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Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Chair?

Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Chair?

We love our furry friends, especially when they love us back. Those big beautiful eyes staring up at us are akin to looking at our favorite and most innocent child.

With all this being said, it would be nice to talk to our dogs every now and then, even if just to ask them, “Hey, why do you keep doing that?” Because, face it, dogs can be weird sometimes.

If you have a four-legged friend, you might notice they love to sit under your chair. You could be working in the peaceful quiet then suddenly begin shaking as this big old dog tries to squeeze himself under your seat.

There are a few reasons your dog might love to squeeze under your chair, and a couple of ways you can keep them from doing it if it’s becoming disruptive.

Reasons Your Dog Likes Being Under Your Chair

1. They like to be near you

Dog under table with people sitting on chair

You’re amazing! And chances are, your dog thinks you are, too. Dogs are very affectionate creatures, even if it’s not always easy to pick them up and snuggle. For larger dogs, curling up under your chair is a way for them to be close to you without actually jumping into your lap.

Although, we’re sure a Great Dane or German Shepherd would gladly sit in your lap if you let them!

If you feel like your dog needs a little attention but you’re busy working, let one hand hang off the chair so they can feel that you acknowledge and welcome their presence. Just be wary that you might get a few licks if you do this!

2. It’s a quiet and safe haven

Dog lying safely under chair

Life can be hectic sometimes, even for dogs. While they don’t have to trouble themselves with doing their taxes and going grocery shopping, everyone needs some quiet time once in a while.

A chair provides a snug roof over their heads and a few legs to enclose them safely under your watch. Think about how you feel when you snuggle under a pile of blankets. Dogs feel something similar, simply nuzzling under you.

You may notice that they gravitate under your chair for a nap or after something very stimulating has happened. We all have our own go-to spot in our home for rest and relaxation, and dogs are no different.

3. They have anxiety

Anxiety dog hiding under chair

Anxiety in dogs is more common than you might think. Our poor puppies get nervous and antsy, and sometimes it isn’t clear as to why they went from being perfectly fine to pitifully jumpy.

During times like that, they need to be close to their favorite person — that’s you! This is where the idea of under a chair being a safe and quiet space comes back. Your dog might resort to sitting under the chair because they can’t think straight and need a place to calm down and regulate their emotions.

A ‘time-out’ or physical contact are two good ways to help soothe your dog if it’s struggling with anxiety. Calming music and a blanket or piece of clothing that smells like you would also help.

If this anxiety persists, talk to your vet about finding a solution to help your favorite fluff-ball feel a little better throughout the day.

4. It’s just a comfortable space

Sometimes, sitting someplace just feels right. There’s not much to read into; they just like it. If anything, your chair might be in the way of their spot, not the other way around!

What Should I Do to Keep My Dog from Sitting Under My Chair Too Often?

Peacefully sleeping puppy in dog bed

We know that your dog loves sitting under your chair, but you may not love it as much as they do. Having a clumsy dog crammed underneath the chair you sit at all day long while you try to be productive is a little distracting.

If you think your dog is clingy because of anxiety, you should take them to the vet. It’s normal for a dog to love you, but when that dependency begins to cause problems, you should get them some help.

You could also block off part of the chair they like to sit under with blankets or a piece of furniture. This will make it physically impossible for them to squeeze under you, so they’ll have to opt for sitting next to the chair. We imagine this will be a lot less disrupting.

Does your dog have a dog bed? They should!

Giving them a designated place to lay down and feel comfortable and safe will make under your chair look less appealing. You could even scoot the bed towards you so they don’t feel like you’re trying to push them away.

Woman cuddle her dog at her working desk

Finally, make sure your dog is getting enough affection when you aren’t working or sitting in their favorite chair. This will make it easier for them to give you the space you need. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and each one has their individual needs and desires, so take all that into account when providing for your pet.

Give them some good cuddle time on the sofa in the evening, or spend some time petting them before or after their morning walk before you start working. These small affectionate moments might be the difference between a dog under or next to your chair.

To Wrap Things Up

A dog sitting under you is probably annoying, but it’s just their way of telling you how much you mean to them. If anything, having them shove under your chair is a compliment and a testament to how well you’re doing, making them feel like they can trust you.

Be sure to look into getting them a bed or moving the one they already have closer to you. You should also keep an eye out for other anxiety symptoms and talk to your vet if these behaviors persist.

Good luck!