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How Can I Make My Desk Higher? 4 Handy Solutions For Everyone

How Can I Make My Desk Higher? 4 Handy Solutions For Everyone

There are a few reasons why you might want to make your desk higher.

Perhaps you have a tall office chair and you want your desk to match its height.

Or maybe you want to improve your posture by standing up while you work.

Whatever your reason is, you shouldn’t have to settle for a desk that lacks height.

In this article, we’re going to share with you effective ways in which you can increase the height of your desk.

Tabletop Risers

Tabletop Risers are a popular solution to adding some height to your work desk.

These are platforms that are placed on top of your desk.

They are sold in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials.

You can get really simple ones that just look like a mini table sitting on top of your desk. This AmazonBasics Walnut Riser is one such product.

Before you purchase one, be sure to check the size of the product. You don’t want to get something that is either too tall or too short.

If the tabletop riser we just recommend is too simple for you, you might want to look into motorized tabletop risers.

These are more high-end risers that can even come with memory functions just like the full-sized standing desks.

We recommend this Cloud Nine Electric Riser. It’s a high-quality motorized riser that has a height range of 6 inches from your desk all the way to 18 inches.

This riser is made from durable materials and can hold up to 90lb of weight.

It comes with a powerful motor to quickly drive your riser up and down. The motor is also engineered to operate very quietly.

Furniture Risers

A simpler and less expensive alternative to adding height to your desk is to get a set of furniture risers.

Furniture risers are little cubes, cones, or cylinders that go under the feet of your desk to add height.

You can get them in all sorts of designs, colors, heights, and materials to match your desk.

Before purchasing a set, make sure to measure your desk and calculate how much additional height you need to get the optimal setup.

Then you can purchase a set with the correct height.

Some furniture riser sets are even stackable. This allows you to increase the height of your desk whenever you need to.

A lot of these furniture risers are made from hard plastic.

These work well but if you want something that is more durable and will last longer, you should get a set made from harder materials.

Wood, metal, and hardened nylon will last much longer than plastic furniture risers.

We recommend this set of heavy-duty furniture risers by FASONLA. They’re made from solid hardwood that will last ages. And they have a beautiful natural finish as well.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

You can also use adjustable leg levers to increase the height of your desk.

Typical leg levelers will only allow you to raise your desk by a couple of inches. But unlike furniture risers, you can get a very precise height with leg levelers.

Installing adjustable leg levelers on your desk isn’t the most simple task. You will need to whip out a few tools and wake up the handyman in you.

The end results will be worth it, though. You will be able to readjust the height of your desk anytime you need to.

Adjustable leg levelers also have a more concealed design. So if you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your desk, these will work better than furniture risers.

You can get adjustable leg levelers in different sizes. As much as possible, you want to get a heavy-duty set so they don’t break easily.

We recommend getting this set of Heavy Duty Adjustable Leg Levelers by AmyDreamStore.

Remember to check the size of your desk legs before purchasing adjustable leg levelers.

If you have really thick desk legs, most levelers will probably fit.

If your desk legs are thinner, however, you’ll want to make sure to get a set of levelers that will fit thinner desk legs.

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Automatic Standing Desks

Handsome receptionist standing at reception desk

Finally, if you’re willing to spend some cash, the most convenient way to increase the height of your desk is to get yourself an automatic standing desk.

These desks have a built-in electric motor that lets you automatically adjust its height with just a push of a button.

You can go from a nice sitting position to a standing position in just a couple of seconds.

Automatic standing desks typically have a height range of 28 inches at its lowest point to 47 inches at its highest.

That’s a good range to fit almost anyone’s needs.

These desks come in a wide range of prices. The higher you go up in price, the better the quality and the more features you’ll get.

A good mid-range automatic standing desk will have features such as memory buttons and solid wood tabletops.

The more expensive ones will also be more stable and durable than the ones on the lower price range.

Many automatic standing desks are sold without a tabletop. This allows you to choose your own tabletop or to make one yourself.

If you think you’ll benefit from an automatic standing desk, we recommend this Electric Standing Desk by Motionwise.

It has a simple yet durable design. It comes with an elegant black tabletop finish.

You’ll also get four memory settings with this particular desk.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article. And more importantly, we hope you learned something from it!

The next time you find that your desk is lacking height, remember our tips on how you might add height to your desk.

Let’s do a quick recap of the ways in which to add height to your desk:

  • Get a tabletop riser
  • Purchase a set of furniture risers
  • Installed adjustable leg levelers
  • Get an automatic standing desk

We hope you find a solution that works well for you!