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Are Balance Boards Good for Standing Desks?

Are Balance Boards Good for Standing Desks?

There has been a massive shift in office and remote work set-ups in the past few year with many switching from the traditional seating desk to the newer standing desks. This is all thanks to the health benefits that standing desks provide.

In line with that, balance boards are being recommended as the best accessory for a standing desk.

But are balance boards good for standing desks?

The answer is yes.

Thanks to research, we now know that standing desks effectively boost your productivity and relieve back pain by helping fix your posture.

Balance boards then add to that experience by letting you exercise while working, helping you cut down on your sedentary lifestyle. This makes them an excellent home fitness tool.

Aside from that, there are a few other benefits that standing desks and balance boards provide, including better focus, improved balance, and even some light fun to offset boredom while working.

This article will go through what balance boards are, their benefits, and why you should use one alongside your standing desk.

What is a Balance Board?

Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers

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A balance board is, well, a board you can do balancing exercises on.

Commonly made from plastic or wood, balance boards are simple training equipment that consists of a flat, uniform surface on top of a rounded bottom.

Users then stand on the board and try to maintain their balance and posture. But while they are commonly used in exercise settings, balance boards can also be employed in both physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In fact, with the right exercises, the balance board can improve your:

  • Balance vision,
  • Motor skills,
  • Coordination and reaction skills,
  • and micro musculature

This is because, while using a balance board, you end up training muscle groups that are not exercised while using other equipment or playing active sports.

However, these training equipment are now being used in everyday life in tandem with standing desks more recently.

But why?

To get a better understanding, let’s look at the pros and cons of using a standing desk for working.

Are Balance Boards Good for a Standing Desk?

Girl standing on an Anti Fatigue Balance Board for Standing Desk

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Years ago, standing desks were introduced to prevent sedentary behavior and help you lose weight. However, thanks to research, we now know that the latter is false.

Instead, we know that standing desks effectively fix your posture and incentivize you to move more while working, both of which are good things.

However, the problem is that people who use standing desks often just standstill for hours. Unfortunately, doing so is just as bad as sitting for hours.

While standing is healthier than sitting, doing it for hours can strain your feet, legs, and back. And for people that are used to sitting all day, the pain often comes sooner.

So, should you use a balance board with a standing desk? Absolutely.

Professional Rocker Balance Board for Physical Therapy

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Rather than standing perfectly still for long periods, incorporating balance boards allows you to get the most out of your standing desk by moving around. This makes for a well-rounded workout.

By using a balance board alongside your standing desk set-up, you can enjoy benefits like:

Better Posture

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk - Stability Rocker Wobble Board for Constant Movement to Increase Focus, Alternative to Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

As mentioned above, standing desks improve your posture.

However, balance boards take this further by evenly distributing your body weight and strengthening your core muscles. Over time, this will translate to better posture and less back pain.


Man and woman standing on Wooden Wobble Balance Board Comfort Floor Mat

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When you’re balancing on something, your body continuously makes micro-movements to keep you centered. These low-intensity movements help you stay comfortable, allowing you to use the balance board for longer.

Healthier Heart

Strong and healthy heart

Of course, all those micro-movements and little exercises will also help increase blood circulation and keep you active. This keeps your heart beating and healthy while also giving it a good workout.

Lower Chance of Injury

Wooden Balance Board for Balance Training and Keep Healthy Core

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Another benefit of using a balance board is that it stabilizes your core muscles and improves your coordination. This leads to an increase in your functional strength, helping you become more agile. In turn, you can lower your chances of being injured.

Productivity Boost

Notebook writing improve productivity

The same blood flow that can keep your heart strong will also help bring in a burst of productivity. This enhances your brain’s ability to multitask, helping you accomplish more by the end of the day.

Ease Boredom

Lastly, balance boards help ease boredom by providing you with something fun and engaging.

Most times, work can be tedious and monotonous, so giving your feet something fun to do helps stimulate your mind keeps you engaged.

How to Choose a Balance Board for My Standing Desk?

