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How to Cover a Peeling Office Chair?

How to Cover a Peeling Office Chair?

A good office chair can work wonders on your mood and your drive to finish your work.

So if your office chair cover is peeling and every move causes crumbs of leather to fall off, it can put a huge damper on your overall mood and productivity.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to cover a peeling office chair. You just need to apply leather paint or leather filler on the peeled-off spots.

Sounds easy right?

Well, if you want to know more about this, read on.

What things do I need to consider?

Before you can start restoring your peeling office chair, first assess the project at hand.

In particular, you have to assess the type of material you’re going to work on, the condition of your office chair, the color, and the leather finishing you’ll use.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Type of Material

Office Star Deluxe Vinyl Seat

Flaking or peeling often happens on leather and vinyl with a damaged finish. Depending on which material you’re working on, a different type of coating and finishing may be needed. In vinyl office chair covers, vinyl patches can be used instead of leather fillers.

Chair Condition

The peeling condition of office chairs varies. Some peel in large chunks due to sun damage. And other chairs peel in bits and pieces and due to usage. Whichever your case, you may need more or fewer materials to finish restoring your chair.

Leather color

Leather paint and fillers come in a variety of colors. Pick the stain that matches your office chair. If you wish to change the color of your leather, from dark to light or vice versa, you’ll need more coats of paint. This is generally discouraged as it ruins the integrity of the material.

Leather finishing

Leather finishing is primarily used to embellish and strengthen the leather. You can either apply a clear leather finish or a colored one. If you’re already satisfied with the leather color during your repair, then it’s better to use a clear finish. However, if you wish to completely cover the layers, go with a colored finish.

How do I cover a peeling office chair?

There are two ways to cover a peeling office chair. You can either use leather paint to cover the peeled-off patches or use a filler.

Leather paint is ideal for covering hairline cracks or small peeling patches. Leather filler, on the other hand, is better for larger patches since it gives your leather more integrity.

The process for both methods is largely similar.

They are outlined below.


Angelus Leather Paint 1 oz Light Brown

The first step in covering your peeling office chair is to gather all the necessary materials. Doing this saves time and ensures you can finish your task without any hassle. Some of the things you’ll need include:

  • (for the paint)
  • (for the filler)
  • or razor
  • Trash bag

After gathering your materials, you’ll need to remove all loose bits of leather. Use a pair of scissors or a razor to remove large patches of leather.

If some parts can’t be removed, use a soft cloth to wipe them off. Never skip this step since it’s essential in ensuring a nice smooth finish in your restoration.

Also, be very careful when peeling loose parts so you don’t peel off more layers than necessary.

Avoid mess, by having a trash can nearby for discarded leather pieces.


After you’re done with your preparation, it’s time to start with the repair.

Leather Paint

If you’re going to use leather paint, start applying a thin even coat over the peeled-off areas. It’s best to paint in one direction only for better results.

Start painting at the backs and sides first before painting the seat.

Again, make sure you’re using paint that matches the shade of your office chair leather. If there’s no exact match, you can mix swatches of paint until you achieve the right shade.

Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s direction before applying a second coat. Do this only if you think your first coating isn’t enough.

Leather Filler

If, on the other hand, you’re going to use leather filler do not attempt to fill up large areas at once.

Work on small sections at a time to ensure an even coating. Also, take note not to put fillers on intact areas of your office chair. This will result in a bumpy and uneven surface.

In case you’ve accidentally put too much leather filler on a specific spot, immediately rub it off with a dry cloth.

Similar to leather paint, you should start filling peeled-off areas from the back and sides and fill the seats last.

Let your leather filler cure according to the manufacturer’s direction before doing any touchups. You can also apply an additional coat of filler once the first layer has cured.


Once you’ve painted or filled the peeling cover of your office chair, it’s time to do some finishing.

Leather finishes preserve the appearance of your leather and make your restoration job last longer.

There are three types of leather finishes you can use – aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented finish.

Colourlock Aniline Leather Care Cream

Use an aniline finish if you don’t want to alter the natural texture and appearance of your leather. It’s just a clear coat.

Use a semi-aniline finish if you want to make the colors of your leather more uniform. This is great if you have small patches that do not match the overall color of your leather.

Use pigmented finish, on the other hand, if you want to cover your leather with a particular color and want to cover any roughness in your chair surface. Compared to aniline and semi-aniline finish, the result is a more synthetic-looking leather.

Whichever leather finishing you use will largely depend on the outcomes you want to achieve.

If you wish to learn more about covering a peeling office chair, this video can help.

LEATHER Chair REPAIR Before and After | FIX LEATHER for UNDER $25

How do I care for my office chair after?

After covering the peeling layers of your office chair, you want to ensure that your hard work doesn’t end up in vain. You want to ensure it lasts for a long time.

To achieve this, routinely wipe your office chair to remove remnants of oil and sweat on the surfaces. Use a soft cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals or disinfectants when you clean.

Use leather conditioner if possible.

Lastly, avoid placing your office chair in direct sunlight.

By following these tips, your office chair will definitely last for a long time.


Furmax Office Exectuive  Leather Chair

You don’t need to buy a new office chair every time its cover peels off.

Though the process takes time, covering peeled-off spots with paint or filler is a much more economical way to restore your office chair to its former glory.

So the next time you see peeling leather on your chair, don’t fret.

Just follow this guide. You won’t have to worry about peeling office chairs again.