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Can You Sit In a Chair to Meditate?

Can You Sit In a Chair to Meditate?

It’s long been established that meditation offers several mental and physical benefits. Taking that time for yourself, checking in with your body, and allowing your thoughts and concerns to be silenced for a bit is incredibly soothing and healing.

When we think of meditation, we often picture someone sitting on the floor crossed-legged (often in a full lotus) with their hands gently placed on their knees and their eyes closed. That image is quite incorrect, but it’s not the only way someone can meditate.

It may not always be practical or healthy for an individual to get down on the floor and cross their legs. Sometimes, sitting in a chair is the best way for a person to get into a meditative state.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about meditating in a chair!

What are the Benefits of Meditating on a Chair?

People meditate on meditation seats

To start, we need to clarify that meditating in a meditation chair and using a standard office chair are two very different things. You can meditate on both, but they are different.

A meditation chair isn’t a full-on chair. It has short legs so the sitter is just a few inches off the ground while seated. They usually have small but supportive backs and plenty of cushioning for comfort.

A traditional chair, on the other hand, has tall legs and a higher back. You can still have a great meditation session in a traditional chair.

Here are a few benefits of meditation in a traditional chair:

1. It’s Convenient 

Woman sitting on multipurpose Meditation Chair

Unless you’re at home, at a yoga studio, or in the park, you probably don’t want to sit on the floor. It’s probably dirty, uncomfortable, and perhaps even a little appropriate to get onto the floor in most settings, especially if you’re at work on your lunch break.

There is almost always a chair available, whether you’re at the airport or in the car (please don’t meditate while driving!).

2. Keeps Your Back Straight 

Woman sitting on Alexia Meditation Seat

Maintaining a correct posture isn’t always easy. This is particularly true for sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Some people’s inherent reaction to crossing their legs is to lean forward.

A chair allows you to press your back against a solid surface and keep your spine aligned and posture correct.

3. Takes Pressure Off Your Legs 

Cross-Legged kneeing Chair for Office or Home, Meditation Seat

We all grew up sitting cross-legged on the floor at school or home, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy position, especially as we get older. Keeping your legs crossed can put a lot of pressure and tension on your legs, particularly if you aren’t used to sitting that way.

When sitting in a chair, you aren’t putting weight on your legs or hips. Your lower back doesn’t have to deal with that much pressure, either.

4. Offers Variety 

Girl sitting on Mindful and Modern Meditation Chair

It’s fun to mix things up sometimes. Having an alternative meditation position is a good way to keep your body comfortable.

Meditation is always beneficial, even if it doesn’t look exactly like the ‘perfect’ image of enlightenment and serenity.

How to Sit in a Chair for Meditation?

Most people know how to sit on the floor to meditate, but sitting in a chair isn’t always as clear.

Sitting in a Traditional Chair

How to Meditate in a Chair

You can sit in any chair available, whether it’s your office chair or an airplane seat. However, an adjustable chair is ideal.

Plant your feet flat on the floor and bend your legs 90 degrees. You don’t need to have your back pressed against the chair, so come forward if you need to. Your knees should be around the same height as your hips.

Check in with your spin. Is it straight and aligned with your hips and neck? You should not be hunching over at all. Make sure your shoulders are standing tall and proud.

There isn’t one way to position your hands. It depends on what feels most natural and comfortable for you.

Some people like to rest their hands in their lap, others prefer placing them on their knees with their palms down.

Once you’ve gotten yourself into the correct position, you can begin to focus on your breath, close your eyes, and begin your meditation session.

Sitting in a Meditation Chair

How to Sit Comfortably for Meditation

If your meditation chair is quite low, you are still going to be able to cross your legs. However, because your hips are lifted, your legs and hips won’t have to support as much weight. Many people find this much more comfortable.

Similar to sitting in a traditional chair, ensure your back is straight. You can opt to have your back pressed against the chair. Whatever feels better for you that day.

Cross your legs however is comfortable for you and let them fall naturally onto the floor. You can scoot forward if this helps. Your knees should still be the same height as your hips.

As for your hands, most people like to rest them on their knees. You can also put them in your lap if you prefer.

There are a few types of meditation chairs on the market, some of which don’t even require you to cross your legs, so you can find the best chair for your ergonomic needs.

Meditation isn’t a competition. If you can’t get into or stay in a certain position, that is completely fine.

Is It Better to Meditate on the Floor or in a Chair?

 Woman sitting on Ungloo Box Meditation Floor Chair

It is completely fine if you are never able to meditate on the floor. Mediation is not about perfection, so don’t strive to reach it.

The best meditation position is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable and sustainable. If you sit on the ground for a couple of minutes and find it’s not the right meditation position for you, that’s completely okay.

When you get into a meditation position, it’s important that you feel grounded and stable. Chairs provide plenty of stability, and meditation chairs are specifically designed to be sat in for long periods.

This does not mean that there aren’t benefits to sitting on the floor. It’s not often we find ourselves on the ground with our legs crossed, so getting into this position prepares our minds for moments of silence and serenity.

It’s also easier to feel grounded when you are literally on the ground. Some people like to use meditation cushions for added comfort in this position to take some pressure off of their sit bones.

The Best Meditation Chairs

Here are some of the best meditation chairs out there if you want to explore the comforts of sitting in a chair specifically designed for meditation.

Alexia Meditation Seat

This chair is quite impressive. If you like the sensation of crossing your legs without any pressure or tension, the Alexia Meditation Seat makes that entirely possible. The chair has sections carved out for your legs and feet so you can slip into the perfect position.

It comes with a removable cover that can be dry-cleaned to keep it in pristine condition.

Reviews for this chair are very positive. It has changed the meditation game for its customers, especially for those who don’t like or can’t normally get into a cross-legged position. They also feel like their lower backs are supported well in the chair, which helps them maintain proper posture.

Ungloo Box Meditation Floor Chair

With optional knee support, this meditation floor chair can be used in various ways. It provides support to the back, knees, hips, and ankles with its firm back, knee cushion, and raised seat.

This chair has helped meditators fidget less and relax for longer. It’s also very convenient. You can pack the whole chair set-up into a portable box to throw into the trunk of a car to take to the park.

H&A Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair

If you like having a bit of height when meditating, this raised kneeling and meditation seat is for you. The seat has two levels, one for your sit bones, and one to rest your legs on.

It can be adjusted to meet your needs and comes in black or red. You can also use it as a kneeling office chair.

There are several ways to sit in the chair and we can imagine customers getting creative with how they enjoy it.

At the End of the Day

You can most definitely sit in a chair to meditate. It is not better or worse than sitting on the floor, it’s simply another way to get into a comfortable position and take some time to yourself.

Sitting correctly in a chair is important. You need to make sure that your feet are planted, your spine is straight, and your knees are bent 90 degrees. Crossing your legs is optional, so don’t push yourself to get into that position.

Have a look at the meditation chairs we’ve recommended above. The first one is our favorite, but it all depends on how you like to sit!

Good luck finding the most comfortable and sustainable position for your meditation sessions!

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