Exercise Balls Good For Back Pain

Are Exercise Balls Good For Back Pain?

Back pain can plague an individual. It makes simple tasks tortuous and even sitting becomes a game of strategy full of small pillows and supportive chairs. Exercise balls have many benefits. They keep your core … Read more

When Did Standing Desks Become Popular?

When Did Standing Desks Become Popular?

Standing desks have been enjoying much attention and popularity amongst working professionals for quite a while now. And although they are commonly used by office workers looking to address their inactive, sedentary office lifestyle, the … Read more

Exercise balls with sad faces and bandages

Can You Patch an Exercise Ball? 

Exercise balls are a lot of fun. While dumbbells and resistance bands can help build muscle and tone, exercise balls can help keep your core engaged and spine straight throughout the workday then turn into … Read more

How Much Does an Aeron Chair Weigh?

How Much Does an Aeron Chair Weigh?

How heavy is an Aeron Chair?  There is a connotation that high-quality furniture weighs a ton because they use top-of-the-line parts and components. But is this the case for this popular Herman Miller chair? There … Read more

What Color Aeron Chair Do I Have?

What Color Aeron Chair Do I Have?

Ergonomics isn’t the only thing Herman Miller Aeron chairs are known for. The Classic Aeron Chair was first released in 1994 and was available in two colors: Titanium and Graphite. In 2016, the Remastered Aeron … Read more

Women crunching on exercise balls

Can an Exercise Ball Help with Constipation?

Constipation can be really bothersome to deal with. We don’t realize how much we take our digestive system for granted until it stops functioning efficiently. If you’ve been struggling with constipation, you are not alone. … Read more

Are Aeron Chairs Good for Gaming?

Are Aeron Chairs Good for Gaming?

Since its initial release in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron has reigned as the top ergonomic chair in the market, thanks to its great comfort, tons of adjustability, and exceptional build quality. The popularity spread … Read more

Do Kneeling Chairs Fold Up?

Do Kneeling Chairs Fold Up?

Kneeling chairs are a great way to encourage you to sit properly and improve your posture. Proper posture can reduce back and neck pain, increase circulation in your legs, as well as improve your mental … Read more

Girl sitting easy lotus pose to meditate

Why Can’t I Sit Cross-Legged?

We all have fond memories of sitting cross-legged as a kid, be it while playing games, in front of the TV watching our favorite cartoons, or even in the classroom. But, as adults, sitting cross-legged … Read more

Group of people workout with exercise balls in the park

How Long Does an Exercise Ball Last?

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, various workout equipment that can be used at home are becoming popular. One such exercise tool is an exercise ball. Swiss balls, often known as exercise … Read more

How Do Standing Desk Converters Work

How Do Standing Desk Converters Work?

Did you purchase an expensive desk for its utility, aesthetics, and features, but are now eyeing standing desks which have become all the rage now? What if we told you that you can enjoy the … Read more

Are Standing Desk Converters Good? 

Are Standing Desk Converters Good? 

So you want to join the sit-stand lifestyle. That’s great to hear! A new trend has emerged to push towards a healthier direction in offices and remote work set-ups alike: standing while working. But while … Read more

Rear view of customers sitting on stools at a counter

How Should You Sit On a Stool?

You’ve probably heard about stools over the years – how good they are for your back, posture, and health. But what you probably haven’t heard much about is how to sit on it! Whether you … Read more

Why Is My Standing Desk Not Going Up?

Why Is My Standing Desk Not Going Up?

In recent years, standing desks have gained immense popularity. Given their numerous health benefits, convenience, and impact on productivity, is it really a surprise? Standing desks are comfortable, sturdy, durable, easy to install, and promise … Read more

Red truck from mobile screen deliver cargo to houses

How to Track my Steelcase Order?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect furniture to outfit your house or office, you’ve likely stumbled upon Steelcase. As a company that has been around for over a century, and has maintained a reputation … Read more

Highlighter write know how with Office chair product tag

How to Find my Steelcase Chair Model?

Office chairs can be extremely expensive. But the right office chair can be a very worthwhile investment. Many high-end office chairs will last 20 years or more, making that initial investment quite affordable over the … Read more

Woman seller at furniture store propose an office chair

What Chairs are as Good as Herman Miller?

We love Herman Miller chairs. They’re durable, stylish, and reliable. Most importantly, Herman Miller chairs are ergonomically supportive. You’ll find a lot of office chairs out there for a range of prices that make similar … Read more

Business woman sitting on chair to meditate

Can You Sit In a Chair to Meditate?

It’s long been established that meditation offers several mental and physical benefits. Taking that time for yourself, checking in with your body, and allowing your thoughts and concerns to be silenced for a bit is … Read more

A standing desk does not cause headaches

Does Standing Desks Cause Headaches?

Standing desks offer many exciting benefits, from helping with weight management to minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sitting is detrimental to your health, so a standing desk offers the chance to get out of … Read more

it is not healthy to sit Indian style all day long

Is it OK to Sit Indian Style All Day?

Sitting cross-legged, or “Indian style”, is natural if you’re on the floor, or if you feel fidgety in your chair. However, sitting Indian style can feel a bit too comfortable at times, and you may … Read more

wobble stools do actually work

Do Wobble Stools Work?

