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How To Sleep In Your Office Chair Comfortably (And Don’t Get Caught)?

How To Sleep In Your Office Chair Comfortably (And Don’t Get Caught)?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve dozed off in the office once or twice.

The key is simple: just don’t get caught!

There are all kinds of office chairs that you can sleep in. And if you’re bored or tired enough, you can sleep in just about any kind of chair.

Let’s start with something simple, and by the end of this article, you’ll be a pro office chair snoozer!

Dozing off in a standard office chair

Relaxed businessman sitting in a comfortable chair

Most workplaces have standard office chairs.

Sleeping in one of these seats isn’t going to be the most comfortable, but any sleepyhead can make it work!

As an expert in sleeping just about anywhere, I can tell you that your first concern should be the position of your back and neck.

Lean back, even standard office chairs can tilt even a little.

If the back is ergonomically designed with the s-shape to match your spine, then you can feel even more relaxed.

Stretch your legs out, and if you have the luxury of a footrest, put your feet up!

If your chair has a neck rest, you’re a lucky one. But we can always make do with a trusty travel or neck pillow.

If you’re a habitual office sleeper (which I don’t advocate), a neck pillow is a necessity.

Sleeping in a fully reclining chair

This only works if your boss isn’t there or if you are the boss, and if you have a fully reclining chair!

It may be a little harder to find, as standard office chairs don’t have this feature. But it’s worth it.

Because the best thing about sleeping in a fully reclining chair is that you can avoid the neck and back pains when you wake up.

The Ficmax gaming chair is known to be able to recline to a flat 180 degrees!

The footrest is even a great addition so you can put your feet up while you snore the hours away!

a man sleeping at desk

Have you ever spent a night out on a weekday and just regretted it the morning after?

We’ve all been there, and calling in sick isn’t an option because you’ve done it so many times.

At work, sometimes coffee just won’t cut it and you can feel yourself nodding off right in the middle of work!

Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT suggest that you sleep on the job.

If you can, try to stay up until break time, and then take a power nap.

But if you can’t, here’s how you can get away with it.

1. Don’t let your boss see you!

First off, make sure that you’re out of sight. If your office is further from your boss you’re lucky.

If not, you could get a larger monitor to cover you up. It’s great for working and taking sneaky naps!

2. Building trust with colleagues

Next, your workmates shouldn’t tattle on you when you doze off.

Building trust and befriending them is a great way to be sure.

You can also tell them that whenever they need to sleep it off, they can trust you to keep it a secret.

But aside from not tattling, they should also act as lookouts!

When the boss is coming your way, giving you a nudge or a kick under the desk would be a great signal!

3. Getting in position

Hunching over your desk would be better.

I don’t suggest leaning your head back over the backrest because you’re more likely to snore loudly!

Just sleep with your arms on the table. This way you can stay quietly hidden.

You can get a small pillow or even an arched pillow with an arm gap, which is made for desk naps!

4. Sunglasses

If you don’t have any of these options, you can use sunglasses. Just tell them you have an eye infection!

5. Bathroom break excuse

A quick doze off in the bathroom is also a fine way to get away with it. Sleeping in a cubicle makes it easier because no one can see you.

But be sure that there are multiple cubicles in the comfort room so you can use it for a longer period.

Sleep accessories

Taking a catnap? At least make it as comfortable as possible.

Stashing a few items for a snappy siesta is going to make you feel refreshed, and it can even help with work efficiency!

Here are a few items that I recommend, all tested and proven to get you that shuteye in no time.

Get a pillow

For this one, skip the fluffy bedroom or throw pillow. It’s all about shape, comfortability, and compactness.

The shape should be perfect for sleeping while hunched over your desk, or while seated.

Of course, it should be comfortable, it’s a pillow after all. For this, memory foam would be the best option.

It should also be small enough or easy to store in your office.

Thankfully, there’s a market for pillows for sleeping anywhere. Just check out this product below!

The Ostrich Pillow Mini is a siesta fiesta

Travel blanket

Some of us sleep better with a blanket. Again, a smaller travel blanket would be a more practical choice.

There are ones that you can fold and zip up into a pillow. It also makes it easier to keep in a drawer or your bag.

Perfect for getting that much-needed shuteye anywhere you are.

Sleeping eye mask

Something I can’t stand is sleeping with bright lights around! So I always have an eye mask with me.

The one I have has a pocket in it where you can slip in a cooling pack to help my eyes relax.

There are even eye masks that have a massager, you’ll be asleep in seconds!

But a simple one will do, as long as it can block out any light source.


Offices can be loud! The typing, chatter, walking around, ringing phones, and buzzing printers can make it hard to sleep.

Sometimes I put on my headphones or earphones to play some ambient sounds or music helps.

But nothing beats utter silence! Earplugs can make it easier to block out that noise.

I use a corded disposable pair so I can take it out easily. Earplugs are also small and easy to misplace, so getting cheaper ones would be your best option.

Final thoughts…

While I wouldn’t suggest sleeping on the job to anyone, it’s normal for people to feel tired and need a quick nap.

If you often feel tired due to health reasons, you should go to a doctor and get it checked.

I thought I was a sleepyhead because I was bored with working in an office, but after a check-up, I found out that it was due to an iron deficiency.

But if you just need that nap, an office chair can be comfortable as long as you aren’t caught!

Nevertheless, after a quick catnap, be sure that you’re productive and that you don’t slack off.

After all, you’re napping so you can feel refreshed and energized!