Kid playing on Rocker balance Board

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When it comes to choosing the best balance board, it all falls to your needs and preferences. However, to get the most benefits possible in this setup, there are a few points you have to consider.

To start, you need to find a balance board that doesn’t require your full attention to balance yourself. Note that the equipment only needs to help you stay active, not serve as a distraction altogether.

Here are the following factors to keep in mind when choosing a balance board:

Balance Board Type

The first point to consider is the type of balance board you want.

Currently, there are two main kinds, the rocker board and the wobble board.

People standing on Curvy Rocker Board for Yoga and Exercise Outdoor

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Rocker boards are beginner-friendly and easy to use, as they offer a limited range of motion while being used. Wobble boards, on the other hand, are trickier, allowing for a 360-range of movement that’s more suited to non-beginners.

Yes4All Plastic Wobble Balance Board/Core Balance Board - Round Wobble Board for Physical Therapy, Standing Desk, Core Trainer, Home Gym Workout (Midnight Green)

If you’re looking for more options, there’s also the spring balance board, roller balance board, and half balance balls, all of which offer more variation.

Regardless of the kind, pick one that will fit your preferences and skill level.

Right Size and Height

Another factor to consider is the size and height of the balancing deck.

Taller people with longer legs will find more comfort in a bigger deck. However, the board’s height should match your desk, since being unable to reach your keyboard kind of defeats the purpose.

Make sure the board is high or low enough so that your eye level matches the computer screen perfectly, avoiding neck pain.

Pick a Low-Impact Board

FluidStance The Plane Standing Desk Balance Board | Work, Home Office, Adult Stand Up Desk Exercise Accessory | Wobble, Whirly, Motion Board Movements | Anti Slip Surface | Storm

Unless you’re an athlete training for a major competition, it’s best to pick a low-impact balance board.

Sure, you can try high-impact balance boards when off the clock. But while working, a low-impact one that helps you move a bit should do. Plus, low-impact boards tend to be cheaper.

Noise Level

Measuring noise level

Be sure to take the balance board’s noise level as well.

Some balance boards tend to be squeaky or noisy and can easily affect your work colleagues. Even in remote settings, this can also be distracting, so pick a silent balance board.

Talk to Your Doctor

Man advising with a doctor

If you have any physical limitations or are currently suffering from some form of joint pain, it’s essential to talk to your doctor first. If there’s a risk of injury for you, then balancing exercises are a no-no.

That said, the tilting degree of the balance board can also help if you’re suffering from joint pain. For example, balance boards with a low degree of tilt should be more manageable if you have physical limitations.

As you start improving more and more, you can then pick a more challenging balance board. However, work within your limits and don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself.


Budget money and a calculator on table

Finally, find a good-quality balance board that will fit your budget.

Do your due diligence by reading reviews and making comparisons. Balance boards are all over the price scale, ranging from cheap to affordable to very expensive.

Furthermore, there is no standard for how a balance board should be priced, making it easier to overspend.

Of course, a balance board doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

No matter how much you paid for it, the physical and productivity-related benefits you will get remain the same. What’s important is to find a good value balance board that you can rely on for a long time.

Luckily, it’s not hard to find one that will fit all these criteria.

For example, the FluidStance Balance Board  offers incredible value for its price while being environmentally friendly. It’s also engineered for stability, making the board more durable and reliable.

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Another great and budget-friendly choice is the URBNFit Balance Disc , which boasts portability and ease of use. Each purchase also comes with a detailed workout guide, adding incredible value for its price.

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Final Thoughts

As we continue to learn more about the dangers of sedentary behavior, it’s essential to consider how helpful and revolutionary these two pieces of equipment can provide.

Providing tons of health benefits without disrupting your busy daily schedule, standing desks, and balance boards are an excellent way to help you ease into the wonders of a healthier lifestyle.

So if you’re looking into making some positive change in your life, start by fixing that posture with a balance board. Somewhere down the line, you’ll be glad that you did.