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Can you Add a Headrest to a Steelcase Gesture?

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Whether you are back at your workplace or are working at home, office work requires you to sit on a chair for multiple hours at a stretch. And When you purchase an expensive, ergonomic chair like the Gesture office chair from Steelcase, you expect it to be the perfect chair to provide you with the optimum comfort and ease.

The Gesture chair from Steelcase does just that.

An important part of your chair that will help keep back pain at bay is a good headrest. Not only does it provide better support to your spine but also adds another layer of comfort to your neck and head.

Steelcase offers the Gesture chair both with and without a headrest. So if you need a headrest, you can simply buy the chair with the headrest attached.

There are certain essential factors that need to be considered while adding a headrest to a Gesture chair.

The Gesture chair from Steelcase typically comes without a headrest. However, if you wish to attach one, you may do so by spending a little extra money and buying a separate headrest compatible with the chair. A headrest ensures safety and comfort when it comes to working sitting on your chair for long hours.

Can I Add A Headrest To My Steelcase Gesture Chair?

Lorell Hi-Back Chair Mesh Headrest, Black

Yes, you can.

Steelcase Gesture chairs are ergonomically designed to suit every posture and body type, but they do not have an attached headrest.

Headrests are an extra feature that can be added to the chair, as per the requirement of the user. If you are struggling to attain the correct posture while sitting on your office chair when you work, a headrest is a must-have.

We might underestimate the importance of a headrest and may also shy away from buying one. But, even though they come at an extra cost, the benefits they add to the chair and to your comfort are undeniable.

  • When your creative juices stop flowing, and you need to take a break from the continuous screen time, you can comfortably rest your head on a headrest.
  • It helps in the restoration of your cognitive capacity.
  • If the sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on your mental health, the headrests promise to deliver complete rest.
  • Having constant back pains, compromised posture, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain? Installing a headrest can provide you with optimum comfort and help ease these issues.

With a headrest attached to your Steelcase Gesture, you’ll see significant changes to your productivity levels, health, and overall well-being.

How to Buy A Separate Headrest For A Steelcase Gesture? 

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair with Headrest

Steelcase also offers .

If you think you will need a headrest to maximize comfort, you can simply opt for it when you’re purchasing the Gesture chair. You will receive the chair with the headrest attached.

Unfortunately, Steelcase does not offer the headrest for Gesture separately. If you want the headrest specifically made for the Gesture chair, you will have to buy the chair with the headrest.

However, there are other headrests you can buy that can be attached to the chair.

Where to Buy Headrest for Gesture

You can buy a headrest from Amazon or eBay
Once you’ve decided what type of headrest you want and how you would want to attach it, there are different options for you to purchase a suitable headrest.

You can buy a generic headrest from Amazon or eBay or from independent sellers online. You could consider getting  available online that have positive customer reviews.

Engineered Now also offers headrests that simply be clipped onto the chair’s backrest. While these headrests are made for Herman Miller Aeron chairs, they also work well with the Gesture and are comfortable enough to rest your head and neck.

Before you buy the headrest, make sure you check the reviews and look into how they are attached.

Here are a few factors you need to take into consideration:

1/ Type of Upholstery of the Gesture chair You Purchased

The seat and back of the Gesture chair come in different types of upholstery. If, for example, you have leather upholstery on your chair, it would not be a good idea to add a headrest as you risk damaging the material.

2/ No Steelcase Gesture Headrest Available 

Since there is no Steelcase headrest available for purchase, your other option is to purchase an aftermarket one. Such headrests may not match the ergonomic design of the Gesture chair and may even hinder its comfort level.

3/ How Many Alterations Are You Willing to Make to Your Gesture?

There are different headrests available online with attachment options. Given the design of the Gesture, you may have to drill holes into the chair. If you do not want to do that, the next best option is to get a headrest that you can slip onto the chair.

4/ It May Affect the Warranty of Your Chair

If you make major adjustments to your Gesture chair, like drilling holes, it may void the chair’s warranty. Make sure you check with your seller about Steelcase’s warranty policy.

How Can I Add The Headrest To My Steelcase Gesture Chair?

Steelcase Gesture Task Chair: Wrapped Back - Platinum Metallic Frame/Base/Seagull Accent - Adjustable Lumbar Support - Roll Control Hard Floor Casters

If the Steelcase Gesture chair is purchased along with the headrest, the headrest comes into the frame of the chair.

However, if you decide to buy the headrest separately, you will have to install the headrest manually while making some tweaks so that it works for you.

If you bought a generic aftermarket headrest from Amazon or other online sellers, be prepared to make some permanent changes to your Gesture chair. Such headrests typically have to be drilled in.

  • Align the headrest to the centre of the chair’s back and mark where you see the two holes of the headrest against the chair’s backrest.
  • Drill two holes into the back of the backrest where you marked the points.
  • Try to avoid drilling through the chair’s back upholstery.
  • Place the headrest firmly on the chair and tighten the screws of the headrest into the backrest.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with a headrest that can be clipped on, like the one by Engineered Now, the process is much simpler.

Find the narrowest point on the back of the chair and simply slide the headrest along till you reach the desired position. You can then use the given key to tighten the bolt.

However, if you find that the headrest is a little wobbly, an easy hack is to use zip ties to bind the bottom of the headrest to the bar at the center of the chair. And you’re done!

Final Words

A headrest complements your Steelcase Gesture chair the best. Although the chair is expensive in itself, let alone the extra cost of the headrest, if you are someone who spends the majority of their day nesting on a chair, the chair and the headrest would be worth every penny you spend.

Once you start using a headrest and benefit from the several advantages it has to offer, there is no going back.

Don’t keep yourself waiting; get the Gesture chair and the headrest right away!