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Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

We are always trying new and different ways to make our working hours more efficient, more fun, and more comfortable. One such office accessory that has claimed to make your life better is a standing desk.

In recent years, standing desks have become wildly popular not just for their health benefits but also for the comfort and flexibility in terms of how you can work. However, a major factor that keeps most of us from buying a standing desk is its price. Compared to other types of desks available in the market, standing desks are significantly more expensive.

But are they worth it? Do they prove beneficial for you in the long run? Do they affect your work negatively or positively?

Before you invest in a standing desk, it is important to consider a number of different factors that will probably be unique to you. The high cost of standing desks is majorly because of the production costs, quality of materials used, its design, as well as the additional features it may offer.

To make the most out of your purchase, here’s a handy guide to everything you must know about a standing desk.

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

While the price of a standing desk may come as quite a shock to you, the cost can largely be attributed to the design and materials used. Depending on its attributes, a suitable standing desk can cost anywhere between $500 to $2000. But there are many reasons for these desks being as expensive as are. Let’s take a look at some of them:

#1. Ergonomic Benefits

Woman working at a standing desk

Compared to conventional desks, a standing desk provides more ergonomic benefits. You get a lot of space to move around freely while keeping your body in an active state. They’re designed to help avoid sitting for long hours, thus also helping avoid back problems. With standing desks, you even have the option to exercise while you’re using your computer. So, whether you are using the desk for gaming or doing your late-hour research, they are more convenient than their conventional counterparts and thus more expensive.

#2. High Quality Build

Computer keyboard with quality check button

Each and every part of a standing desk, including the legs and surface, are made out of premium materials. This is especially true for its legs. As the legs of a standing desk are meant to stay stable and carry the entire weight of the desk, only the best quality materials go into making them.

#3. Adjustable Height

Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Usually, an electric motor is installed on the standing desk that allows you to adjust the desk’s height. This motor needs to be efficient enough to lift large weights. This feature is exclusive to standing desks and makes them pricier than standard desks.

#4. High Demand

A hand draw high demand low supply graphic chart

Considering the fact that our sedentary lifestyle has left many of us trying to find new ways to make ourselves more active and dynamic, it’s no wonder so many people are interested in standing desks. This consequently has led to a significant increase in demand for such desks. The rapid growth in demand has thus led the price of standing desks to skyrocket.

#5. Quality of Tabletops

Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk with Walnut Solid One-Piece Table Top

The majority of standing desks you find in the market tend to have laminated wood tabletops. This is where nearly half the price of the desk comes from. The tabletops need to be sturdy and durable. Some standing desks also have solid wood tabletops, in which case you can expect the price to be even higher.

#6. Additional Costs

a hand calculating cost with a calculator

If your standing desk has extra features such as a storage area for your cords or any pre-installed controls, the cost will of course be more.

And if you happen to order your desk online, chances are there will be various additional charges involved, which can significantly increase the original price of the desk. Shipping charges and assembly charges are the most common costs you should anticipate.

Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

Business woman working at Adjustable Height Standing Desk

If you are still uncertain about whether you should invest in a standing desk, here are a few benefits that may help you decide:

#1. Office chairs are meant to be sat on for several hours at a stretch. On some days, you don’t even get the time to move and stretch about. If you are someone who is particularly concerned about your health and wants to avoid gaining weight, a standing desk should be your next big purchase. It drastically minimizes the risk of gaining weight since you have a convenient option of keeping your body moving. Standing is considered better than sitting, so if you aim to monitor your weight and burn more calories, nothing is better than a standing desk.

#2. The more time you spend standing than sitting, the lesser your chances of developing a heart ailment. The more you avoid sitting for long hours, the less are your chances of developing diabetes, hormonal imbalances, or high cholesterol. A standing desk can help ensure your overall well-being.

#3. A bad sitting posture is the leading cause of back pain. And bad posture is typically the result of the long hours spent sitting on a chair at the workplace. A standing desk is a convenient option for addressing this problem. People with long-term back pain can observe a significant improvement within just a few weeks of using a standing desk.

Are Standing Desks Overpriced?

a hand writing price vs value on black board

For anyone who spends a large part of their day in front of a computer, a standing desk can be considered a necessity. Numerous studies have shown that sitting for several hours without taking sufficient breaks to move your body increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and can even impair mental health. Standing desks are an efficient solution to this.

However, their expensive price point cannot be overlooked. Although, the benefits they deliver may just be worth it.

So, when you have the proper budget for the desk and are ready to move through your work more actively and efficiently, make sure to add a standing desk to your shopping cart!

Are Standing Desks A Good Investment?

two people working at Standing Desk Height Adjustable

If you are looking to improve your overall health and work experience, a standing desk can be a worthy investment.

Standing desks can be regarded as a trendy alternative for people who want to turn their sedentary lifestyle into an active one. They are an excellent option for workplaces that promote activity and mobility in their employees. A standing desk can help you take care of your health without compromising the work hours you need to put in.

Final Words

A standing desk can have a direct impact on your overall health as well as boost productivity at work. A 2016 study that compared people who use traditional desks with those who use standing desks found a whopping 46% increased productivity in employees using a standing desk.

So, when something as basic as a desk can improve your work and efficiency while also keeping you healthy, you may want to overlook the price and make this investment.