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Can Plexiglass Be Used as a Chair Mat?

Can Plexiglass Be Used as a Chair Mat?

If you sit in a chair all day at work, you know choosing the right chair mat is as important as choosing any other part of your workstation. It can be painful and uncomfortable if you’re unable to roll your chair across your office space.

You have to pick a good chair mat. A good one is durable, matches the aesthetics of your office, and promises to stick around for a long time.

Plexiglass can be used as a chair mat and is one of the best materials used to customize chair mats. 

Plexiglass chair mats give you the freedom to design your mat according to your preference, without compromising on quality or style. They offer solid support and a smooth surface for rolling chairs to glide on.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the materials used for chair mats including plexiglass to help you make a great decision.

What is Plexiglass?

Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

Plexiglass is a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. It is also known by many other names like acrylic glass, acrylic, lucite, and perspex. Plexiglass is a lightweight, ductile, shatter-resistant, transparent, petroleum-based thermoplastic that is most often used as a substitute for glass.

In 1928, William Chalmers, Walter Bauer, and Orro Rohm created this material, which was later known by its trade name Plexiglas. The Rohm and Haas Company gave the material this name in 1933.

Plastic sheets available in the market that look similar to glass are known as acrylic. Polycarbonate sheets with the trade name Lexan are the alternative to these sheets.

In comparison to Lexan, plexiglass is a glossier, clear, and transparent substance. They come with multiple coating and grading options and are much more affordable than Lexan.

Considering the purity and quality of plexiglass, they are utilized in various areas, including prosthetics, submarines, airplanes, instruments and devices, lighthouses, and more.

Plexiglass can be used to create shatterproof bathroom enclosures, in the construction of greenhouses, as sturdy window panels, or as a predominant material in solar glasses.

Can Plexiglass Be Used as a Chair Mat?

plexiglass chair mat

Yes, plexiglass can be used as a chair mat. 

Here are a few benefits of using plexiglass chair mats in your office space:

  • On occasion, you feel like putting your mat outside in the sun. Being UV-resistant, plexiglass mats will incur no tear or damage even after direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Through flame polishing and mechanical polishing, you can get the edges of the chair mat polished when they start to wear out.
  • There are a variety of color options. You can choose between transparent, translucent, and solid opaque plexiglass chair mats to match the aesthetics of your working space.

One significant drawback of using plexiglass chair mats in comparison to other materials is their tendency to develop cracks and crevices early on. If the chair on the chair mat bears a heavy load, the mat will start to chip and fragment.

What Material is Used for Chair Mats?

The three most commonly used materials for chair mats include vinyl plastic (PVC), polycarbonate plastic, and tempered glass.

PVC Vinyl Plastic

Ilyapa PVC Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floors

Of the three materials, vinyl plastic (PVC) is the least liked material. There are a variety of reasons for this.

First, they are not the best quality material expected from a chair mat. They tend to bubble and fold quickly.

Second, PVC does not provide ample rigidity for your chair to roll around smoothly. Because they are pliable, they fold easily, which can cause you to slip or fall off.

People continue to purchase vinyl plastic chair mats because they are affordable. They also offer a great variety of color and pattern to choose from.

Polycarbonate Plastic 

Premium Polycarbonate Chair Mats

Among these three, Polycarbonate plastic has been touted to garner the most attention, usage, and love, and rightly so. They come in plenty of sizes, shapes, and designs and are cost-efficient.

Because this is a thermoplastic type, mats made of polycarbonate plastic are easy to mold, transparent, and they remain flat after you lay them on the floor.

Polycarbonate plastic, unlike vinyl plastic, doesn’t obstruct smooth rolling, and unlike tempered glass is not susceptible to easy breaking. It has all the suitable properties that make for an excellent chair mat.

Tempered Glass

Premium Heavy Duty .25" Thick Tempered Glass Chair Mat

If you want a chair mat alternative that doesn’t bubble, unnecessarily fold, or obstruct smooth chair movement on a chair mat, tempered glass is an ideal choice.

A drawback to this material of mat is its steep price tag compared to the other two options. You can’t fold tempered glass chair mats for easy storage or transport. Also, there aren’t nearly as many color or pattern options if you choose tempered glass chair mats for your space.


This article is the cue for you to start decorating your office space and adding all the elements that will make your workstation par excellence. When it comes to productivity, efficiency, and utility, you must not falter on any factor.

We suggest pairing your ergonomic and comfortable office chair with a good, durable chair mat too. You will certainly experience several health (and wealth) benefits from using a chair mat.

The excessive weight of your office chair can damage your newly-constructed beautiful hardwood floors or carpets. A chair mat is a safe and fool-proof protection against that.

Your chairs get access to easy, smooth, butter-like slides, to make your long sitting hours a more pleasant time.