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Why Does My Cat Like Sitting Under My Chair?

Why Does My Cat Like Sitting Under My Chair?

Being a cat parent has its fair share of ups and downs.

One thing you are likely to observe is that they will occupy the better part of your life. From always wanting your attention to taking your place on the chair as soon as you get up, they make sure to be around you at all times.

It’s a constant struggle with you trying to figure out why your cat is doing what it’s doing.

If you have been with your cat for quite some time now, you must also have observed that your cat likes to sit under your chair. But why exactly do they do it?

Cats love comfort. So when they move towards sitting under your chair or even on your chair, it is because it makes them feel safe and comfortable.

They feel secure when they are near your presence and find your scent. So, when they see that you are spending most of your time sitting on your chair, there is no better spot than to nest underneath it.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the most confusing behaviors of cats, including why they sit under your chair.

Why Does My Cat Like Sitting Under My Chair?

Cat with cat behavior sign board

It is not always easy to guess why your cat is behaving a certain way. Cats often depict perplexing behaviors that’ll leave you scratching your head.

One thing we do know is that cats seek comfort and attention.

So, one of the most common reasons why you would often locate your cat resting under your chair is because they want to get your attention. Cats like to get petted and played with.

If you have raised your cat with affection and have been socialized, chances are they will seek out affection and human companionship more frequently in their lives.

Contrary to popular opinion, cats are great at exhibiting companionship, and sitting near you is their way to tell you that they love your company.

Cats also love being the center of everyone’s attention.

They want people’s lives to revolve around them. They love flaunting themselves and want to be fawned over. And sitting under a chair makes them believe that they will get the affection and attention that they deserve.

Signs That Tell if Your Cat Has Imprinted on You

Cat rubs against human leg

Cat parents often find themselves questioning whether their cat loves them or not; whether they are doing something out of love or simply because they are bored.

All cats have different personalities. While some cats will not shy from showing you love, others will play hard to get.

However, there are some behaviors that are commonly seen in cats when they want to show that they adore you. There is also a phenomenon called cat imprinting that will give you a clear indication whether your cat has chosen you.

Look out for the following signs that certify that your cat loves you:

  • They will frequently rub themselves against you.
  • They will always choose to stay in proximity to you by either being under your chair or sleeping beside you on your bed.
  • They will enjoy being held and cuddled by you.
  • They will follow you wherever you go, even the bathroom, and will wait for you at the door until you come out.
  • They will purr at you as a way of communicating their love and their need to get more attention from you.
  • Whenever you are around them, they will portray their excitement by jumping or playing around you.

Why Does My Cat Take My Spot as Soon as I Get Up?

Cat with woman wake up together

From a cat’s point of view, they love taking your spot as soon as you get up because the spot is warm, cozy, and smells exactly like you.

Wanting to stay in a place that smells like you is a sign of love and affection.

Your scent makes them feel secure and comfortable. They feel like they are being protected by and looked upon, even if you’re not physically around.

Cats also like to take your spot right after you get up because you leave the spot warm for them. Cats love hot settings more than cold ones. So, when they find the opportunity, they take advantage and snuggle themselves in the warm retreat.

A cat’s body temperature is relatively higher than a human’s.

It takes a lot of energy for them to keep themselves warm. So, if they happen to find a place that is prepared and left warm for them, there is no chance they will miss the opportunity.

Where you sit regularly is a familiar environment to your cat. So hopping onto it as soon as you get up is their way of marking their territory; that it is their place as much as it is yours.

When Should I Be Concerned About My Cat Taking My Spot?

Cat lying on chair in a modern room

There are a few signs that might indicate that something may not be right with your cat. If your cat’s behavior is not monitored, things might take an ugly turn.

#1. If your cat is depressed or mentally exhausted, they may end up sitting on your spot a little more than normal.

When they become depressed, they become more clingy and want to stay around you at all times. They chase your scent so that they feel reassured and close to you.

#2. For some cats, taking your spot is a sign of aggression or a display of destructive behaviors. This mostly happens when you have pampered your cat too much, and they seek your attention and take your spot as a way of getting rewarded.

#3. If your cat attacks you when you are trying to relocate them from your chair, it is a cue for you to keep their behavior under check and reduce their time and frequency of sitting on your spot.


By this time, you should know that whatever belongs to you also belongs to your cat. There is no getting away from this.

Your favorite spot to sit at will be as cherished by your cat as it is by you. It’s just your cat’s way of expressing how dear you are to them and how much they love staying around you.

So the next time you’re looking for your cat in the house, don’t forget to look where you were sitting, or take a peek under the chair you were sitting on.