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[Review] Serta Office Chair: The Most Comfortable One

[Review] Serta Office Chair: The Most Comfortable One

Are you sick of scrolling through Amazon and seeing so many office chairs? It just makes choosing so hard!

It would be so much easier to have a trusted brand come up with office chairs.

Here’s a surprise, Serta the award-winning #1 mattress manufacturer has their line of office chairs!

If Serta can make you comfortable in your sleep, they make you comfortable while you work.

Just make sure you don’t fall asleep on the job!


Who is the Serta Office Chair for?

I know you’re what’s on your mind, “My chair is fine, I don’t need an office chair.”

Well, the thing is, not every chair can allow you to sit all day long.

Try sitting on a stool for 8 hours and see how unbearably uncomfortable you will get.

So this is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their seat, which is all of us these days!

Serta office chairs will also be a great seat for those suffering from back problems.

Product lines and their features

You might be skeptical and think that a regular old chair isn’t any different.

What I like about their office chair products is that they come in one-of-a-kind designs.

All their chairs are also versatile. Whatever size you are, just adjust the height or tilt. Make it feel like it’s custom-fitted!

Thanks to the roller casters, you can also be mobile and move around in your office smoothly.

Best of all, everything is affordable. Splurging can be a deal-breaker when buying a good chair. Serta’s price range is for everyone.

Aside from these core features, each chair has a unique design. Just check out some of the Serta office chairs below!

1. Hannah office chair

Serta Hannah Executive Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow, Adjustable Ergonomic with...
  • MICROFIBER UPHOLSTERY: Add a comfortable and homey touch to any home office
  • SIGNATURE SERTA COMFORT: Swivel chair designed with a pillowed headrest and plush layered body pillows
  • CREATE AN INVITING SPACE: Velvet soft fabric and neutral colors create a welcoming feel

The first thing I noticed is the microfiber upholstery.

Microfiber is said to be easy to clean up, cat scratch-proof, and won’t wear down easily.

Messes aren’t going to be a problem for you. Coffee stains can be cleaned up in a jiffy.

For that plush experience, this chair also has the signature Serta comfort.

The pillowed headrest and plush cushioning make this one of the coziest seats in their catalog.

And with 6 colors to choose from, you can match it to your office aesthetic!

One downside is that some customers claimed that some seams ripped. Thankfully, the 1-year warranty can help you out with that!

Don’t forget, all their chairs are adjustable and mobile.

So overall, this chair offers plenty for such an affordable price.

2. Leighton office chair

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair with Memory Foam, Height-Adjustable Desk Accent Chair with...
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: Home office chair adds a touch of Twill Fabric elegance to your workspace
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Memory foam seat with pocket coils delivers renowned Serta comfort
  • GREAT FOR WORK OR PLAY: Helps keep you comfortable and relaxed whether you’re working or kicking back

Get ready to achieve the Pinterest office design of your dreams!

This is the perfect match for a stylish, elegant, and modern design.

But it isn’t just a pretty chair, it also has the signature Serta comfort.

The memory foam with pocket coils makes it feel like heaven in a chair.

Four color options also give you choices to match your color palette. No need to worry about clashing colors!

But most of all, assembly does not require any tools at all!

One negative point that a customer pointed out is that there is no lumbar support from this chair. To be fair, this wasn’t a feature mentioned for this product.

But if you love this chair, you can make it more comfortable. Pick cushions for lumbar support here!

That being said, this is a shining product in their collection.

With the beautiful design, it’s not just a seat, it’s a centerpiece.

3. Ashland ergonomic chair

Serta Ashland Ergonomic Home Office Chair with Memory Foam Cushioning Chrome-Finished Stainless...
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: A seamless combination of chic design and enhanced comfort
  • SIGNATURE SERTA COMFORT: Memory foam cushions in the seat and arms keep you comfortable and supported
  • FITS YOUR SPACE: Height-adjustable settings are great for a variety of users and work spaces

Elegance seems to be a running theme with the Serta office chairs.

The Ashland chair isn’t any different. With the stylish and chic aesthetic, how can you not want it in your workspace?

I’m sure your workmates will be drooling in envy if you get this gorgeous seat.

But aside from being a pretty piece of furniture, it’s also comfortable thanks to the memory foam cushioning.

You might already know it but memory foam is one of the best cushions out there.

It can conform to your shape and gives you the support you need.

For more details on why memory foam is awesome, read here!

There are also 6 mod color choices making it a dream for designers. Each one is neutral enough to fit in any office setting.

Another highlight is its 250lb-support. For such a compact chair, this can prop you up like a boss!

