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How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair Properly?

How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair Properly?

In the past few years, there has been increasing concern about the negative impacts of an inactive  lifestyle. And with most of us who were confined to our desks and chairs while at work, experiencing pain, discomfort, mental and physical inactiveness, and inefficiency at work is unavoidable.

If you have been experiencing posture issues and back pain that has, consequently , compromised your productivity levels, it is probably because of prolonged hours of sitting on your current office chair. In that case, an ergonomic alternative like a kneeling chair could be the most suitable way to go.

Sitting  on a kneeling chair is just like you would sit on any ordinary chair, with a few posture moderations until you feel entirely comfortable. On a kneeling chair, however, you have separate knee pads for your knees that ensure that your back is better aligned.

Keep reading to learn more about how to sit in a kneeling chair properly, the angle to set your chair on, and how to make the most out of the chair?

What Angle Should A Kneeling Chair Be?

For you to be able to effectively use a kneeling chair, you need to make sure that the chair is at a particular angle. This angle should enable the critical parts of your body, the muscles, and the spine to be in proper alignment to reduce any strain on your spine and maintain a better balance.

Woman sits on kneeling chair and works with laptop

For this, you must make sure that your thighs and torso are placed at the correct angle while you are seated on the chair.

A good kneeling chair should have a slope of a minimum of 25 degrees and should not be beyond 30 degrees. To make sure  whether the angle of the kneeling chair is correct, you need to check the positioning of your torso. Ideally, when you sit on a kneeling chair, your torso should be slightly in front of your hips whenever you incline forward.

When using a regular chair, it is advised that you avoid leaning entirely back in the chair to prevent your back from slouching. A major benefit of a kneeling chair is that, unlike traditional chairs, it does not have back support. This allows your spine to remain in a

neutral position when you use the chair. It also ensures that your core muscles are engaged to keep you in an upright position without putting any strain on your muscles.

How Should You Sit On A Kneeling Chair?

If you’ve decided to take the leap and switch your old, conventional office chair with a kneeling chair, here are a few sitting guidelines that you must follow to make effective use of a kneeling chair.

Demonstration of how to sit on a kneeling chair
  • When you sit on a kneeling chair, make sure your feet are comfortably placed flat on the ground.
  • Next, put your knees on the given pads one by one. Make sure both of your knees are placed similarly to avoid putting more strain on one knee over the other. The knee pads help in the absorption of most of the weight from the lower part of your body. It helps keep you more comfortable even when your body is still.
  • It would be best if you sat with your back straight, without leaning on any back support that might be attached to the chair.
  • If the chair comes with hand rests, make sure to take their support while sitting.
  • You should also change your postures and leg placements at regular intervals to keep your body in an active state and not put too much strain on your lower body.

How Long Can You Sit On A Kneeling Chair?

A kneeling chair works best when you use it for short durations. It is an ideal option when you need to be around close to your working station and are looking for a solution to keep any extra pressure off your back that might cause posture issues.

Man alternates between standing and sitting on kneeling chair at work

The best way to sit on a kneeling chair is to alternate your sitting positions between a kneeling chair and a regular office chair. This way, your body will always be in a state of motion.

It is also recommended that you use a kneeling chair at least for 30 to 45 minutes and no more than 1 to 1 and a half hours  before switching to your traditional office chair or a standing desk.

Sitting on a kneeling chair for long hours is not advisable because kneeling chairs restrict the movement of your legs. It may also put a lot of pressure on your shins and restrict blood circulation if you sit in a kneeling position for too long.


Are Kneeling Chairs Uncomfortable?

Contrary to what the name of the chair implies, your knees do not sustain your entire body weight while you are seated on a kneeling chair.

Girl sits on a kneeling chair and reads book

The knee cushions and pads that are attached to a kneeling chair ensure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout your lower body. So, if you are under the impression that a kneeling chair would be uncomfortable, you are mistaken.

A kneeling chair does an excellent job at supporting  your posture. It prevents you from putting too much pressure on your neck and shoulder, which happens when you use a traditional chair and is the leading cause of various back issues that arise due to prolonged sitting.

However, tall people might face a little difficulty getting accustomed to a kneeling chair. If you are tall and plan on sitting on a kneeling chair for long periods, you will have to constantly switch your positions and alignments to avoid feeling uncomfortable or dealing with stiff muscles.

Is Kneeling At A Desk Better Than Sitting?

Between keeling and working and sitting and working, kneeling is considered better for various reasons.

Woman sitting on office chair vs kneeling chair

Kneeling helps you avoid putting extra pressure on your back as your body weight is appropriately distributed in the lower part of your body. Kneeling also engages the muscles in your torso and core, thus protecting you from the risk of back pain while also strengthening your core and back muscles.

Besides, in a kneeling position, your stomach is less compressed, thus allowing better digestion as well as breathing.


We  have heard a lot of  how harmful sitting on a chair uninterruptedly for extended periods can be  to your health. But considering how much of our work is restricted to a screen, be it our laptops, monitors, or mobile phones, it is next to impossible to avoid sitting on a chair for a considerable period, often without a break.

This is why alternatives like kneeling chairs are such a boon for people who can’t avoid sitting for a long time at work. Give it a try and experience the changes in your mind and body in only a few weeks!