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How Long Do Aeron Chairs Last?

How Long Do Aeron Chairs Last?

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on their computer, as a gamer, a student, or working a desk job, chances are you have yourself an Aeron chair.

An Aeron chair is a practical long-term investment. While it may cost you a little extra now, the comfort and support it provides breeds productivity and efficiency.

Aeron chairs are also built to last. With over 94% of its materials derived from recycled goods, the chair also makes a sustainable purchase.

This article will talk about how long these sturdy chairs are built to last.

How Long Do Aeron Chairs Last?

Aeron chairs are known for more than their comfort, support, and sustainability. They also offer users long-term durability.

The typical lifespan of an Aeron chair is twelve years. You read that right. Twelve years of lasting comfort, at least that’s what most customer reviews have said.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair with headrest at work place

We’ve scoured the internet and read unbiased reviews from long-time users and assessors who have used the chair for a year or two and based lifespan projections on their wear and tear.

Aeron chairs have promised longevity on top of durability.

But what makes this chair so durable? What is it made of that makes it last so long, despite the comfort it brings to our lumbar?

What Are Aeron Chairs Made Of?

 have been iconic in the office industry for many reasons: their innovation is geared towards providing unparalleled longevity and support.

NOUHAUS Ergonomic Office Chair

The support provided to varying postures, the comfortable seats, and the sleek design are all composed of recycled materials. Most of which are derived from plastic found in the ocean.

These materials can be fashioned into robust textiles that can help make Aeron chairs go the distance and last longer than your average office chair.

Its signature Pellicle fabric is patented by .

The fabric is resistant, breathable, and stretchable. It is made from the synthetic material called Hytrel, a thermoplastic compound.

Thermoplastics are known to be resilient against various temperatures, offering users a more durable fabric. The material’s resilience and durability lessen the need for abundant production or specialized storage.

Thermoplastics are also lightweight materials that demand less energy for transportation and storage. Its less demanding nature aids in fuel efficiency.

Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded Size B Office Chair

The varying environmental conditions can hasten the lifespan of office chairs. Among many factors that contribute to wear and tear are temperature-related factors. Some chairs have higher heat sensitivity than others.

Chaps, tears, and breakages can occur under extreme temperatures. Whether you are tucked away under freezing office air-conditioning or somewhere with more humid weather, the chair’s materials can suffer and eventually give out.

Aeron chairs are made with more temperature and pressure-resistant materials, allowing users to enjoy their chairs for at least 5–10 years longer than your average chair.

These durable and dependable chairs also come in three variations, Aeron A, B, and C.

All chairs are tested against pressures brought on by varying weights. Some chairs can manage up to 300 pounds. Its backrests possess a sturdier recline that doesn’t shock users with sudden dips or pushbacks.

Is the Aeron Chair Worth It?

It is our opinion that while investing in a chair may not seem like it is worth it, investing in your health and productivity that will last you longer certainly is.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Loaded

Paying a little extra for a better chair that will last you at least a decade is worth it.

Before buying your chair, let’s consider their differences.

What Are the Aeron Differences?

We already know that the chairs are highly adjustable to fit our needs and standards.

But in the chart below, you will see the differences between all three sizes of Aeron chairs, including their average lifespan and the factors that affect them.

Aeron Size

Depth Width Height Compatibility



Aeron A

16” 25.75”


Best for people –


5’4” or shorter


100lbs up to 150lbs

12.5 years

Users report that the Aeron A possesses the lengthiest lifespan. More than 57% of Reddit reviews agree to an average lifespan of 12.5 years.

Aeron B

27” 27”


Best for people –


5’5” up to 6’2”


160lbs up to 220lbs

10 years

According to its online reviews, Aeron B can last up to 10 years, but requires consistent repairs and alterations.

Aeron C

18.5” 28.25”


Best for people –


6’ 3” or taller


230lbs up to 300lbs

6-15 years

A few more factors come into play in this category. With minor alterations and more care, the Aeron C can last up to 15 years. However, given it does cater to heavier weights, it can give out as early as six years in.

All three sizes come in various colors, most of which are gender-neutral. Its industrial designs are compact and sleek and can fit anywhere, also lasting longer than other chairs.

Aeron also ensures that your chair does not lose comfort over long periods. It is devised to be as comfortable as the day you bought it until you replace its parts or the entire chair altogether.

Its in-house innovations come with a variety of choices. It also allows for multiple integrations for further customization, whether for aesthetic preferences to keep up with the latest fashions or essential repairs to reverse the effects of time. But, you also can add your own pieces that you might find better than what Herman Miller offers.

Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Mineral (Rеnеwеd)

Its broad compatibility allows users to lengthen its lifespan. The shelf-life of each part may vary, and as a result, you might end up cutting its lifespan too short.

Should you find one part has served its purpose and run its course, do not throw the whole chair out! You can simply replace that part and integrate newer components into the chair without springing for an entirely new one.

As long as you integrate parts that fit the chair’s configurations, you are free to disassemble its parts to attach your own preferences and allow the chair to live out the rest of its average 15-year lifespan.

As we all know, neck support is just as important as back support. A standard customized integration its users favor is swapping out headrests. Some reviews report that this aspect tends to take most of the wear and tear over time.

The way our nape can hold up our head can impact our productivity and focus. The fabric and material it is composed of weigh heavily on the longevity of the headrest and, inadvertently, the entire chair.

The t is a fan favorite. The breathable fabric it features encourages ample airflow.

The Original Headrest for The Herman Miller Aeron Chair H3 Carbon | Colors and Mesh Match Classic Aeron Chair 2016 and Earlier Models | Headrest ONLY - Chair Not Included

The gentle resistance the pellicle mesh provides to the contour of your nape is unmatched. You can switch out the headrest whenever it starts to feel like the material has waned and outlived its purpose.

Usually, headrests can last as long as the other integral aspects of the chair. However, consistent exposure to moisture can shorten the average lifespan of 10–12 years, depending on various factors such as sweat, condensation, and wet hair.

Final Words

We hope this article served as an informative guide for your next purchase. Remember that investing in your comfort leads to better efficiency and productivity.

While you might be spending a little more now, you are saving more in the long run by buying chairs composed of sturdier material.

If the article was too long for you, we have put together the key aspects you need to remember about Aeron chairs.

Key Takeaways

  • Aeron chairs are devised to last at least 12 years.
  • Based on unbiased reviews, its average lifespan is 10-12 years.
  • Aeron chairs are made with robust, sustainable materials.
  • Its recycled material composition is resilient against varying temperatures.
  • The Aeron chairs come in three sizes.
  • Aeron A is best for people with smaller frames.
  • Aeron B is best for those with medium builds.
  • Aeron C is devised to handle the most substantial weight.
  • Aeron chairs are open to integration for further customization.
  • You can shop for parts from Herman Miller product lines or other brands that offer parts for office chairs.

You can learn more about Aeron chairs by watching this video.

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