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Can I Use My HSA to Buy an Office Chair?

Can I Use My HSA to Buy an Office Chair?

Did you know that your HSA can be used to buy other things than just medicine?

This might be surprising to hear because we’ve been used to thinking that HSAs are only for those treatments and medicines that answer to a pre-existing condition.

However, HSA’s can be used to buy products and items that can help improve your health even if you don’t have any illnesses. This means yes, your HSA can be used to buy an office chair provided that it’s ergonomic and you have a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).

In this post, we’ll talk about how you and why you should use your HSA to buy an office chair.

What is an HSA?


An HSA or Health Savings Account is a tax-free fund to which you, your employer, and your relatives can contribute.

The goal of having an HSA is for you to be able to set aside money (similar to how savings works) specifically for medical expenses. Despite allowing other people to contribute to this fund, you are the sole owner of this account.

That means that you’re the only person who has a say on what to use the HSA for. But of course, there are limitations on what you can purchase.

The best way to know what you can and cannot buy is to check with your provider. However, the general things that you can purchase are treatments that your insurance doesn’t cover, equipment for injuries, medicines, and other illness-preventing products.

Can you use an HSA to buy an office chair?

Buy a chair

Of course you can! Your HSA can be used to buy an office chair.

But there’s a catch. Before you even get to use your HSA, you have to have an LMN that states why you need an ergonomic office chair in the first place.

Despite having obvious reasons for wanting an office chair, this is a requirement that you’re supposed to satisfy before you can use your HSA to buy one. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to get an LMN, you can contact a chiropractor.

Why can I use an HSA to buy an office chair?

Let’s go back to the purpose of the HSA—it’s basically a savings account that’s meant for health expenses. Owning this account will help you become wiser in terms of spending on healthcare costs.

Since back and neck problems are linked to having bad posture when sitting on an office chair, it makes sense that your HSA covers office chair expenses. This is especially true when a professional already subscribes to the use of an ergonomic chair to prevent back problems.

What’s important here is that a professional is able to determine that using an ergonomic office chair is necessary for you. This will have to be stated in the LMN.

But again, don’t forget that different HSA providers have different inclusions. While in general, office chairs are included, it’s best to double-check.

Is it recommended to use an HSA when buying office chairs?

Yes and no. Since your HSA’s funds are controlled by you, it’s up to you how you will spend the money on it.

One of the best ways to determine if it’s better to use your HSA to buy an office chair is if your account’s funds are able to cover the other medical expenses that you are planning for.

This assumes that you already have an idea of what you’ll be spending on that isn’t covered by your insurance. Since you’re in sole control of this account, it’s a good practice for you to be able to budget the funds that are in your HSA.

However, we understand that some accounts don’t have a lot of funds yet and this is where you might decide that using your HSA for an office chair isn’t worth it.

If you are planning to save money for a bigger medical or treatment bill, then getting your office chair covered by your HSA might not be the best action. After all, insurances have limitations on the number of treatments they can give.

With that said, it will be up to you to decide if your HSA can accommodate paying for the cost of an ergonomic office chair. If it can’t, then you might be better off buying an office chair from your own pocket.

How can I use an HSA to buy an office chair?

Since you’re still reading this, I’m assuming that you’re interested in using your HSA to buy an office chair.

There are a few things to do so that you can buy your office chair without any hassle.

The first, of course, is to check with your provider about their rules on office chair coverage. If it’s allowed, check what requirements you need to pass in order for you to purchase a unit.

We have to warn you, though, even if you have all the requirements ready, you might have to pay out of your own pocket first. You will be allowed to file for reimbursement later, where your requirements will come useful.

To make things easier, we suggest you buy at retailers that have HSA-eligible items. You can either go to Walmart’s HSA Store, filter HSA items on Amazon or go to the HSA Store directly.

Through these stores, you can pick out ergonomic office chairs that are covered by your HSA provider.

Once you’re done paying and receive the office chair, you can file for a reimbursement. Don’t forget to attach the receipt and your LMN when you file for reimbursement.


The good news is that your HSA could cover your office chair purchases. Since HSAs aren’t just meant for therapies and recovery treatment, you can definitely get your office chair paid by this savings account.

But in order for you to do that, make sure to follow our best practices like checking with your provider and having an LMN ready.

That way, reimbursement becomes an easy process!