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IKEA POÄNG vs. Pello: All The Differences

IKEA POÄNG vs. Pello

The Ikea Poang and Pello are so similar that it can be difficult to tell them apart. The Ikea Poang is one of the most iconic and best-selling armchairs globally. The Pello is also very popular and quite similar to the Poang.

So, what are the differences between the two?

The main differences are price, materials, and overall comfort. The Poang is made from solid wood, while the Pello is composed of wood veneer. The Poang is reviewed as higher in comfort and is more costly.

Let’s take a closer look at both chairs, and you can decide which is best for you.

What Materials are in the Frames of the Poang and Pello?

There are some significant differences in the frames of the Pello and Poang. Both are strong and durable. However, the Poang contains superior materials.

Ikea Poang Chair Armchair

The Pello frame is tubular steel powder-coated with an epoxy and polyester mixture. The steel frame provides strength under the Birch Veneer framing.

The Birch veneer is layered onto particle board, creating a wood look without using solid wood.

The Birch veneer adds a classy look to the chair but is not as strong as the Poang frame.

The Poang is constructed of layer-glued wood veneer. The layer-glued process strengthens the overall frame making the metal underframe unnecessary.

The layer-glued process is a technique in which sheets of wood veneer are layered together. The product is an all-wood frame that can be curved and strengthened while creating a stylish look in the chair.

The wood is coated with clear acrylic lacquer and stain. There are different stain options depending on your preference. Some of the colors cost more than others.

The frame is an essential part of a chair for value and longevity. But, the cushioning is the part you’ll feel the most.

Differences in the Cushioning

Both contain Polyester, but the Pello has a mixture, and the Poang is 100% Polyester.

The cushioning in the Pello chair is composed of Polyester wadding and Polyurethane foam. The Poang chair contains 100% Polyester, with 90% of the Polyester coming from recycled products.


Both of these products are comfortable and sturdy, but there are differences.

Difference Between Polyester and Polyurethane

There are many differences between these two materials, but they are also very similar.

The main differences are the price it costs to make them and their applications.

Polyester is more expensive to produce than Polyurethane. Polyurethane is a less expensive substitute for Polyester.


They are both relatively soft and comfortable. However, the application of Polyester is more applicable to indoor furniture. It is firmer and will hold its shape better through wear and tear. Polyurethane is more weather resistant and more suitable for outdoor applications.

Overall, the Polyester in the Poang chair is superior to the cushioning found in the Pello chair.

Differences in the Fabric

The fabric question comes down to Cotton versus Polyester.

The fabric in the Poang chair is 100% Polyester, and the material in the Pello is 100% Cotton.

IKEA Pello Armchair - 100% Cotton

There are pros and cons to each fabric type. Cotton is plant-based making it more eco-friendly. It is also more soft and comfortable for most people.

Polyester has several advantages over cotton. Polyester is cheaper to manufacture than cotton. It is more spill- and stain-resistant and holds its shape better.

Cotton will shrink when you wash it, whereas Polyester will not.

The Polyester in the Poang is a superior choice for fabric compared to the Pello. The Polyester in the Poang chair is 90% recycled material, making it an eco-friendly option.

IKEA Poäng Armchair - 100% Polyester

Are There Differences in the Chair Dimensions?

Yes, there are several differences in the dimensions for each of these chairs.

Some of these differences are important to the chair’s function, and others are personal preferences.

Let’s start with the overall dimensions.

What are the overall dimensions of the Pello vs. the Poang?

The overall height of the Pello is 37 ¾” while the Poang stands at 39 ⅜”. The overall depth of the Pello is 33 ½” while the depth of the Poang is 32 ¼”.

IKEA Pello Armchair, Holmby Natural

The Pello chair is more typical of an armchair or recliner, allowing you to sit back and relax because it is shorter and deeper.

Poang armchairs are a little taller and less deep, which is more typical of a desk chair, although slightly shorter. This middle ground between armchair and recliner gives it more flexibility to be used as an armchair, desk chair, lounge chair, dining chair, etc.

