chair is not tied down to a base like the metal frame, you can wear it under your clothes and take it anywhere – making it look even more supernatural!

If you want to do the Invisible Chair Trick the modern way, you can follow these easy steps:

  • .
  • Learn the mechanisms of your wearable chair. Some rely on certain positions to lock the joints into place, while others require a remote to lock.
  • Put on the wearable chair and make sure it’s securely fastened.
  • Wear another pair of pants to hide it. Make sure they’re baggy so the chair’s parts don’t bulge out.
  • If your wearable chair requires a remote to lock, make sure you have a baggy pocket or sleeve that you can hide the remote in.
  • Walk around in front of your audience, then suddenly sit down on nothing.
  • To add another layer of shock, sit down on an object then ask a friend or bystander to pull it out from under you.

Where can I buy an invisible chair trick chair?

You can buy an Invisible Chair metal frame and wearable chair from various sites!

If you want to buy the metal frame, you can buy from specialized magic stores like 52 Magic, or large sites like Alibaba.

And if you want to buy a wearable chair, !

Adjustable Chairless Wearable Invisible Chair by TOPIND


The Invisible Chair Trick is a magic trick where magicians make it seem like they’re sitting on thin air.

The traditional way to do the Invisible Chair Trick involves a metal frame which creates the illusion of a man holding onto a staff and levitating.

The modern way to do the Invisible Chair Trick involves a wearable chair, which is worn under the clothes to create the illusion of a man who can walk around and sit down anywhere without a chair.

If you want to buy the props needed for an Invisible Chair Trick, you can search specialized magic stores, as well as large sites that have everything you might need, like Amazon or Alibaba.