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Does the Aeron Chair Fit In a Car?

Does the Aeron Chair Fit In a Car?

If you work tirelessly in front of the computer all day, chances are you have done the wise and practical thing by buying yourself an Aeron chair.

Aeron chairs are known to be comfortable and sturdy. If you have to move or work somewhere else, it would be wise to take it with you.

Understandably, you would not want to leave its top-quality material and the comfort it provides behind. Taking the chair with you is doable.

Aeron’s selection of ergonomic chairs provides consumers with a variety of choices. You can choose more portable Aeron chairs if you regularly travel for work.

If you are a gamer who loves getting together with your friends for LAN parties, you do not have to settle for sitting on the floor.

You can fit your Aeron chair into your car to take around with you.

In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step procedures on how you can take your beloved chair with you.

Does the Aeron Chair Fit in a Car?

Yes, an Aeron chair can fit into your car.

Depending on the model of your car, you might get away without disassembling your chair.

Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Mineral

Aeron chairs were released in 1994 by the manufacturer Herman Miller. Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf devised their ergonomic and industrial designs.

The pair designed a chair that provided comfort and style, made with 94% recyclable materials. The chair featuring a pellicle as its main fabric was an instant success.

The chair comes in three sizes, Aeron A, B, and C.

Here are the different dimensions of all three sizes of Aeron chairs.

The Aeron Chair Size Chart

Size Depth Weight Height
Aeron A 16” 25.75” 38.5”
Aeron B 27” 27” 41.25”
Aeron C 18.5” 28.25” 43”

As you can see, Aeron A is the smallest of all three sizes. If you travel constantly, it would be perfect for purchasing a chair that comes in the most portable size.

If you are driving a minivan, a van, a pickup truck, an SUV, or a moving truck, you can put some seats down or fold them up and slide your Aeron chair inside. Ideally, you would lay the chair down and slide it in that way on top of folded seats or placed on the floor.

Suppose you are driving a smaller car that doesn’t possess the necessary space. In that case, you can disassemble your chair before placing it into your vehicle for transport.

How Do You Transport an Aeron Chair?

The best way to transport your Aeron chair by land is with your own car. You can take it with you on the bus or the subway, but it might be more of a hassle that way.

Car trunk

Transport your Aeron chair by using a private vehicle. You can recline the front passenger seat and lay the chair on top of it or place it in the back. Recline, fold, or remove seats in the back to fit your chair into the car.

If you have the bigger Aeron chairs like size B or C, you can still transport them in your car. You can try and fit them through as is, but for smaller cars or cars with less space and smaller openings, you can take it apart and stash it in the back piece by piece or store it in the trunk of your car.

You can also take your Aeron chair on a boat or a plane, but it would be ideal to take it apart first and pack it. Its disassembly is not complicated either.

Instead of lugging it around fully assembled, it would be easier to carry it around disassembled. We will discuss this below.

How to Disassemble Aeron Chair to Fit into Car

Here’s how you can completely disassemble your Aeron chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Graphite

Step 1. Remove the Headrest.

See if you need to remove tabs or a cover plate (optional). Extract tabs or cover as necessary through screwdrivers or popping it off.

Remove all bolts from the headrest. Place loose parts such as tabs, cover plate, and bolts into a bag for safe-keeping.

Step 2. Remove Backrest.

Use an Allen wrench or a screwdriver to unhinge bolts attaching the backrest to the chair. Remember to bag up the bolts for safety.

Step 3 . Remove the Armrests (Optional).

You only have to detach armrests if you pack everything in a suitcase. Otherwise, you can keep the armrest attached to the rest of the frame.

Remove the bolts attaching armrests to the base. You can snap armrests off their slots for some chairs by pushing down on the adjustment lever and pulling them out of place.

Step 4. Separate the Cylinder From the Base of the Chair.

Use a large pipe wrench to grip the cylinder and turn it a quarter clockwise and counterclockwise until it is loose enough.

Once it is loose, turn the baseboard upside down facing away from you, take a rubber or plastic mallet, and tap the cylinder until it is dislodged from the base.

Step 5. Detach the Casters or the Wheels.

Turn the base upside down and detach wheels by pulling them off their slots.

If you’d like more details on how to disassemble your Aeron chair, you can watch this video here.

How To: Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron Classic Chair from Disassembly

Final Words

We hope this article helped shed some light on Aeron chairs and their portability. You can take your ergonomic and sturdy chairs with you on your next work trip. Just remember to consider the amount of space your car has and the size of things it can accommodate.

If the article is too long and you’re pressed for time, we put everything you need to know in the list below.

Key Takeaways

  • You can fit your Aeron chair into your car.
  • Recline your front passenger seat and lay your fully assembled Aeron chair on top.
  • Fold your rear seats down or hang them up to slide your fully assembled chair on the inside of your car.
  • You can disassemble your Aeron chair and stash them in your trunk instead.
  • You can fully dismantle your chair to fit into your suitcase to fit into your car or to take on a boat or plane.