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Can You Add A Footrest To A Gaming Chair?

Can You Add A Footrest To A Gaming Chair?

Having a good chair with your gaming setup is a worthwhile investment. You want a seat that is comfortable for both short and long gaming sessions.

Once you sit down, you want to feel like your body is fully supported by your chair.

Gaming chairs are always on board with ergonomics to keep you comfortable. Most will have lumbar support, headrest pillows, armrests, and other comfort elements to help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Having a footrest with your gaming chair is an added luxury that most chairs do not come standard with.

However, some brands and models will have the option for you to add one at a later date if you choose.

If your gaming chair does not have an option for a built-in footrest to be added, you can always use a separate footrest or ottoman while sitting in your gaming chair to get a similar or even better result.

The benefit to an entirely separate footrest is that you can choose the distance from the chair that it sits, and can also determine which part of your leg gets the most support.

Can You Add a Footrest to a Gaming Chair?

Some brands of gaming chair, such as GTRacing, will come with an included footrest that you can install yourself. These footrests are normally concealed under the seat of the chair, and can be pulled out when you decide to use it.

Black GTRACING Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Footrest Office Executive

If you would like to see a short and detailed review of the GTRacing gaming chair with footrest, be sure to check out this video. Here you will see exactly where the footrest is installed and how far it pulls out.

GTRacing Gaming Chair With Pull Out Footrest! Is It Any Good???

This may give you a visual idea of whether or not a footrest will work for you.

Gaming chair footrests are simple to install, and only take two to four bolts to secure them to the bottom of the chair. They slide in and out for use with ease, and are great for all-night gaming sessions as well as any work you may need to do while at the computer.

A few brands of gaming chair will include model-specific footrests that match the color and material the rest of the chair is made off. Other brands and models will have separate footrests you can purchase and install at a later date.

These aftermarket footrests may not match the color and material exactly, but are just as easy to install and provide the same comfort when being used.

How Do You Use a Footrest on a Gaming Chair?

Red RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair with Footrest

If you happen to have a gaming chair that includes a built-in footrest, you will notice that the footrest does not pull out from the chair very far.

In fact, depending on your height and leg length, the short distance the footrest is from the chair may not add the level of comfort you were hoping for.

For many individuals, this smaller footrest may work perfectly for supporting their legs. For others, it may feel somewhat lacking.

If the distance the footrest pulls out from the chair is not providing the comfort you had hoped for, changing your sitting position may help, such as sitting at an angle or sitting cross-legged.

Different sitting positions can not only better utilize a smaller footrest, but may also provide more comfort when using gaming controllers, tablets, and phones.

Using a footrest on a gaming chair is just as easy as using the other ergonomic features. You may have some choice in the adjustment of the footrest, depending on the brand of gaming chair you own.

Once you recline your chair back, the footrest will help balance out your body weight and keep you from tipping backwards. This also provides an excellent spot for quick naps during a long workday or exhausting gaming night.

Is a Footrest on a Gaming Chair Worth It?

In many cases, yes!

Having a footrest on a gaming chair is great for longer gaming sessions where keeping your feet on the floor can lead to discomfort and potential health concerns.

LEMBERI Video Game Chairs with footrest

The longer your feet are on the floor, the less circulation you have throughout your body and the more fluid can build up in your feet and ankles.

This fluid buildup can lead to foot and ankle pain, lower leg swelling, cold feeling skin due to lack of proper circulation, and more. Additionally, if you have other health issues such as diabetes, poor circulation in the legs can lead to permanent damage to small blood vessels as well as nerves.

However, for some people, a footrest with a gaming chair is not always as comfortable as they had hoped. For example, with some desks, it may be difficult to fully enjoy a footrest due to limited space for your legs to stretch out.

For others, investing in a chair with a footrest is a great way to add an extra layer of comfort and relaxation to your computer time.

Whether you are gaming or working, being able to stretch out and recline in your gaming chair for a quick nap can be a great boost to productivity throughout the day.


Whether you choose to invest in a gaming chair that has a built-in footrest, or are simply adding a separate footrest to use with your existing gaming chair, it all comes down to your personal preference.

A footrest may be the perfect addition to your chair to help make your time at the computer comfortable, ergonomic, and healthy as well. But a footrest can also be a problem if you have a smaller area for your computer and bump your toes when reclining.

Regardless of your choice in using a footrest or not, always be sure to get up and move around at least once an hour to ensure proper blood flow throughout your body.

This can help make even long gaming sessions much more comfortable and healthy for you.