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Can you take a chair on an airplane?

Can you take a chair on an airplane?

The biggest hurdle that comes our way when we are traveling is what and what not to pack. Among the many items that go into our luggage, packing a chair is likely to cause confusion.

You can take a chair on an airplane just like any other piece of luggage. You can pack small, foldable chairs in your suitcase and take the bigger ones as a carry-on.

However, some airlines have different luggage rules, so make sure to check with them before you decide to take your chair on a plane.

In this article, find out how safe it is to carry your chair on the plane, what type of chairs you can travel with, and what items airlines do not allow you to take.

Can You Take A Chair On An Airplane?

airplane luggage

Yes, you can take a chair on an airplane. 

Different airlines have different rules when it comes to the weight and the size of the luggage they allow you to carry. So, if you want to take a chair, ensure that you are complying with the rules laid out by the airlines you are traveling with.

Most airlines allow you to carry standard-sized chairs or portable chairs that do not take up much space, only if you are carrying the chair as a piece of carry-on luggage. At the same time, some airlines are strict about bulky chairs as they may cause hindrance to other passengers.

Airlines that allow you to carry chairs, allow it as carry-on luggage as well as inside your checked baggage.

If the weight of your baggage exceeds the weight that the airline permits, you may have to pay extra charges. The best way to avoid this is to reduce the items you carry in your bag so that the chair can fit into your luggage easily, within the permissible weight.

To sum it all up, which chairs you can carry on a plane depends on the exclusive rules laid out by every airline.

Which Kind Of Chair Can I Take On An Airplane?

take any kind of chair on an airplane

You can take any kind of chair on an airplane, as long as it satisfies the guidelines that the airlines have set.

Ensure that your chair is portable, safe, and isn’t likely to cause harm or danger. Avoid chairs with sharp edges, and make sure to pack the chairs firmly and securely in your luggage.

Can You Take A Lawn Chair On A Plane?

take a lawn chair on a plane

If the size and the weight of your lawn chair meet your airline’s rules and guidelines, you can take a lawn chair on a plane.

Some airlines might allow you to carry a chair that exceeds their weight and size limit after some extra charges.

Most airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines allow checked baggage that does not exceed 62 inches and carry-ons that do not exceed 9 inches.

Ensure that the chair is not sharp or too big. It should not take up too much space on the plane or cause danger to any passenger.

What Items Can’t Be Taken On A Plane?

prohibited items on board

Airplanes prohibit passengers from bringing along any item that poses a threat to security or is potentially dangerous or harmful.

Make sure to check your airline’s guidelines for the list of items that are allowed and not allowed on a plane.

Here is a list of a few items, as per the recent guidelines of TSA, that is not allowed on an airplane.

  • Loaded firearms, gun powder, and flares are prohibited in both checked luggage and carry-ons. Airlines may allow unloaded guns packed in a tight container, gun lighters, parts of a firearm or any ammunition, starter pistols, and gun replicas in checked baggage, but the rule will vary across airlines.
  • You can only keep self-defense items like pepper sprays, nightsticks, and martial art weapons and tools in checked baggage and not in carry-ons.
  • You may keep tools that measure seven inches or less in carry-on luggage. You can only carry tools like hammers, axes, and drills in checked baggage.
  • All kinds of explosives are prohibited on the plane. You can neither keep them in your carry-ons nor in your checked luggage.
  • Sharp items that have blades longer than 4 inches are prohibited in carry-on bags. You must wrap and secure any small, sharp object in your carry-on.
  • You can only carry liquids in less than 3.4 ounces bottles and must keep them inside a quart-size zip-top bag.

Please check the official TSA website for the latest updates on items that airlines allow as well as those that are banned before you pack your luggage and head to the airport.


Can you take a chair on an airplane? Absolutely.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you can carry your chairs with you on a plane. You can take any kind of chair with you—a foldable camp chair, beach chair, desk chair, or even a battery-powered chair.

To avoid getting into trouble while you are checking in and boarding your flight, be mindful of the things that you can take along and things that you cannot.

Make sure to check with your airline about the luggage weight and the number of items they allow each person to carry on. This will make your travel hassle-free, smooth, and free from any security concerns.