The majority of customers loved this office chair. But some did complain about how their cushion didn’t keep its form.

But don’t worry because this is a quick and easy fix.

I would suggest making this chair more comfortable with additional cushions and a back pillow.

4. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Ergonomic for Lumbar Support Task...
  • PROFESSIONAL AND COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic desk chair with layered body pillows and padded armrests. Min/Max Seat...
  • AIR LUMBAR TECHNOLOGY: Lumbar cushions pivot when you move to provide back support and help improve posture
  • EXECUTIVE STYLE: Bonded leather with contrast stitching.Material of Frame:Wood

Suffering from back pain?

Let’s soothe your worries with this chair.

You can feel the ergonomic design in this chair. So lay back and feel pampered with the layered cushioning.

Plus, it isn’t just soft, it also offers the lumbar support you need.

When you have this chair, it’s easier to sit up straight and avoid slouching.

And in true Serta fashion, this design didn’t sacrifice elegance for comfortability.

It’s also sleek and cool because of the faux-leather and mesh combination.

I imagine that this would be a gorgeous addition to a man cave!

There are 2 designs perfectly fitted for different people.

One is the executive design that can fit bigger people. If you’re tall, you can finally lean back without feeling like the chair is going to tip over!

And of course, the mid-back option is available if you think the executive is too big. You can say “This chair is just right!”

Again, there are 6 color options. Pick one to reflect your taste and personality.

One buyer did say that the craftsmanship isn’t the best but it isn’t noticeable from a distance.

Nonetheless, this chair has retained great ratings from most buyers.

At the end of the day, I think I would feel pampered in this chair even after work!

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How to use?

Adjusting these chairs is quite simple.

There are only 2 simple mechanisms here: the lever for height and the knob for tilt.

To adjust the height, pull it up to go down while seated. While slightly standing, pull it up to make it higher.

If you want to adjust the tilt setting, sit on your chair, and find the tension knob under your seat.

Simply push the knob to tilt your seat forward or back. If it’s forward, it can help you to pay attention to what you’re working on, while pushing it back can help you relax.

Office Ergonomics - Adjusting Your Chair

Customer Service/User Reviews

If you’re in doubt about checking out, there’s one thing that can help you make up your mind.

Have you guessed it? That’s right, it’s the customer reviews.

It helps you to know more about the quality of the products.

Most of all, it can help you avoid the regret of purchasing something.

One thing in common with the Serta office chairs is the high ratings from customers.

The main things customers loved are its easy assembly, affordability, and good quality.

There aren’t many negative reviews, but some have talked about how their chairs didn’t last long.

If this happens to you, it’s important to reach out to the seller and get that warranty!

Overall, with many satisfied customers, the quality is consistent.

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Anytime I’m looking into Amazon for furniture, I get taken aback!

So many choices. So many designs. So many products.

It just gets frustrating.

If you like Serta but think that you want a more simple design, Tempur-Pedic TP9000 is the office chair for you.

Tempur-Pedic TP9000 Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Executive Chair; Black
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • Task chair is a smart addition to any office space
  • Black mesh upholstery allows air to circulate

Tempur-Pedic is also a company that specializes in mattresses. So I do trust their expertise in the comfort department.

You can read more about the Tempur-Pedic chair here.

You might be telling yourself that you like Serta, but you wished it had more features.

Or maybe, you want a chair that can be adjusted more.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like!

This is why there are different products for different people.

There are many companies in the market that make office chairs. All these brands have their unique touch and designs.

If you’re looking for more adjustable features, you should try out gaming chairs. One I would recommend is the Ficmax gaming chair!

Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair for Gaming, Reclining High...
  • Fits Your Style: Tilt, rock or swivel, adjust at your own pleasure.
  • Premium Quality Material: Dirt & fade resistant PU leather & 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam.
  • Built to Last: Complete metal framework & Heavy duty wheelbase. Class 4 hydraulic piston (Max capacity: 350 LB).

To name a few unique elements, it has a cool racer design not found in office chairs.

The footrest feature also lets you put your feet up after a hard day’s work!

But that’s not all you can get from this chair. Just read on here and prepare to be impressed!


Overall, when it comes to comfort, Serta knows what they’re doing.

They’ve been doing it for years and years!

Their mobility and versatility make you feel more relaxed while you work, even under stress!

But above all, these are gorgeous chairs.

They are perfect for those who are artistic and want a modern and stylish office.

Aside from the few negative reviews in between, the majority of customers are enjoying their Serta office chairs!

Let’s cut it short here, everything is affordable, decent quality, versatile, and mobile!