How do the Seat Dimensions Differ?

IKEA Poäng Armchair, Medium Brown

Both chairs have the same seat depth, the Poang sits higher, and the Pello is wider.

Seat depth is essential for the ergonomics involved in the chair. If the seat is too deep, your feet may not rest firmly on the floor. If it is not deep enough, you may be putting undue pressure on your knees.

Thankfully both of these seats are the same depth allowing you to rest comfortably without straining your back or knees.

The Pello is wider, which can be excellent for heavier or taller individuals. Even if you have a more petite build, wider cushions can be more comfortable.

The Poang is slightly taller than the Pello. This quality can be better for taller individuals or if you are planning to use this chair as a desk chair.

Overall, the seat dimensions are all about comfort and ergonomics. Each person will have their preferences.

How heavy are the chairs?

The Pello weighs 18.3 pounds, and the Poang weighs 25.9 pounds.

IKEA Pello Armchair, Holmby Natural

Both are relatively light chairs, but the Pello is slightly lighter. The lightweight can be good or bad.

The Pello’s lightweight can be excellent if you want to move it around or are worried about indenting your flooring. The lightweight can also mean that the chair is more fragile and less able to withstand heavier weights.

What Options do you have with the Pello and Poang chairs?

While there are many options for the Poang chair, I did not find many for the Pello.

many options for the Poang chair

There are no options listed for the color or stains on the Pello on the Ikea website. There are also no specific covers for the Pello listed on There may be some generic seat covers on that will fit the Pello chair.

The Ikea website lists several different stains and fabric colors for the Poang. There are also several covers and cushion types available on Ikea and

This variety makes the Poang much more flexible for your specific style. There are light and dark-colored stains along with a large amount of cushion cover designs and colors.

The Poang also has different cushion types available. They have fabric cushions or polyurethane cushions.

Now let’s talk about the most critical factor when deciding which to buy, price.

Price Differences

The Poang has several prices listed, all of which are more than the Pello.

The Pello is much cheaper than most of the Poang options. The Poang can cost twice as much as the Pello.

The prices for the Poang depend on the options you choose, such as the color, stain, or wood type.

The most affordable version of the Poang is about the same price as the Pello.

The other way I usually decide which product to buy is by looking at Amazon reviews.

Reviews for the Pello and the Poang

Poang is rated slightly better than Pello in reviews.

I only found one listing for the Pello on There were a lot of reviews, and the average was just below perfect.

There were many listings for the Poang on The listings were for the different options on the Poang, but there were a lot of ratings. Most of the ratings were also just below perfect.

When compared with the Ikea website, the ratings were similar.

Based on these ratings, most people rate the Ikea Poang chair slightly higher than the Ikea Pello chair.


Based on all of these variables, the Ikea Poang chair appears to be the best choice.

If budget is a significant factor for you, choosing the lowest price Poang will cost about the same as the Pello. The price difference will not likely be a substantial impediment for most buyers.

I hope this helps you in your decision between Pello and Poang. Below I have listed the main differences in a table to make it easier to view.

Pello vs. Poang Pello Poang
Frame Material Birch veneer, Steel tubular frame w Epoxy/Polyester powder coating Layer-glued wood veneer, Birch veneer, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
Cushion Material Polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam 100% Polyester (min 90% recycled)
Fabric Material 100% Cotton 100% Polyester (min 80% recycled)
Seat Dimensions H 14 ⅝”, D 19 ⅝”, W 21 ⅝” H 16 ½”, D 19 ⅝”, W 22”
Overall Dimensions H 37 ¾”, D 33 ½”, W 26 ⅜” H 39 ⅜”, D 32 ¼”, W 26 ¾”
Overall Weight 18.3 lbs 25.9 lbs
Colors Options Holmby natural (off-white) Many wood and fabric options
Cushion Options Only standard or off-brand non-specific to Pello. Fabric and polyurethane