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How to Keep my Office Chair Mat From Moving on Carpet?

Office chair mat

In today’s world, more of us are starting to work from home. It is convenient for you to have an office chair at home that allows you to roll around in your workspace with ease. With that being said, if you have the wrong chair mat on your carpet, your mat will roll around with you and your chair.

This can become an inconvenience as well as a potential accident waiting to happen. The mats can move around, flip, wrinkle and you will have to continuously readjust the mat, which wastes time and can cause harm to your muscles.

Today, we will share with you ways in which you can prevent your office chair mat from sliding around on your carpet. We will also enlighten you about which mat you should buy in the first place and why the mat might move around if you have the wrong one.

Which Mat Type Is Ideal For Carpets?

If you are just setting up your office, you should buy the correct office chair mat from the beginning. Keep in mind the thickness of your carpet as well as the size at which you want to be able to roll around. You can get mats that are designed for the different thicknesses of carpets.

The last thing you need to remember is that you want to buy an office chair mat that is made from high-quality material. Below are the three best material options to be used on carpets.

Polycarbonate mats

Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

This material is an outstanding overall choice for durability. These mats will last a long time and they are resistant to cracking as well as warping over time. If you plan on moving around a lot, polycarbonate mats will be your best bet.

Tempered glass mats

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat, 36"

Eco-conscious people tend to go for tempered glass mats. They are durable and eco-friendly as well. They do not warp and the color does not change over time. These mats tend to be heavy so they do not often move out of place.

They work well on carpets as well as hardwood floors.

Vinyl or PVC mats

Ilyapa Hardwood Chair Mat PVC Office Chair Mat

If you are on a budget, vinyl or PVC mats will be your best option. With that being said, they are the least durable out of all the options we have shared with you today. If you do not plan on moving around a lot on your chair, this is a safe option for you to choose.

Over time, these mats might become warped under your office chair if they have caster wheels on. These mats are also thinner and are best for low-pile carpets.

Why Do Mats Move Around On Carpets?

According to Mats4U, your office chair mat moves because of the carpet pile underneath your mat. Your mat will move in the direction that the carpet is moving below. As you walk or roll on the mat, the movement will transfer through the mat, to the carpet underneath.

With that being said, the longer and plusher your carpet pile, the more likely it is for the mat to move. You can experiment, slowly walk on your mat and watch how the carpet underneath the mat moves. Now imagine all that weight plus the weight of your office chair.

Your office chair mat tends to move more when you are dealing with plush mats that do not come with a rubber backing. Plush mats are soft on the surface and they tend to lack a support system on the back of the mat. The lack of support makes it hard for you to keep the mat in place when you walk or roll over the mat with your office chair.

How Can You Prevent Your Mats From Moving On Carpets?

There are several different things that you can do or buy to help keep your office chair mat in place on your carpet.

Choose an office chair mat that is designed for carpets

One of the easiest ways for you to ensure that your mat stays in place is to buy a mat that is designed for your specific type of carpet. Just like you would buy a yoga mat to do yoga, you should buy an office chair mat that is designed to work on carpets.

When you go buy your mat, read the label and description properly before you purchase it. Keep in mind the carpet that you have, the color of your carpet as well as the size of your workspace.

Make sure that the mat is made from good quality material

Even on a budget, buying low-quality mats will not work well for you. The thin and flimsy material that is used for the low-quality mats will creep up quicker and move around on your carpet.

Bad quality mats will also prevent your mat from protecting your carpet. Office chair mats are also meant to protect your carpet from damage and warping but bad quality material will damage your carpet. You will end up spending more money by replacing the cheap mats constantly.

Rather buy a high-quality mat from the start to help protect your carpet as well as ensure that your mat will not move out of place as much.

A non-slip backing will keep your mat in place

Kuyal Office Chair Mat for Carpets

Try to buy an office chair mat that has a built-in non-slip backing. This will help ensure that the mat will not move on your carpet. You can get a mat that has a layer of rubber on the back of the mat. This rubber strip should be enough to keep your mat in place.

