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How Much Does an Office Desk Weigh?

How Much Does an Office Desk Weigh?

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing office workers to work at home, office desks have become interestingly popular over the past two years.

Suddenly, many people are starting to take more notice of where they put their office equipment.

And while the weight of your desk is not usually the first thing that you ask, it’s a piece of important information that you should know before buying a new office desk.

You have to know this because you want to know how much weight these desks can hold. Nobody wants to see their office desk break due to a heavy PC setup or many books.

In general, an office desk weighs anywhere from twenty to a hundred pounds (9-45 kgs). The weight varies depending on the type of material used, the size of the table, whether or not it has cabinets, and the overall design.

Knowing how much a desk weighs will help you identify what type of desk you should buy for your home or office.

How Much Does an Average Desk Weigh?

Wood table in a room

The average desk weighs around 55 lbs (25 kgs).

But as you already know, some desks can be so much lighter than this while some can be a lot heavier.

To have a more accurate estimate of how much a desk weighs, we’ll break them down depending on the type of desk it is.

First is the  – with no cabinets and is made up of just one panel of wood. This can weigh anywhere from 16-28 lbs.

This office desk is ideal for small spaces and wants simple workspaces.

The second type of desk is the . These types of desks will usually weigh anywhere from 42-56 lbs.

Take note that the weight of these types of wooden desks will change depending on the number of cabinets it has and the size of the table.

A wooden desk with office supplies

also have similar weights with wooden desks with cabinets. However, this depends on the materials used.

L-shaped desks that use the same lightweight wooden material as regular desks will weigh between 39-50 lbs. On the other hand, L-shaped desks made of heavier wood types will weigh around 60-70 lbs.

As for  (small desks with two levels of a wooden surface), they will weigh at least 28 lbs.

Lastly, you have your standing desks. weigh around 35 lbs.

DIY your standing desk

However, are heavier at 60-75 lbs. Except for L-shaped heavy wooden desks with cabinets, full-standing desks can be the heaviest type of office desks.

Why Does the Weight of an Office Desk Matter?

There are three main reasons why it matters to know the weight of your desk.

Ease and Affordability of Transportation

Two man carry a table

Heavier desks will be harder to move from one place to another. If you are considering moving your desk from time to time, then it’s better if you pick a lighter table.

Better yet, choose a desk with wheels attached to its legs to make it easier to move the table.

In addition, heavier desks will cost more when it comes to shipping fees. Other couriers charge an extra fee on top of the shipping fee for delivering very heavy tables.

Maximum Load Capacity

Office supplies on a white table

Another reason why it matters to know your desk’s weight is because of its maximum load capacity.

Different materials and desk types will have different maximum load capacities. Those that use thin wooden boards and thin metal legs will only be able to carry a weight of 15-20 lbs.

Some tables can carry ten times heavier this load, but this only applies to tables made of thick wooden material.

However, tables that have more cabinets will not necessarily carry a lot of weight. This will still depend on the material used.

Durability and Sturdiness

Wood desk in an office

A heavier desk will always be sturdier than a lighter desk. This is especially true when the legs of the desk are made of wood or thicker metal poles.

If you are planning to place a lot of heavy office tools on your desk, the table you should buy should carry more than the weight of all those tools.

The table should also have sturdy legs so that it doesn’t wobble when you put many things on it.

However, another factor for sturdiness and durability is the make of the item. Even if your table is made up of wood but the bolts and screws aren’t fastened well, then a heavy table will not be as sturdy.

How Much Weight Can a Desk Hold?

A wooden desk in a white office

The maximum weight a desk can hold varies per design and material used.

A small regular office desk whose feet are made up of thin metal poles will be able to carry 15-20 lbs. This is not bad considering that most laptops and desktop setups will not reach a total of 15 lbs especially if you will be placing the CPU on the floor.

Desks that are heavier and are made up of sturdier bases and legs, can carry up to 200 lbs. However, our recommendation is to check the user manual of the desks you are purchasing.

This way, you know the exact maximum load your office desk can carry.


A home office with black theme

Office desks will weigh anywhere from twenty to a hundred pounds, but the average weight of a regular desk is around 55 lbs.

The weight of your desk depends on several factors such as size, type, the material used, and the presence of cabinets.

The weight tables can carry will also depend on the factors mentioned above. Smaller and lighter office desks will be able to carry a maximum of twenty pounds, but larger desks that use heavy-duty wooden materials will be able to carry up to two-hundred pounds.