You may have heard of wobble stools, one of the latest trends in ergonomic seating. They claim to help with back pain and fidgeting, as well as many other issues, but do wobble stools work? … Read more

to sit comfortably in a papasan chair

How do You Sit Comfortably in a Papasan chair?

Papasan chairs are classic furniture known for their bowl-shaped cushion and give off a 1970s vibe. Even today, Papasan chairs are popular among homeowners. They are comfortable sitting while binge-watching movies, reading, or hanging out … Read more

Serta Smart Layers Technology

What is Serta Smart Layers Technology?

A lot of Serta’s office chairs have Smart Layers Technology. But what does that mean? If you’re on the hunt for the most comfortable chair, any special feature that talks about comfort seems like a … Read more

why doctors use stools

Why do Doctors Use Stools?

If you’ve ever visited a doctor, you might have noticed that they always seem to sit down on a stool, rather than a chair. Since these are medical professionals, you may wonder why doctors use … Read more

Steelcase Era vs. Cogent

Comparing Steelcase Era vs. Cogent

Only a limited number of office furniture companies offer clients the option to customize their orders. Luckily, Steelcase is one of those manufacturers that don’t only offer high-quality items but also offer completely customizable products … Read more

Steelcase 3D Knit

What is Steelcase 3D Knit?

Since its introduction to the market in the 1970s, ergonomic chairs have come a long way. Office chair manufacturers have become more creative over the years, innovating their designs to suit their customer’s needs more. … Read more

How to sit without a chair

How Do Magicians Sit Without a Chair?

Magicians and the magic they do are incredible. They leave you standing in awe, wondering how they did seemingly impossible things. When it comes to magic tricks, one of the most shocking – but also … Read more

how can I tell how old my Steelcase desk is

How Old is My Steelcase Desk?

Steelcase is perhaps one of the oldest office furniture companies in the US. They have been around for more than 100 years and continue to be an industry leader, creating some of the most innovative … Read more

delivery period of Serta office chairs

How Long does Serta Take to Deliver?

Delivery periods make or break a brand. If your company has a very long delivery period, your customers will likely change to a competitor that offers fast deliveries. The same goes for the office chair … Read more

Steelcase Leap V2

When was Steelcase Leap V2 Released?

If you’ve spent some time browsing the internet Steelcase rabbit hole, you’ve probably discovered that there are two Leap chairs, V1 and V2. While the name implies that the two chairs could be nearly identical, … Read more

Steelcase Use Real Leather

Does Steelcase Use Real Leather?

If you’ve been searching for some new furniture, you may have heard of Steelcase. Although Steelcase is now known for everything from architecture to technology, they began as a furniture company and continue to be … Read more

Steelcase is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture

Is Steelcase still In Business?

Steelcase is known as one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of furniture, architecture, and technology. Over the decades, it has grown in both size and success, developing a reputation for quality products, and efforts … Read more

Steelcase warranty and how it works

How does Steelcase Warranty Work?

Since its founding in 1912, Steelcase has grown to become a globally renowned manufacturer of office furniture. Aside from their highly adjustable modern designs, Steelcase is well-received because of its strong customer-centric warranty policies. Under … Read more

Paypal payment

Does Steelcase Accept PayPal?

Picture this: you’ve spent weeks picking out the perfect chair. You weren’t sure if you wanted to go with the Aeron from Herman Miller or the Gesture from Steelcase, but you ultimately settled on the … Read more

Bad office chair

10 Signs of a Bad Office Chair

Do a 360 around your office. A few items that reduce workplace efficiency will catch your eye. Is it your laggy computer or the printer that always gets jammed? When office equipment or furniture affects … Read more

Does Steelcase ever Have Sales?

It is no secret how notoriously expensive Steelcase purchases can be. It is a premium furniture brand that sells quality products that you’ll find nowhere else. However, you don’t always have to spend an enormous … Read more

Japanese sitting in seiza position

Why do Japanese Sit on the Floor?

The Japanese are known for their long life and good health, making them a model nation to follow for holistic lifestyles and healthy habits. One of the important facets of the Japanese way of living … Read more

wooden chairs with armrest

Are Wooden Chairs Better for your Back?

Whether we’re managing back pain or working to prevent it, our first instinct is to cast a suspicious eye at our chairs — with good reason. According to Healthline, incorrect posture while sitting can contribute … Read more

Steelcase Cogent Connect fabric

What is Steelcase Cogent Connect?

Did you know that a study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association found that one in four Americans spends more than 8 hours sitting on a chair? Leading an inactive and sedentary … Read more

Steelcase does ship to Canada

Does Steelcase Ship to Canada?

Are you hoping to buy a Steelcase office chair, but you’re based outside the US? If you live in Canada, you’re in luck –– the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer ships directly to Canada as … Read more

Herman Miller acquired Knoll for .8 billion

Does Herman Miller Own Hay, Knoll?

We’ve heard of many more companies in the furniture industry struggling to maintain profitability and steady employment, having no choice but to limit or close down operations altogether. Herman Miller is one of the few … Read more

choosing an appropriate office chair fitted your size

What Size Office Chair do I Need?

