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How To Fix a Flat Office Chair Cushion?

How To Fix a Flat Office Chair Cushion?

Prolonged sitting is the perfect recipe for various health complications as well as posture problems. So, if you are someone who spends a good amount of time seated at your desk, then you are already aware that a comfortable (preferably ergonomic) chair is a must.

But you must also know that you can’t just get any chair. You would not want to sit on a flat and hard wooden chair for over 6 hours, would you? That is why a well-designed office chair is highly recommended to boost comfort and support.

Since office chairs come with seat cushions, you can sit more comfortably with good posture, which will prevent you from experiencing any chronic pain in the long run.

Why do my office chair cushions go flat?

my office chair cushions go flat
Like any other object that is frequently used, the cushions of an office chair will eventually degrade and develop sink areas. If your office chair uses low-quality foam, then the loss of shape and resiliency might be quicker than others.

Usually, an office chair’s cushions will go flat after two or three years of daily use. Another factor in your office chair cushion going flat is that it has accumulated excess moisture, which significantly affects the quality of your cushions.

More often than not, it is almost impossible for office chair cushions to return to their original dimensions. If you are starting to notice signs of sagging or wrinkling on your cushion cover, it is an indication to fix or replace it.

How to fix a flat foam cushion?

We understand that replacing your office chair because its foam cushion has become flat is going to be pricey and probably unnecessary for some. However, you should also not ignore the discomfort and pain your body is telling you.

With that said, do not worry because there are several ways to fix your flat foam cushion and bring back the comfort it once gave.

Inside the dryer

placing the office chair under the sun
A simple and inexpensive method to bring back the plumpness of your foam cushion is by placing it in a dryer for 15 minutes to half an hour. Another alternative is to place them under the sun for around three hours while flipping each side every hour and a half.

With these methods, the accumulated moisture in the cushions will dry out, allowing the cushions to puff back up.

Fiberfill Method

Fairfield Poly Fil Premium Fiber Fill, 32-Ounce

If you want a soft and cozy feeling when sitting on your office chair, then you may want to consider using fiberfill. Since fiberfill is usually mixed with feathers or foam, your chair can easily achieve that cloud-like you desire. Here’s how:

Removing the cushion 

If your chair does not have a zipper, use a seam ripper and pick open the seam on the back edge of the cushion. Remove the foam core from the cushion cover.

Laying out the fiberfill 

On a flat surface, spread a sheet of fiberfill. Place the foam on top of one of the sheet’s corners, with the rear edge of the foam flush with one of the fiberfill’s edges.

One of the foam’s sides must be flushed with the fiberfill’s side.

Pin the fiberfill to the cushion at the edges. Fold the fiberfill sheet up and over the foam’s front edge. Make a mark on the fiberfill and then cut it straight across. Be careful not to cut the cushion itself.

Applying adhesive 

Use a  and spray on the perimeter of the top surface and front edges of the foam. Make sure you avoid spraying on the center of the material.

Wait for around 10 seconds, then turn the fiberfill over and carefully roll it onto the foam, keeping the edges flush.

Wait for five minutes for the adhesive to dry before flipping the cushion and starting over the process.

Finishing up 

After applying the fiberfill, your cushion should be wrapped across the top and bottom sections of the cushion. The backside, left, and right edges should be unwrapped.

Once the adhesive has fully dried, you can now stuff your new cushion back into your seat.

Add more cushions to your chair

WAOAW Seat Cushion, Office Chair Cushions for Desk Chairs

If you feel that inserting some fiberfill is still not enough to achieve the level of comfort you require, then another method to consider is by adding more cushions to your chair. Adding support seat cushions to your office chair can strategically reduce back pain and improve posture.

Seat cushions are designed to fit the curves of your body and help support your spine’s curvature. It is highly recommended to opt for memory foam cushions since it does not degrade or sag easily.

Furthermore, memory foam easily molds to the shape of your body, which will not require you to make constant adjustments.

On the other hand, since memory foams do retain body heat and you are someone who sweats easily, then try looking into . Gel cushions are lightweight, durable, and welcome air circulation to reduce sweating. If you want to feel optimal comfort, then  offer the best support.

How to Prevent Office Chair Cushion from Flattening?

Although your office chair cushion will inevitably flatten over time, there are a few ways we can slow this degradation down. Let’s take a look at some of those ways now:

Vacuum your cushion regularly

vacuum an office chair cushion regularly
Dust buildup on your office chair cushion will negatively affect its puffiness over time. To prevent dust from making its way inside your cushion and accumulating there, vacuum your seat at least once a month.

Keep your cushion dry 

Moisture is perhaps one of the worst enemies of a soft puffy cushion. To enjoy a soft, comfy office chair for years, make sure that it’s kept away from moisture at all times. Use a water-resistant seat cover if you have to.

Keep pets away

keep pets away from your office chair cushion
Sadly, our furry friends aren’t going to help us maintain a plump office chair cushion. In fact, allowing them to sleep on our office chairs will cause the cushion to deteriorate much quicker.

Not only because they can sleep in one position for a long time, thus leaving pressure points on the cushion, but also because their body oils can seep into the cushion.

Final Thoughts

Comfort is an important key factor to your work productivity. How would you focus on your tasks ahead if you keep on getting distracted by your neck pain and lower back pains?

Sure, there are a bunch of office chairs out in the market, but only a few of them are actually equipped with the level of comfort your body needs.

Hence, if you want to make your working hours a bit more bearable, then investing in a high-quality office chair will be your best move.