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What Size Rug Should Go Under an Office Desk?

What Size Rug Should Go Under an Office Desk?

One way to spice up an office is through a decorative carpet. If you have a small office, placing your rug beneath your desk may sound like a fantastic idea. Now you may be wondering, what size rug should go under an office desk?

The size of the rug under your desk will depend on the size of your desk and your desk type. Your carpet should be large enough to fit your desk on top of it.

No matter which size rug you choose, it is bound to highlight and feature your desk, uplifting the style in your entire office. Keep reading for an in-depth breakdown of rug sizes and how to arrange them underneath your desk.

Should You Put a Rug Under a Desk?

Yes, you should put a rug under a desk. Carpets are a beautiful way to accent an office and they protect your floors from scratches caused by office chairs.

Home Office Desk with decorate rug

Another benefit to placing a carpet beneath your desk is it can help your office feel more ordered and organized. Rugs enhance desks and draw your attention toward them.

Keep in mind, if you own a rolling desk chair, then your carpet should be on the thinner side. A rolling desk chair might catch in thick and shaggy carpet strands and prevent you from rolling.

For non-rolling desk chairs, feel free to use a fun and fluffy carpet. Remember to lift the chair and not push or slide it. This will prevent the desk chair legs from getting snagged in the carpet strands and accidentally shredding your lovely carpet.

What Size Rug Should Go Under an Office Desk?

The rug size that should go underneath your desk depends on your desk type and desk size.

In the fashion world, the general guiding principle for rugs underneath desks is that your rug should be at least 18” to 24” larger than the desk size. A carpet this size will leave ample room for your office chair.

Decorate Rug under office desk in spacious home office

If you have an office chair that rolls backward, don’t forget to consider that when choosing the right size of rug underneath your desk. You’ll want a carpet large enough where your office chair won’t roll off of it.

Here is a table that pairs desk types and sizes to rug sizes.

Desk Types

Desk Sizes

Size of Rugs

Standard Computer Desk 4’ x 1’-8” 4’x6’ or 3’x5’
Corner Desk | L Desk 4’ long x-axis, 5’ long y-axis, 1’-6” depth 4’x4’
Large Executive Desk 6’x2’ at the front
3’x1’3” at the side
Wall | Writing Desk 5’x2.5’ 4’x6’ or 5’x8’
Wall Mount Desk 3’-6” x 1’-8” 4’x6’

How Do You Arrange a Rug Under a Desk?

There are many ways to arrange a rug under a desk. Arrange a rug under a desk, leaving a couple of feet of material exposed on all sides.

Decorate Rug in home office

If you have a corner desk and round carpet, center your carpet to the center or corner of your desk. Make sure to leave enough room for your chair to rest on the carpet.

Rotate a rectangular rug to sit in a vertical position for smaller-sized offices. There will be more carpet material where your chair sits and in front of your desk. This is a terrific rug arrangement for visitors that sit in a chair across from you.

For rectangular rugs, you can have your carpet flow lengthwise along with your desk or in a vertical arrangement for narrow offices.

For circular carpets, they are most appealing when centered with your desk. Pull a round carpet beneath your office chair for a better fit and more aesthetic look.

Nourison Passion Bohemian Floral Round Area Rug

Here is a table to guide you to the best carpet shapes and arrangements for your desk type.

Desk Types

Rug Shapes 

Rug Arrangements

Standard Computer Desk Square or Rectangular
  • Lay the rug horizontal with the desk if your desk rests against a wall.
  • If your desk is centered or in a narrow room, then lay your carpet vertically.
Corner Desk | L Desk Square, Rectangular, or Round
  • Center square and round rugs with the center of the desk.
  • Rectangular rugs can be arranged to line one side or the other.
Large Executive Desk Rectangular
  • Lay the rectangular rug either horizontally or vertically on your desk, depending on the size of your room.
Wall | Writing Desk Square, Rectangular, or Half Circle
  • Perfectly center the rug underneath the desk.
  • Half circle rugs are best with narrower desks.
Wall Mount Desk Square, Rectangular, or Half Circle
  • Center the rug directly under the desk.


A rug beneath a desk can elevate a bland office to an elegant office in seconds. Carpets are a terrific way to make your desk the focal point in a room and they protect your floors from damage.

The rug size that goes underneath your office desk depends on desk size and type. Your ultimate goal is to use a larger rug than your desk, leaving enough carpet for your chair to sit and roll back on.

Whether you have a square, rectangular, or circular rug, they can all look gorgeous under an office desk. Arrange your carpet beneath your desk to your style preferences.