Office chairs come in a variety of designs and sizes. Each one is specifically made to meet the needs of a certain type of buyer. If you’re currently asking yourself what size office chair do … Read more

Herman Miller PostureFit

What is Herman Miller PostureFit?

Comfort is key for office chairs, and Herman Miller has mastered the ergonomics of a good office chair with their Herman Miller PostureFit. This support kit is not included with the original chair but is … Read more

Steelcase is an American brand

Are Steelcase Chairs Made in the USA?

Steelcase is an American brand that makes ergonomic office chairs designed for long-term comfort. There are a variety of styles and in a range of prices. Steelcase’s mission focuses on sustainability and durability and their … Read more

office chairs are good for studying

Are Office Chairs Good for Studying?

Studying religiously is a good habit until you have to sit down for several hours or pull an all-nighter. Prolonged sitting can cause several health problems such as neck, shoulder, and back pains and other … Read more

Steelcase Leap chairs

Steelcase Leap Chair Weight Capacity

We can often think of furniture shopping as unpersonalized and unimportant, but the reality is anything but that. Finding an office chair that meets your ergonomic and lifestyle needs is an intimate and personal process, … Read more

office chair vs. stool

Comparing Office Chair vs. Stool

If you’ve heard about an ergonomic office chair, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are ergonomic stools as well. While some people prefer to use an office chair while working, others lean towards using a … Read more

Herman Miller Chairs

Who Owns Herman Miller?

Herman Miller is a successful American furniture company that was founded in 1905. They sell a variety of home and office pieces and are arguably most well known for their Aeron office chair, which is … Read more

Steelcase Chairs

Do Steelcase Chairs Come Assembled?

Steelcase chairs are top of the line. The company values sustainability, makes chairs designed to last, and has developed exceptional ergonomic designs that give you lumbar support and keep your posture perfect. However, worrying about … Read more

Steelcase Chairs

How Long Do Steelcase Chairs Last?

Steelcase chairs are expensive, and many people would call purchasing one – especially brand new – an investment. People who buy Steelcase chairs have high expectations of their durability, longevity, and warranty. But just how … Read more

Steelcase chair is worth its price

Are Steelcase chairs Worth it?

If you’re shopping around for a great office chair, you’ll undoubtedly come across a few Steelcase chairs during your hunt. The first thing you’ll notice about Steelcase chairs is how sleek they are. They look … Read more

to regas an office chair

Can you Regas an Office Chair?

One of the defining features of an ergonomic chair is its adjustable parts. People pay good money — sometimes more than a thousand dollars — for a seat they can maneuver into something that fits … Read more

Steelcase office chair

Why are Steelcase Chairs so Expensive?

Steelcase is a highly-celebrated furniture company celebrated for its long-lasting quality and ergonomic office chair designs. Fortune named it one of its 2020 Most Celebrated Companies and the internet is filled with raving reviews. Steelcase … Read more

Ergonomic Chair compare

Ergonomic Chair vs. Normal Chair

Most office workers sit for long periods exerting more pressure on the spine. If not taken care of, this can cause serious health problems. If you own a company, you should consider replacing your old … Read more

Good office chair brands

What are Good Office Chair Brands?

If there’s one issue that all buyers face when they first set out to purchase a new office chair, it’s finding an office chair brand that provides high-quality products at sensible prices. Many manufacturers are … Read more

Office Furniture Industry

How Big is the Office Furniture Industry?

We are probably not the only ones who have noticed the recent rise of office furniture sales across the globe. If you’re like us and you’re interested in all things office furniture, you must also … Read more

Office chair fabric

Which Fabric is Best for Office Chairs?

Ergonomics isn’t the only factor that keeps you comfortable and productive in your office chair. Since you’ll spend 40 hours a week in an office chair, you need to consider all its materials, including upholstery. … Read more

Donate office furniture

Where Can I Donate Office Furniture?

Are you moving out of your house, remodeling, downsizing, or simply organizing? Are you wondering what to do with old stuff and unwanted items such as office furniture? Instead of tossing them out and letting … Read more

Try on office chair

Where Can I Try an Office Chair?

Online shopping has indeed made life easier for us. Instead of going to physical stores and making purchases, you can just quickly add items to your cart and have them delivered to you. But despite … Read more

Adjust chair angle

How Do You Adjust the Angle of a Chair Seat?

A workday may seem longer than it is if you’re counting down the minutes until you can stop. The situation becomes doubly challenging when you’re experiencing aches and pains from sitting down too much. You … Read more

Parts of an Office Chair

What are the Parts of an Office Chair?

Buying an office chair provides an opportunity to increase workplace comfort and achieve next-level workplace productivity and efficiency. Thanks to innovations in ergonomics, finding the best office chair that provides support and encourages healthy posture … Read more

Lumbar support

Where Should Lumbar Support Be on Your Back?

  We’ve been hearing the phrase ‘lumbar support’ since we started working at home. And if you’ve bought an office chair, chances are that you’ve encountered some brands focusing on the presence of lumbar support. … Read more