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Are Footrests Allowed On Planes?

Footrests On Planes

If you are a frequent flier, you would know the kind of damage a long flight can do to your health. We understand that when your feet lie unsupported for hours at a stretch, it leads to terrible back pain, disrupted blood circulation, discomfort around the shoulders, neck, and other health issues. The pain and discomfort are all pervading for a couple of days, or even weeks, that one would try anything to prevent it.

After trying several methods, we can confidently tell you that the only fool-proof solution to prevent the havoc your body goes through during a flight is a footrest.

Footrests are a worthy investment and a true bliss for your legs, and they help you align your feet in a comfortable position throughout your flight without exerting too much pressure on the muscles.

Read on to learn more about these saviors.

Are Inflatable Footrests Allowed On Planes?

Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow

There is no definite answer to the question, “Are footrests allowed on planes?” Some airlines allow you to carry an additional inflatable footrest, while some do not.

However, before you make a purchase, you must check whether your airlines allow footrests, which ones come with pre-installed footrests, and their benefits.

The airlines that do allow you to carry an inflatable footrest have prerequisites that must be followed.

First, the footrest should not be bulky and obstruct the plane’s aisles and walkways.

Second, under no circumstances must the footrest be used when the plane is taking off or landing.

Are Airplane Footrests Worth It?

Are you wondering if airplane footrests work and are a worthy purchase? Yes, they are, especially if you are an avid and frequent flier. We have a few proven reasons that will make you believe in the wonders of an airplane footrest.

But, before we discuss their benefits, let us acquaint you with the two different types of footrests that you can carry on an airplane—Inflatable Footrests and Hammock Footrests.

Inflatable Footrests

Peixiong Travel Foot Rest Pillow,Inflatable Footrest Cushion

Such footrests are compact, easy to travel with, and can be inflated and deflated at a height suitable for your comfort. Inflatable footrests can also double as a lie-flat bed for your toddler to comfortably sleep on during a long flight.

Hammock Footrests

Foot Rest, Portable Travel Footrest Flight Carry-On Foot Rest

Between the two, are an inexpensive option. They come with adjustable straps that can be extended from the tray table, and a small foam cushion is added to the footrest where you can comfortably position your feet.

Benefits Of Airplane Footrests

  • Most economy seats cannot be adjusted to your preferred height and comfort. For relatively short people, a footrest is a rescuer from all the discomfort that comes with having their legs hanging in the air. A footrest allows you to keep your feet on it comfortably and have a long, relaxed flight.
  • An airplane footrest can prevent vein thrombosis. Static sitting leads to the formation of blood clots in the veins around the legs. This usually occurs when you are sitting in a cramped-up space in an economy class where there is a lack of room to move or stretch your legs, which puts pressure on your legs. This issue can be resolved with a footrest on which you can relax your feet and move them around freely.
  • Economy seats are not the most spacious, so leg issues, back pain, numbness and tingling in the legs, shoulder pain, and other health issues are inevitable. Footrests are a compact and inexpensive alternative that offer more comfort in  economy class without you having to upgrade to a business class.
  • Footrests are very convenient to use. They are easy to inflate and deflate, are portable, and do not take up a lot of space in your luggage. They are especially helpful when traveling with a child who would require additional support during the flight. And because they are multi-purpose, when you are off your flight, you can use your footrest in your office or at your home too.
Aestoria Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow

What Airlines Have Footrests?

You don’t always have to worry about carrying a footrest with you because, thankfully, some premium airlines come with footrests pre-installed. A few airlines that have footrests included are:

  • Qantas
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Virgin Atlantic

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Use An Inflatable Footrest On Emirates?

Emirates Airlines

You are not permitted to use footrests, leg rests, or any other tool on Emirates. The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) claims that such items can pose safety risks and cause disruptions in cases of emergency. They should  be stored in overhead lockers as carry-ons.

2. Does United Airlines Allow Inflatable Footrests?

United Airlines

United Airlines allows their customers to use inflatable footrests as long as they do not cause disruptions during turbulence. Another factor to keep in mind is the size of the footrest. Inflatable footrests that are too big and block seamless movement on the walkway or the aisle are not allowed.

3. Does Lufthansa Allow Inflatable Footrests?

No, Lufthansa does not allow inflatable footrests on their flights. However, flyers may find relief in the fact that there is ample legroom for you to stretch your legs and have a comfortable journey without straining yourself much.

4. Are Inflatable Footrests Allowed On Delta?

Delta Airlines

If you are traveling with your child and want to make sure a long haul doesn’t cause them comfort, you will be glad to know that Delta allows inflatable footrests on their planes. The only thing you need to make sure of is not to use the footrests during take-offs and plane landings.


We hope this article helped answer your question “Are footrests allowed on planes?”

Footrests are an underrated, miraculous product that can do a lot of good for your health. They allow you to stay comfortable even when you are seated in your plane’s seat for prolonged hours without any movement.

Depending on your requirements, there are multiple different types of footrests available in varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

So make sure to purchase your footrest today and enjoy the luxury and feeling of traveling in first class on your next flight!