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How do you replace/remove an office chair base? 2 DIYs for you

How do you replace/remove an office chair base? 2 DIYs for you

Does the base of your office chair need replacing?

The truth is, there are so many reasons to replace it. If one leg breaks, if it’s too wobbly for you, if it doesn’t look good anymore, and the list goes on.

That’s easy enough to figure out.

What’s stopping you is that you probably don’t know how it’s done. It seems like this is a job for the professionals.

That’s not true!

You can do it yourself, even if you’re not a mechanical whiz.

Here, we’re going to show you how to replace the base and how to remove the base with the piston shaft. To end this, we’ll recommend 2 office chair bases you can use as a replacement.

So let’s get to it!

1. How to Replace an Office Chair Base

How to remove 5-star base from Armor gaming chair?

If you look at an office chair, you’ll see that the base is being held by the piston shaft.

The shaft goes through a hole in the center of the base.

That’s what keeps it put.

Your goal, then, is to separate the shaft from the base.

To begin, lay the office chair on its side. This way, you’ll have better access to the base.

A. If the piston shaft sticks out a little bit at the bottom of the base, get a hammer and gently hammer it inward.

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Make sure you hit the sides of the shaft and not the center. If you hit the center, that could destroy the shaft’s mechanism, which you definitely don’t want.

A quick tip: Grab hold of one of the base’s legs for better support.

B. If the piston shaft sticks far out from the base’s bottom, hammer the base outward instead.

You don’t want to hit the shaft inward with these types because there are more chances of damaging it.

A quick tip: You can hit the base as hard as you can. You’re going to replace it anyway.

Doing this is easy enough if your office chair hasn’t been through a lot. The base should slip off easily.

But if you’ve been using your office chair for years now, it might not be so easy.

The piston shaft or base won’t budge no matter how hard you hit.

In this case, you need to spray the trusty WD-40 around the base’s opening. This will help loosen tight and stuck areas.

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A quick tip: The longer you let the WD-40 sit, the easier it will be to slip off.

Once the old base is off, the new one can take its place.

All you need to do is place the new base’s opening in the piston shaft. To secure it together, just sit on the office chair.

As easy as that!

2. How to Remove an Office Chair Base With the Bottom Piston Shaft

How to remove the base from the office chair

What if you’re not planning on replacing the base…

You only want to remove it to get to the metal shaft or make it easier to transport.

Well, there’s a different way to remove that.

This time, you’re removing the base with the bottom half of the shaft still stuck to it.

an office chair base with the bottom piston shaft

To do this, turn your office chair upside down.

There, you’ll find a clip at the bottom of the piston shaft. This clip is what secures the bottom shaft to the upper metal shaft.

How do you remove the clip?

For some office chairs, you can slip the clip off with your fingers. For others, it requires some tools.

The tools you’ll need are a flathead screwdriver  and an Allen wrench .

A quick tip: You could use a knife in place of a flathead screwdriver. But be careful you don’t cut yourself!

Use the flathead screwdriver to lift the metal clip. Then, with the Allen wrench, push the clip out.

If it doesn’t budge, you could try gently hammering it. You might need a friend to help you with this.

Again, lift the metal clip with the flathead screwdriver. Place the Allen wrench in position, and, instead of pushing, hammer it for more force.

Once the clip is out, you can pull the base, along with the bottom half of the piston shaft, out.

A quick tip: Pull it out slowly and carefully to see where the washers are placed. When you know the washers’ placings, it’ll be a lot easier to put it back together.

To reassemble it, slip the bottom piston shaft into the metal part. Slide the clip back on to secure it. Put any washers back where you found them.

So that’s how to remove an office chair base with the bottom piston shaft.

Office Chair Base Recommendations

Of course, before you even remove the base, you’ll need a replacement.

If you look into office chair base replacements, you’ll find A LOT.

So much so that you’ll scratch your head in confusion and ask, “what should I get?”

Well, we’re going to recommend 2 of our favorites to give you a head start.

The first one is the Chairpartsonline Office Chair Base S4180-2.

Heavy Duty Replacement Office Chair Base - 28" Aluminum Black - S4180-2
  • Heavy Duty 28" Black Painted Aluminum Chair Base
  • Standard 2" (50mm) center hub hole to receive standard 2" gas lift cylinders
  • Standard 7/16"x7/8" (11mm x 25mm) sockets to receive standard chair caster stems

What we like about this is that it fits any standard piston shaft size.

If you have a standard office chair, you can use this as a replacement.

It’s also colored black, made from aluminum, and built to last.

Our other recommendation is the Chairpartsonline Chair Base S4164-Red.

Heavy Duty Replacement Office Chair Base - 28" Red Painted Aluminum - S4164-RED
  • Heavy Duty 28" Red Aluminum Chair Base
  • Standard 2" (50mm) center hub hole to receive standard 2" gas lift cylinders
  • Standard 7/16"x7/8" (11mm x 25mm) sockets to receive standard chair caster stems

This is very heavy-duty, able to carry a heavier weight.

Its red finish makes it very fancy. This is perfect if you’re the type of person that likes adding a bit of accent here and there.

If not, you can get the white version.

Heavy Duty Replacement Office Chair Base - 28" White Painted Aluminum - S4164-WHITE
  • Heavy Duty 28" White Aluminum Chair Base
  • Standard 2" (50mm) center hub hole to receive standard 2" gas lift cylinders
  • Standard 7/16"x7/8" (11mm x 25mm) sockets to receive standard chair caster stems

We highly recommend these 2 office chair base replacements.

One thing you need to make sure of when buying a replacement. It’s that the hole needs to fit the piston shaft.

If it doesn’t, then the replacement will be useless.

So measure carefully.

If you don’t know how to place the casters in your new base, click here to learn how to do that.


So these were how to replace/remove an office chair base.

Now, when you need to replace or remove an office chair base, you know what to do.

No need to call the professionals…

You can do it yourself!

And with our recommendations, you’re well on your way to having a new base that’ll improve your office chair.

If you want to learn how to take apart other office chair components, click here.