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Is a Saddle Chair Good For Your Back?

Saddle chair on wooden floor

With the rise of ergonomic chairs, there has been an overwhelming flood of chair designs that claim to be good for your back and posture.

One of the chair designs that has become popular over the last few years is the saddle chair.

But what is the saddle chair? And is it actually good for your back?

We have found that a saddle chair is good for your back. The seat design forces you to have your knees 135 degrees from your hips, which positions your spine and pelvis correctly and strengthens the muscles that help you keep good posture. Due to all of these factors, your back is kept safe from any pain.

What is the purpose of a saddle chair?

Saddle Chair in Beauty Salon, Medical Clinic, Lab, office

The purpose of a saddle chair is to keep you from getting any back pain from sitting for long hours. It also has the added bonus of helping you move around easily while sitting.

Because of its downward slope design, a saddle chair forces you to sit with your knees at a greater angle to your hips.

This lessens the pressure on your spine and pelvis, which allows you to sit for long hours without developing any pain.

With less bulk on the frame, a saddle chair also lets you roll easily on its wheels and lean forward or backward as needed.

This allows you to get closer to your workstation, which is especially handy for dentists, anesthetists, and other clinicians.

And because of its higher height, a saddle chair provides a better perch for ergonomic working, especially if you’re below the average height!

Is a saddle chair good for your back?

A woman sitting straight on saddle chair

A saddle chair is amazing for your back!

Because of how the chair positions your legs, your knees are 135 degrees from your hips. This naturally shifts your spine and pelvis into the natural S curve that you’re supposed to have.

With your spine in the natural S curve, there is less pressure on your spine, reducing the risk of spinal or back injuries.

The S curve is also preserved when you bend forward, which means you can easily lean in and focus on your work without fearing back injuries!

And because the S curve is preserved, any tension that you might have in your neck, shoulders, or back will be lessened since your spine will naturally support itself and your muscles won’t have to compensate.

Are saddle chairs good for posture?

Good posture while sitting on saddle chair without back support

Saddle chairs are also great for good posture!

With your spine in the naturally supported S curve, your body can function in the way it’s supposed to, which helps you train it to automatically follow good posture.

This is because sitting on a saddle chair exercises the muscles that help you maintain good posture: the muscles in your back, abs, thighs, and buttocks.

As they are exercised more, they become more able to support good posture and develop muscle memory for good posture.

But that’s not all!

Some other benefits of saddle chairs include:

  • Stronger blood circulation in your legs and feet due to the wider angle between your knees and hips, as well as less contact pressure between your legs and the chair.
  • Better balance due to the way your legs naturally part and provide a wide support base.
  • Improved hand stability due to how your torso is more supported.

How do you use a saddle chair?

So now that you know why saddle chairs are good for you, how do you use them?

Demonstration of how to sit on a saddle chair

To use a saddle chair properly, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Hold on to the front of the saddle chair seat.
  • Mount it from behind or from the side, depending on what’s easier for you.
  • Once you’re on the chair, make sure you position yourself so that you can see the front edge of the saddle.

What are the best saddle chairs?

Now that we’ve covered everything about saddle chairs, let’s look at some of the best saddle chairs you can buy!

Antlu Faux Leather Saddle Stool

First on our list, the Antlu saddle stool comes with a faux leather seat cover that is waterproof, resistant to oil, and easy to clean. It also has an extra thick seat that provides you with a comfortable sitting experience – especially if you’re sitting all day!

This stool comes with a seat that can rotate, and  5 wheels that can swivel. This allows you to easily move around the room while sitting.

Antlu’s stool also has impressive stats, with an adjustable height range of 21 to 28 inches, and a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Grace&Grace Faux Leather Saddle Stool

The Grace&Grace faux leather saddle stool comes with a dense sponge seat, covered with PVC leather.

Its seat can rotate 360 degrees and can be adjusted to the height you want. The stool can support up to 400 pounds, and is easily assembled with no tools!

Antlu Polyurethane Saddle Stool

The Antlu polyurethane saddle stool comes with a rotating seat, as well as wheels that easily and quietly swivel.

The stool can be adjusted to heights ranging from 21.6 to 29.5 inches, and it can support up to 280 pounds. You can easily assemble it in 2 minutes with no tools needed!

Kaleurrier Saddle Chair with Backrest

The Kaleurrier saddle chair comes with a dense sponge seat, covered with waterproof and oil-resistant PVC leather. This is the perfect choice if you want to have the option of using a backrest.

The seat can rotate 360 degrees, and its wheels are safe for all floors. It can be adjusted to a height from 20 to 28 inches, and supports up to 350 pounds.

Assembly is quick and easy, with no tools needed, and you receive a warranty for one year.


Saddle Rolling Clinic Spa Massage Stool Chair with Back Rest

The main purpose of a saddle chair is to promote better posture when sitting for long periods. It also helps you move around easily.

A saddle chair is very good for your back since it promotes a natural S curve in your spine, which lessens the risk of back injuries even when you frequently lean forward.

A saddle chair is also good for posture since it strengthens the muscles that are needed to keep your body upright.

To use a saddle chair, hold the front edge, sit down from behind, and make sure you can still see the front edge.

Our top 4 saddle chairs are the Antlu Faux Leather Saddle Stool, the Grace&Grace Faux Leather Saddle Stool, the Antlu Polyurethane Saddle Stool, and the Kaleurrier Saddle Chair with Backrest.

We hope this article helped you learn more about saddle chairs!

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