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What are the Benefits of Bouncing On an Exercise Ball?

the benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball

You have learned that there are a variety of things you can do with a stability ball. However, you would like to learn more about what benefits come from bouncing on an exercise ball.

Here are the benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball:

  • Finds neutral spine position
  • Increases lower back mobility
  • Teaches proper posture
  • Increases abdominal and back muscle strength
  • Develops overall body control and flexibility
  • Increases balance and stability
  • Supports healthy joints
  • Encourages proper breathing
  • Teaches to lift properly
  • Supports pregnant women during labor
  • Encourages better focus and increases productivity
  • Burns extra calories
  • Improves heart health and cardio
  • Induces the desire to stretch
  • Aids in sports performance

1. Bouncing on an exercise ball helps you find a neutral spine position

Finding a neutral spine position using an exercise ball relieves back pain, and helps people with current back issues or inverted and extroverted hip positions. A neutral spine position can prevent future back problems as well.

Feldenkrais practitioner and movement expert, Taro Iwamoto, explains in more detail the benefits of an exercise ball and how it helps you find a neutral spine. He even helps you select the proper size of an exercise ball for your height.

Benefits of Sitting on Exercise Ball: why you should care

2. Stability balls increase lower back mobility

ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

When you sit in an office chair all day, your pelvis becomes tight and reduces the mobility of your back and hips. If you have a tight lower back and you’re twisting mobility is limited, then you will appreciate the benefit of bouncing on a stability ball.

3. Fit balls teach proper posture

fit balls teach proper posture.jpg

We humans slouch. it is in our nature!

Bouncing on a fit ball can recurve our spines into proper alignment. Proper posture is both healthy for your back and is also more attractive (compared to slouching!).

4. Increase abdominal and back muscle strength on a yoga ball

ProBody Pilates Ball Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

As you bounce on a yoga ball, you will notice the muscles in your abdomen, back, and hamstrings tighten. The up and down movement on a ball builds muscle strength in your stomach, back, hips, and legs. This is a terrific benefit for someone looking for more tone in their body.

5. Develop overall body control and flexibility using an exercise ball

Exercise balls increase the overall control of your body and the flexibility in your hips, pelvis, and hamstrings. This is a wonderful benefit for people who sit most of their day.

6. Stability balls increase stability and balance

These stability balls are called stability balls for a reason. They increase your stability and balance, making this an ideal benefit to the elderly population that slowly loses stability and balance as they age.

7. Exercise balls support joints

exercise balls support joints

Many exercises can be harsh on your joints. Whether that is running, jumping, HIIT training, or other intense hopping, it is important to understand the benefit an exercise ball has on your joints.

When you bounce on an exercise ball it has less impact on your joints than burpees or jumping jacks. With an exercise ball, you can build the muscle around your joint in a safer way.

A common complaint as we age is hip pain, which tight joints and muscles can cause. That is just one more reason to bounce on an exercise ball!

8. Encourage proper breathing by bouncing on an exercise ball

Improved sitting postures on an exercise ball lead to better breathing. Your lungs can completely expand to their normal capacity, which in turn lets you breathe properly.

9. Physioballs teach you to lift properly

wall squat with exercise ball

Lower back injuries can be caused by lifting objects incorrectly. You can do some things with an exercise ball that teaches you to lift properly.

Here is an exercise to help you lift properly:

  • Hold an exercise ball against a wall at the small of the back, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and then squat to where the top of your legs are parallel to the floor.
  • With your hands on hips, squat down halfway without leaning back into the exercise ball. Instead, let the ball guide the position of the back.
  • Return to standing. Repeat 5 times.

10. Stability balls support pregnant women during labor

stability balls support pregnant women during labor

Pregnant women often use stability balls before, during, and after labor. They will bounce on an exercise ball before labor to help channel the baby into the proper position for birth.

Pregnant women will sometimes bounce on exercise balls during labor to push the baby into the birthing canal. They will also use the exercise ball to lean on in other positions.

Another benefit an exercise ball can bring to post-delivery mothers is its efficiency to help strengthen the pelvic floor after birth. They are also used to bounce an infant to sleep, a substitute for rocking a baby to sleep.

11. Use a swiss ball to improve focus and productivity

swiss ball can improve focus and productivity

Exercise balls can greatly benefit adults and children with hyperactive and attention deficiency. Whether you work from home, in an office, or are studying for an exam in school, the swiss ball is a wonderful addition to improve your focus and productivity.

12. Exercise balls burn extra calories

It may not be a lot, but exercise balls can burn extra calories. Continuous bouncing on a stability ball for one hour can burn 50 calories.

Want to learn more? Read our article, “Does Bouncing On an Exercise Ball Burn Calories?”

13. Improve your heart health and cardio using a yoga ball

Not only does bouncing on an exercise ball burn calories, but it also gets your heart pumping! The longer you bounce the harder your heart pumps, leading to an excellent warm-up that increases your cardio endurance during your workouts.

14. Fit balls push you to stretch more often

Gaiam 610-6002RTL Balance Ball Chair - Classic Yoga Ball Chair

If you use a stability ball chair as an office chair, you may understand that they can feel uncomfortable after a while. They make you want to stand up every hour to stretch your muscles out before going back.

This is a fantastic benefit for office workers and other professions that require them to sit all day. Regular stretching can prevent unwanted muscle tearing and strains.

15. Exercise balls aid in sports performance

exercise balls aid in sports performance

If you are an active individual on a team or just a regular day gym-goer,  adding an exercise ball to your warm-up and cool-down routine can prove beneficial.

The inherently unstable and soft surface of an exercise ball activates your core, which in turn strengthens your core muscles, improves proprioception, balance, coordination, and posture. All of these benefits will improve your sports performance and prevent injuries.


Bouncing on an exercise ball helps you lose weight by burning calories, prevents and relieves back pain, supports pregnant women and labor, and overall, leads to a healthier body position.

We hope this article has informed you of the many benefits you can get from a stability ball. Enjoy your regular exercise ball routine knowing the many benefits you are receiving.