Make sure that the rubber piece is safe to use on carpet as some of the backings can damage your carpet. Research the mat before you buy it to ensure that the mat will protect your carpet, stay secured and not damage the carpet in the long run.

Buy a gripper pad

A gripper pad is another great option for you to purchase to help keep your office chair mat in place. You can buy a mat-to-carpet gripper pad. All you need to do is simply place your gripper pad on your floor and place your chair mat over the top of the gripper.

Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper

You can then use your mat to trace the gripper pad and cut it to fit the underneath of your office chair mat. Remove your mat and add about an inch along each edge of the pad to ensure that the mat has enough grip to stay in place on your carpet.

Some grip pads come with an adhesive side. The adhesive side should be faced up so that it can stick to the back of your mat. Other gripper pads are made from a foam-like material which gives you extra stability on your carpet.

Buy gripper tape

Since gripper pads are manufactured on sheets and have specific sizes and dimensions, gripper tape is another product that you can buy without having to worry about the dimension and the size of your office chair mat.

Xtra Strong Double Sided Carpet Rug Gripper Tape

The gripper tape is ideal for someone who owns an office chair mat that is large and an unusual size. You can follow these steps to help place your gripper tape onto your office chair mat:

  1. Turn your chair mat so that the backside of the mat is facing upwards.
  2. Place your gripper tape along the length of your office mat and trim the tape around 3 inches shorter than your chair mat’s length.
  3. Place the adhesive side down against the backside of your mat.
  4. Pressure the gripper tape down against the mat and make sure to be gentle. You do not want to move the tape whilst you are trying to stick it.
  5.  Do steps 2-4 around the entire edge of the mat.
  6. Once all sides have gripper tape, turn your mat around and stick it onto your carpet. Make sure you place the mat where you want your chair to be placed.

Use something to weigh the mat down

A weight might seem like an obvious choice to keep your mat in place. You need to make sure that you find a weight that is heavy enough to keep your mat in place whilst still being small enough to avoid you from constantly tripping or falling over it.

With that being said, even though it is an obvious solution, it is a temporary option. The weight can cause an indent in your carpet after a while and can also damage your mat.

Keep the mat and your carpet clean

Washing your office chair mat is vital to your safety as well as to the integrity of your carpet. When your office chair mat begins to collect dust, sweat as well as grime from the outside environment, the mat becomes more susceptible to slipping on your carpet.

The dirt that collects will also start to stain the underneath of your carpet and could possibly start to collect mold over time.

Felt Rug Pads

Mohawk Home Ultra Premium All Surface Felt Rug Pad

Felt rug pads are designed to keep rugs in place on your carpet but that does not mean that they won’t work on your office chair mat as well. Felt rug pads are made from recycled plastic which means that it is more eco-friendly. This is a bonus in our eyes.

They are easy to find and will help keep your office chair mat in place.

Hot Glue

Hot glue is another cheap, quick fix that you can use to help secure your mat in place until you can get the right material. Hot Glue can work on most mat materials. You only need to be careful when adding the hot glue to mats that are made from plastic as the glue might be too hot and can burn through the plastic chair mat.

Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit

All you need to do is place hot glue around the edges of the backside of your mat. Make sure that there is a nice, thick layer of glue. Allow the glue to dry and then you can turn your mat around. Make sure you apply the glue over a piece of newspaper so that if you drip some hot glue, you do not get glue stuck to your carpet.

The glue will stop your mat from sliding around on your carpet. This is not an ideal solution but it can help your mat stay in place until you can get a proper grip for your mat.


Keeping your office chair mat in place on your carpet is an easy fix. You need to consider your budget as well as how long you plan on working in that space. It is always better for you to spend a bit more money, buy high-quality products that are durable, come with grips installed, and will last you a long time.

Ensure that your workspace is comfortable and that your office chair is set up correctly to ensure a healthy body and comfortable work environment.