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10 Kneeling Chair Benefits

10 kneeling chair benefits

Over the last few years, kneeling chairs have grown in popularity due to their purported health benefits. They are a somewhat unique-looking seating choice that some people are not entirely comfortable with, but once you take the leap and start using a kneeling chair, you may soon notice it can offer a few benefits for your health and wellbeing.

We have all heard that sitting for prolonged periods is bad for our health. It can cause back and hip pain, promote poor circulation and be blamed for a lack of focus at work. For those that spend a lot of their workday sitting at a desk, switching to a kneeling chair can provide a range of positive benefits.

This article will cover 10 kneeling chair benefits you may not have known about, as well as touch on the different types of kneeling chairs and how they can target different areas of your body when it comes to relieving you from aches and pains.

Health Benefits of a Kneeling Chair

GEOSUNNY Kneeling Chair 18"x 8"- Ergonomic PU Leather Office Seat

Kneeling chairs are not a one-size-fits-all seating option, but once you find a kneeling chair that fits your body type and size you may start to notice these 10 kneeling chair benefits.

  1. Reduction of Back Pain
    Kneeling chairs encourage the natural S-curve of your spine which takes the pressure off of nerves and spinal discs and can reduce overall back pain.
  2. Reduction of Hip Pain
    Sitting in a kneeling chair will adjust the angle of your pelvis and hips, leading to less pressure point pain and better distribution of your weight overall.
  3. Better Hip Rotation
    Some kneeling chairs offer variations of the seat including saddle-style which helps increase your hip and joint rotation and range of movement.
  4. Improved Posture
    Your body will be naturally balanced in a kneeling chair, encouraging natural and improved posture without slouching or sitting at an angle.
  5. Better Circulation
    Kneeling chairs help increase blood flow by preventing veins from being pinched due to poor posture or bad weight distribution.
  6. Increased Focus
    With step 5, better circulation can lead to improved focus as more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your brain without being cut off along the way.
  7. Better Digestion
    Sitting in a more natural position can help increase your gut movement and provide more room for your intestines to do their work, leading to better digestion.
  8. Improved Breathing
    When you are not sitting in a slouched position, your diaphragm and lungs have more room to expand and process oxygen.
  9. Better Balance
    Sitting on a kneeling chair, especially the rocker types will improve your core strength, trunk muscles, and general balance over time.
  10. Improved Reach
    With your pelvis being slanted slightly forward and your back is in its natural S-curve, reaching across your desk is made much easier overall.

Different Kneeling Chair Styles and Benefits

Kneeling chairs are not just found in one style only. In fact, you can find a variety of different kneeling chair designs to suit your needs and personal tastes. Different styles of chairs can offer different health benefits as well. Regardless of the kneeling chair you choose, it should be comfortable to use and easy to get into and out of.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Adjustable Stool

This style is made to be fully adjustable in various ways including the height of the seat, angle of the seat, angle of the shin or knee pad, and more. Additionally, some ergonomic kneeling chairs may offer handles at the side of the seat to help you get seated and to help you adjust yourself while seated.

Ergonomic kneeling chairs can be great for offering added support to your spine, especially if you get a model that includes a backrest. While the majority of kneeling chairs are back-free, some do include a backrest to help you make the switch from a standard office chair to a kneeling chair.

Kneeling Stool

These are normally extremely simple in their design and are great for someone just starting out with a kneeling chair. They are very affordable, and while they won’t last as long as a high-quality brand, they can let you know if a kneeling chair is something your body can adjust to.

Kneeling stools offer all of the benefits as a full kneeling chair without the options for adjustability. The seat and knee pads may be much thinner, so if you suffer from knee pain a kneeling stool may not be a good option for you. Consider this an entry-level kneeling chair for short-term use or just for testing.

Kneeling Rocker

VIVO Wooden Rocking Kneeling Chair

This style of kneeling chair is extremely good at improving your core strength and even burning a few calories. Built like a standard kneeling chair, it also adds the extra benefit of being a rocking chair. You’ll need better balance to feel comfortable on a kneeling rocker, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t notice any difficulties using it over a non-rocking version.

Kneeling rockers are great for targeting your core muscles and lumbar area. They are specifically made to force your body to work a little harder to remain upright and with a natural spine curvature. Over time, using a kneeling rocker may help you lose some weight from your midsection as you use your balance and core muscles to remain upright and seated properly on the chair.

Kneeling Chair Considerations

Predawn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

While kneeling chairs can offer a host of health benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind as well.

  • Since some of your weight is placed on your knees, and your knees will be bent, kneeling chairs may not be comfortable for those that suffer from knee pain or are living with a knee injury.
  • Kneeling chairs are normally shorter than standard office chairs, so you may need to adjust your desk height to accommodate your kneeling chair.
  • Kneeling chairs can help improve circulation in your legs, but it is still important that you take at least one break from sitting on your kneeling chair every 45 minutes.
  • Getting used to the feel of a kneeling chair can take some time. You may notice some muscle aches as your body gets used to this new seating angle and lack of backrest.


Kneeling chairs may look odd and can take some getting used to when sitting in them, however, they can help improve your health by increasing blood circulation, reducing the strain on your spine and lumbar area, improving your core strength, opening up your pelvis for better hip rotation, and more.

While you may need to spend a couple of weeks getting used to this new way of sitting, a kneeling chair can help reduce back pain and improve your mental focus throughout the workday as you won’t be forced to think about aches and pains you have while using a standard office chair.