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How To Take The Tray Off An IKEA Antilop High Chair?

How To Take the Tray Off An IKEA Antilop High Chair?

The IKEA Antilop High Chair is a popular high chair option for your little one. Many people love the chair but have one complaint: how difficult it is to remove the tray.

To remove the tray, you must disengage the clips on the bottom of the tray. The two outermost clips are the toughest. Once you pull those back, the tray should come off quickly.

We will describe how to get the tray off, adjust the legs, and clean the high chair in more detail below.

How To Take the Tray Off an IKEA Antilop High Chair?

To get the tray off, you must disengage the clips on the bottom of the tray. The following is a YouTube video demonstrating how to do this: 

Ikea highchair tray removal - reason explained

The tray has four clips on the bottom that connects to the base of the high chair. The two in the middle are flexible. The two on the ends are less flexible but can be pulled back.

There are two common ways that you can remove the tray:

  • Use brute force
  • Use the front edges of the tray

The first method to take the tray off is to use enough force to pull the end clips back. Pulling on the two end clips will disengage them from the base. You can then pull the tray up and out.

The other method is to use one of the front edges of the tray. Using this method it is best to hold one edge of the tray with one hand and use your other hand to pull the clip up on the same side. As you pull the edge of the tray, also pull the clip open.

This process should disengage the tray allowing you to pull the tray out. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating this process:

Easy IKEA tray removal!

With the last method we mentioned, you can also pull on one of the end clips on the bottom to make it easier to pull off.

Some people have found it so difficult to pull the tray off that they have found a hack. One way to make the process easier is by cutting off the back end of the two-end clips. This will make it easier for them to pull back when removing the tray.

If you’re struggling to picture how to do this, check out this YouTube video for this hack:

EASIEST tray removal hack for IKEA Antilop high chair!!

Removing the tray makes cleaning the tray easier. Many people put it in the sink to clean it off, and some people even use the dishwasher.

How Do You Remove the Legs of an IKEA Antilop?

The legs are secured to the base of the high chair with a peg locking mechanism. The pegs stick out of the legs and fit into holes in the bottom of the high chair. Once the pegs are secured through the holes, they lock into place.

To take the legs out, you have to push the peg inward as you pull the leg out. Each leg is locked into place independently, so each one has to be removed one at a time.

Ikea ANTILOP Highchair with Tray [White]Removing the legs on the IKEA Antilop is a reasonably straightforward process.

There are several reasons someone might want to remove the legs. The most common reasons people remove IKEA Antilop legs are:

  • Cleaning the legs,
  • Replacing the legs, or
  • Changing the look of the legs.

The following is a YouTube video to help you visualize how to do this.

How to assemble, use and disassemble the High Chair.

How Do You Clean an IKEA Antilop?

To clean an IKEA Antilop High Chair, you must first remove several pieces. 

The first part you want to clean is the dirtiest – the tray. Remove the tray by pulling the front of the tray while pulling one of the outer clips. Once you remove the tray, you can start cleaning it.

Ikea ANTILOP Highchair with Tray [White]Most people will take it to the sink and wipe it down with water and dish soap. Some people have found a way to fit it into a dishwasher. However you decide to clean it, it should be as easy to clean as it is cleaning your pots and pans.

The legs can also be removed by simply pushing in the metal peg on the leg and pulling the peg down. Once these are removed, you can wipe them down with water and dish soap.

The Antilop comes standard with no padding. If it does not have padding, you should be able to use a rag with water and dish soap to wipe the frame down.

The entire frame is plastic, so you can wipe all of this down with water and dish soap. You can also place the seat as a whole in a dishwasher for easier cleaning.

If you want to disinfect the pieces, you can use a Clorox wipe or something similar once you have washed and wiped it down.

The following is a YouTube video demonstrating how to disassemble and clean all of the pieces:



The IKEA Antilop is a cost-effective, stylish option for your child’s high chair.

Removing the pieces is a relatively straightforward process, making cleaning easy.

The most challenging piece to get off is the tray, but it will come off with no problems with a little force. And don’t worry about how much force you need to pull the tray off. The Antilop is strong, and you will not break it.

The legs are easily removed by pushing the peg or button and pulling them off.

The hardest part about cleaning is taking it apart, but it does not have to be too difficult. You only need water and dish soap to clean and wipe down the entire high chair.

Most of it is also dishwasher safe!

We hope this helps with any concerns about taking the high chair apart or cleaning it!