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What Size Aeron Chair Should I Get?

What Size Aeron Chair Should I Get?

For many office workers, whether you’re currently working in the office or your home, one of the things we need is a comfortable chair to use.

You don’t want something too soft that it feels like it’s engulfing you, and you don’t want something so hard that your butt falls asleep while you work.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has been around for decades, and there’s a reason why it is one of the most highly recommended ergonomic office chairs. It is designed to promote proper sitting posture to keep users productive and comfortable even with prolonged usage.

Because one size does not fit all, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair comes in three sizes to accommodate the various body types and heights of consumers.

Aeron Chair Sizes

: Size A – Small, Size B – Medium, and Size C – Large.

People sitting on Herman Miller Aeron Chair and discussing with each other

The Aeron Chair in Size A is 38.5 inches tall, 26 inches wide, and has a depth of 16 inches.

This variant weighs 40 lbs and can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. Size A is recommended for people petite women and children.

Size B comes as a measurement of 41 inches in height, 27 inches in width, and a depth of 75 inches.

It weighs 41 lbs and has a maximum capacity of 350 lbs. The Aeron Chair in Size B is the most popular size used in offices because it can accommodate a wide range of people’s heights and weights.

Size C measures 43 inches tall, 28.25 inches wide, and has a depth of 18.5 inches.

It weighs 43 lbs and has a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs. The Size C is recommended for really tall people.

What Size Aeron Chair Should I Get?

Herman Miller offers a size chart that will help consumers choose which size to get according to their height and weight.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair Size B in office

For people who weigh 90 to 130 lbs and are between 4’10” to 5’2” tall, Herman Miller recommends getting the Size A.

For people who are 160 to 350 lbs, with a height between 5’5” to 6’6”, Size B is the recommended size.

Meanwhile, Size C is recommended for people weighing 260 to 350 lbs with a height of 5’3” to 6’6”.

But what if you’re in between sizes? Which Aeron Chair size should you get?

For people who weigh 140 to 150 lbs, with a height of 5’3” to 5’4”, you can either get the Size A or B. For those who weigh 155 to 255 lbs, with a height between 5’3” to 6’6”, you can get either a Size B or C.

To know if you need to get the smaller or bigger size, it would be best to try it out in person to find which size suits you best.

Did I Get the Right Aeron Chair Size?

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair with Headrest in office

Not all people know that Aeron Chairs come in different sizes. If you have bought one and feel uncomfortable in it, you might have gotten a size not suited for your body type.

To know the size of your Aeron Chair, look at the back and locate the Herman Miller logo. It is on the plastic overhang at the upper portion of the backrest.

Feel underneath the flap. You will be able to feel a bump or bumps.

If you feel one bump, you have a Size A. Two bumps mean a Size B, and three bumps mean a Size C.

For visual reference, better check out this video.

How to Tell the Size of Your Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Crandall Office Furniture

How Should an Aeron Chair Fit?

The Aeron Chair has many moving parts that allows users to customize the height of the chair, the back support, the tilt, the height and angle of the armrest, and more.

But despite all these adjustable mechanisms, there are some things you should keep in mind when you’re adjusting or buying your Aeron Chair.

When you’re on your Aeron Chair and sitting with your back to the backrest, your feet should still be able to lay flat on the floor. The position of your thighs should be parallel to the floor and the legs are a bit slanted.

If you are short, your feet should not be dangling around when you’re properly seated.

The depth of your seat pan can also affect your comfort. Using an Aeron Chair with a big seat pan can result in discomfort as it could hit the back of your legs or knees.

If the seat is too short, the lip of the seat could dig under your thighs. For tall people, your knees should not be higher than your hips.

Can I Use a Bigger Aeron Chair?

The most commonly bought size of the Aeron Chair is the Size B, as it fits a huge range in terms of height and weight. It can accommodate people weighing 140 to 350 lbs with a height range between 5’3” to 6’6”.

Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Mineral

For people who are in between sizes, there is a notion that they should get a bigger size. But for the Aeron Chair, that is not always the case.

Take, for example, a person who weighs 190 lbs and has a height of 5’1”.

If only the height is considered, the person should get a Size A. If the weight is considered, they should go for the Size B.

Most people will probably choose Size B because they are considering their weight.

However, if they get the bigger size, they risk not being able to sit properly because the chair might be too tall for them. Or the depth of the seat is too big, so that the lip of the chair digs into the back of their knees or legs.

You should remember that Size A has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, and Sizes B and C have a capacity of 350 lbs max. So if your weight is in between sizes, don’t forget to consider your height and how you would feel sitting on it.

Wrapping Up

When purchasing an Aeron Chair, you should remember that it comes in three sizes: A, B, and C.

To know which size to get, you should know your weight and height.

Petite people and kids are usually comfortable using the Aeron Chair in Size A. Size C is usually recommended for people who are quite tall. Meanwhile, Size B suits most people.

It is important to choose the right size Aeron Chair, as it would determine if you will be comfortable in it.

Getting one that is too small or too big for your body type would mean discomfort, and you will not be able to get the most out of its adjustable features.