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Do Wobble Stools Work?

wobble stools do actually work

You may have heard of wobble stools, one of the latest trends in ergonomic seating.

They claim to help with back pain and fidgeting, as well as many other issues, but do wobble stools work?

We have found that wobble stools do actually work! 

They allow you to move around while sitting down, which makes your muscles stronger and helps you avoid back injuries or pain. 

They also help you expend energy while working, which increases your focus, especially if you have attention span problems.

What is a wobble stool?

Forte Wobble Stool

A wobble stool comes in many forms, but at its core, it consists of the following traits:

  • It has no backrest.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It allows you to “wobble”, tilt, lean, and rock while sitting.
  • It helps you actively sit and engage the muscles in your back, sides, abdomen, pelvis, and thighs.
  • It prevents the possibility of accidentally falling over while wobbling on the stool.

Depending on the manufacturer, a wobble can stool can wobble through 2 different mechanisms: a rounded base that keeps it from sitting flat, or a flexible seat that moves separately from the base.

But either way, because of how it’s built, a wobble stool encourages you to move even while sitting down!

This makes it a great tool for those who want to be more active but sit down and focus on tasks.

It also makes a wobble stool amazing for kids who tend to be hyperactive or fidgety, since they can expend all their extra energy while sitting down and doing their activities.

And most of the time, wobble stools come with handy additional features such as:

  • Adjustable height.
  • 360-degree seat rotation
  • Armrests

Are wobble stools effective?

Active Kids Chair by Studico – Wobble Chairs Juniors/Pre-Teens

Wobble stools are used for three main purposes: to exercise, decrease hyperactivity, and increase productivity while sitting.

In terms of exercising, wobble stools are extremely effective.

This is because you can easily use a wide range of motions while sitting on the seat of the wobble stool. This movement engages the muscles in your back, sides, abs, pelvis, and thighs, and exercises them as you practice “active sitting”.

Most people enjoy rocking back and forth or side to side, but you can also use the flexibility to turn or lean over to reach something without straining your back.

In terms of decreasing hyperactivity, wobble stools are also great!

With all the movement allowed while sitting, wobble stools have been proven to help hyperactive or fidgety people expend their energy without being distracted from whatever they’re doing.

Wobble stools have been especially helpful for naturally hyperactive children, and children with ADD, ADHD, and autism.

In terms of increasing productivity, wobble stools can be quite helpful if used correctly.

If you use your wobble stool to move around constantly, your heart rate will spike, increasing the flow of blood to your brain. This gives you more energy and helps you focus on your work.

This is another reason why wobble stools are great for children, especially those who have trouble paying attention to an activity for a long time.

Are wobble stools good for your back?

Amazon Basics Adjustable Activity Office Tilt Stool

Wobble stools are great for your back!

Because of how they allow you to move, wobble stools engage your core muscles, exercising them and making them strangers over time.

With stronger muscles, you are able to support good posture without any external support.

Better posture leads to less risk for injuries, as well as less pain and tension in your back and neck, which often results from bad posture and lack of motion for long periods of time.

Wobble stools also allow you to turn, tilt, and lean over more easily, which means less work for your lower back when reaching for things.

However, you do have to note that if you have weak core muscles or health issues, sitting in a wobble stool for a long period of time may hurt your back.

In the case of weak core muscles, you can exercise to make them stronger.

In the case of health issues, we advise seeing a medical professional before trying a wobble stool.

What are the 10 benefits of wobble stools?

There are 10 main areas that benefit from using a wobble stool.


WOBBLE STOOL Standing Desk Balance Chair for Active Sitting

Because of how the wobble stool allows you to move around and bend more easily, your spine is strengthened and protected from any straining.

More movement also helps rehydrate the ligaments and disks that are in your spine, which helps the tissues drain out the waste produced by their cells.


Simplay3 Play Around Wiggle/Wobble Kids Flexible Active Sitting Chair/Stools

If you use the wobble stool to stay active, you will be able to mimic walking. This causes you to use your diaphragm when breathing, allowing you to take deeper breaths.

Deeper breaths help clear any mucus or phlegm that are in your lungs. They also help maintain good breath since expelling carbon dioxide helps clear your body of cell waste.


Giantex Wobble Stool Standing Desk Chair W/Adjustable Height

With deeper breaths, you have a higher level of oxygen in your body. This raises the pH of your blood, making it more alkaline. When your blood is more alkaline, there’s a significant decrease in inflammatory proteins which leads to disease and pain.

Deeper breaths also increase the blood flow back to your heart, which helps your body clean and heals itself more efficiently.


The constant motion on a wobble stool helps stimulate your large intestine. This helps you eliminate waste from your body on a daily basis.

Immune System

If you move around on a wobble stool at least five times a day, you will stimulate your immune system.

This helps your immune system function as it should, strengthening your body against illness.


Giantex Wobble Stool Standing Desk Chair W/Adjustable Height

Just like with backs and necks, eyes suffer when we have bad posture and need to lean or tilt to see properly.

If you can’t adjust your desk setup, you can use the wobble stool to tilt and adjust your height so that your eyes don’t have to strain to focus on your work.


Moving around on a wobble stool exercises the core muscles, as well as those in your legs.

By strengthening your muscles, you prevent them from becoming easily tired when doing any activities – especially sitting.


WOBBLE STOOL Standing Desk Balance Chair for Active Sitting

Believe it or not, a wobble stool can decrease your stress levels!

This is because humans aren’t meant to sit for hours in a row, so your body reacts negatively to it.

By moving around on a wobble stool, your body gets to expend energy (including anxious energy caused by stress), and your mental state improves since you don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.


The wobble stool sets you up for success with how it strengthens your muscles and improves your posture.

This decreases any pain you might have from bad posture or sitting for too long, and increases your energy in the long run!


Moving around on a wobble stool increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through your spine and brain, which helps you focus on your task.

And by allowing you to expend energy while sitting down, you don’t have to waste time getting up and walking around.

What are the top 3 wobble stools?

Now that we’ve covered everything about wobble stools, let’s take a look at the top 3 wobble stools you can buy!

  • Kore Kids Wobble Stool: a round stool with a curved base, an anti-roll safety ring, and a fixed height that’s perfect for kids.
  • Learniture Wobble Stool: a triangle stool with a curved base, non-slip features, and adjustable height.
  • Seville Classics Wobble Stool: a round stool with a flat base, adjustable height, and a seat that leans, rotates, and wobbles.


A wobble stool is an ergonomic, backless stool that allows you to wobble around while sitting.

Wobble stools are effective in helping you exercise, expend extra energy, and increase productivity.

Since they allow you to strengthen your core muscles without straining yourself, wobble stools are great for your back.

Wobble stools benefit 10 main areas of your body and life: spine, lungs, blood, elimination, immune system, eyes, muscles, stress, energy, and productivity.

The top 3 wobble stools are the Kore Kids Wobble Stool, the Learniture Wobble Stool, and the Seville Classics Wobble Stool.

We hope this article helped you learn more about wobble stools!