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What Is the Office Chair From Batman v Superman?

What Is the Office Chair From Batman v Superman?

Those of you with a keen eye for interior design undoubtedly spotted the amazing-looking office chair in the movie Batman vs. Superman. The sci-fi inspired chair is actually one that is available to purchase by the general public, so you are in luck!

This specific chair is created and sold by a company called RFM Seating. The model is the Verte, but the specific model seen in the movie has been replaced by a newer one. There seems to be a few online retailers that still have some in stock from time to time, so be sure to check around!

RFM Seating Verte Chair

This chair is the epitome of a high-end seat. It has all the bells and whistles of other top tier office chairs on the market, but it even takes it one step further.

Let’s take a look at what makes it great, and why the design is only a part of what makes this chair unique.

Leather Seat

All of the cushioned parts of the chair are wrapped in a full grain leather. This is going to give you the high end feel you would expect from a chair at this price point, and a great compliment to the metal components that are the real eye catchers here.

The neck rest and armrests are also covered in the same leather. This gives you total comfort from top to bottom, and keeps the continuity of design to give it a beautiful look.

Back Support

Using the Verte Chair: The Ergonomic "Spine"

The main thing you would have noticed about this chair from the film are the eleven aluminum back supports that span the entire back piece. They are certainly eye-catching, and something that is going to appeal to many people but could put others off.

These back support pieces are spring loaded to provide a comfortable sitting experience. No matter if you like to lean way back, or sit up very straight, these back supports are going to keep your posture right and keep you healthy.


RFM Verte - Executive Ergonomic Chair with Silver Frame

All high end office chairs have a ton of adjustable options, and the Verte is no different. There are three levers beneath the seat so you can easily adjust the height and tilt of the chair. When combined with the back support mentioned before, your back will be thanking you.

The adjustments don’t stop there, however, as the chair also features a fully adjustable neck rest on the top. Combine that with the adjustable armrests (also padded), and you have a fully customizable high end office chair to die for.

The spine support pieces are adjustable and lock into your specific sitting style to hold your body in the perfect position at all times. The seat can also slide forward and back to make sure your posture is just right to give you the best sitting experience possible.

Verte Chair in Batman vs. Superman

While the Verte chair is the base of the one seen in the movie, there were definitely modifications made. However, the eye-catching part of the chair remained the same (the cool spine looking back supports).

We catch a glimpse of the chair at the lake house/bat cave area when Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is checking out some monitors on his desk. Here we get a good full look at the chair, and we can see exactly what the differences are.

The Base

The chair in the movie has a completely different base than the consumer model. They added a more thin metal frame on the bottom with large skate style wheels. This gives it a more modern look, and removes the “this is an office chair” feel from it completely.

Back Cushion

The biggest modification made to the chair is the removal of the padding and leather from the back portion of the chair. This leaves only the skeletal back support on it giving it the amazing look that caught everyone’s attention when the movie released.


The armrests on the Verte chair are thick and padded. In the movie, they removed this padding and leather material and extended the top of the rest to make them longer. The new, longer and thinner armrests match much better with the thin base that was added.

Neck Rest

While the neck rest itself looks pretty much identical, they created a black cover to go over the metal arm that holds it in place. This bulked out the top and gave it that Batman look they were going for on the set.


Now you know all there is to know about this awesome chair. You can also pick one up for your home office if you feel so inclined, or if you just want to let your inner Batman out from time to time. You will need Bruce Wayne’s wallet though, because this chair is certainly not cheap.